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What can tell color of vegetables and fruit about?

Color of plants is caused by presence at them of certain chemical compounds. Let's talk about what is meant by various colors of vegetables and fruit and what properties they give them.


Red color gives to vegetables and fruit enzyme lycopene, he is responsible for color of tomato, grapefruit and water-melon pulp, and the red color at a plant is brighter, the it is more in it than lycopene. Lycopene – antioxidant, the strongest all of them which are present at a human body. Antioxidants are the substances interfering cell aging and accumulation in them of the mistakes leading afterwards to different diseases.

Consumption of vegetables and fruit of red color helps to slow down formation of atherosclerosis, improves cardiovascular activity, interferes with development of a cataract and other diseases of eyes, helps to fight against the inflammatory phenomena and reduces risk of formation of tumors.

It is interesting that lycopene does not collapse at heat treatment, at preparation of dishes from fruits of red color its concentration increases at the expense of evaporation. For example, in tomato paste its contents is 30 times higher, than in fresh tomatoes.

Польза красных овощей и фруктов

Orange and yellow

Beta carotene – the pigment which is relating to the same group of carotinoids, as red lycopene, and also being antioxidant is responsible for yellow-orange color. Beta carotene performs one more important function, this is the predecessor of vitamin, provitamin – substance from which in an organism vitamin A (Retinolum) is synthesized. Retinolum is vital in an organism. Beta carotene also has ability to strengthen immunity. Carrots, pumpkin, melons, apricots are rich with beta carotene.

One more yellow pigment – Luteinum, is a lot of it in peaches and a citrus (color of an egg yolk too is caused by it). Luteinum is of great importance for prevention of diseases of eyes.

Польза оранжевых и желтых овощей и фруктов


Green color at vegetables and fruit is caused by a complex of pigments – the same Luteinum, lycopene and beta carotene, but in addition to these connections, green plants contain also folic acid, or B9 vitamin. Folic acid is important for normal incubation of a fruit, its shortage leads to the wrong formation of nervous, circulatory and immune system at the kid, and at mother increases risk of abortion. Insufficient intake of B9 vitamin by men worsens quality of sperm.

Folic acid in a large number contains in green apples and sheet greens (spinach, etc.).

Польза зеленых овощей и фруктов

Blue and violet

Anthocyans – the substances relating to glycosides are responsible for blue color at vegetables and fruit. Generally anthocyans are multi-color, and what will be color of a plant, depends on the level of acidity of the environment in which they are. In acid medium anthocyans give red color (some grades of red apples), in alkaline – flavovirent, and in neutral – blue-violet. All shades pink (for example, a thin skin at a garden radish) can be intermediate option.  

Anthocyans have antineoplastic activity, slow down aging, warn a heart disease and vessels, including a stroke and a heart attack. Their use positively influences brain activity and immunity.

Anthocyans are so useful that scientists removed new grades of the usual vegetables painted in unusual blue-violet color, for example, a violet cauliflower and violet potatoes. Content of anthocyans is big in bilberry, blackcurrant, eggplants, dark grades of grapes, red cabbage (which actually violet color). Concentration of anthocyans in red wine is high, it is obliged by the medicinal properties to these connections.

Польза синих и фиолетовых овощей и фруктов


White color of plants means what in them is not present or few painting pigments, however it does not mean that white vegetables and fruit are useless. They contain a lot of other connections, important for an organism, for example, a radish, onions and garlic contain аллицин, responsible for burning taste. Allitsin has antifungal properties and antibacterial activity.

The researches which proved that the regular use of white vegetables (a garden radish, potatoes, a cauliflower, onions, garlic, mushrooms) half reduces risk of development of a stroke are conducted.

Польза белых овощей и фруктов

Most correctly from the point of view of dietology to eat vegetables and fruit of different color, the maximum saturation of a diet is so reached by useful substances. 

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