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Fastener syndrome: specifics of a problem and 4 ways of its decision

The name of this disease precisely reflects the problem reason: it consists in the bra fastener pressure upon a certain zone of a back. At the same time one of vertebrae of chest department of a backbone is as if blocked and loses mobility, and the loading falling on it is distributed on the next vertebrae. At 70-80% of women local pains in a backbone point on which the fastener of the often put most on bra presses result. Such patients complain of unpleasant feelings in a thorax, interscapular and other areas of a back, a waist, a neck, shoulders and even internals. Actually it is the pains of different intensity reflected from an affected point of a backbone.

Синдром застежки: причины и специфика проблемы

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce sharpness of manifestations of a syndrome of a fastener and even completely to get rid of a problem.

Right choice of a bra

The woman has to follow this advice strictly as wearing an improper bra can do to health serious harm. Linen should be selected not only for the size, but also in a form. You should not be tempted with too open fashionable models, or bras in which you feel uncomfortablly. The anatomic shape of a breast of each woman is individual, and to it there corresponds linen of a certain breed.

The bra size is very important too. Some women specially buy close linen stronger to raise a breast. Effects of such mistake can not be limited to inconvenience when carrying, feeling of suffocation and a syndrome of a fastener. To squeeze a breast very dangerously: long disturbance of blood circulation is fraught with development of tumoral processes in mammary glands.

Certainly, it is more preferable bras from natural fabrics to daily carrying. And here the form and material of a fastener are not of great importance: the soft elastic band with hooks and loops presses on a backbone the same as a firm plastic lock.

Mode of wearing linen

To avoid development of a syndrome of a fastener, specialists advise women to have bras of several styles which fasteners fall on different points of a backbone in the clothes and to put on them alternately.

It is very important to give as often as possible to a body rest from the dragging-away linen. If the woman has no opportunity to take off a bra among day, she should undo periodically it for several minutes.

It is impossible to sleep in a bra: at night the body has to have a rest.

Gymnastics and physical activity

There are sets of exercises helping to normalize mobility of separate segments of a backbone. Except them, on a condition of patients with a fastener syndrome swimming, dances, yoga, Pilates, and also trainings in the gym with individually picked up loading positively influence.

If work is connected with long stay in the same pose, it is important to arrange warm-ups periodically: to change position of a body, to stretch, shower hands for the head, to bend and unbend a backbone.

Синдром застежки: способы решения проблемы

Help of specialists

Periodic courses of medical massage are recommended to the woman suffering from a fastener syndrome. The medical specialist on doctor's orders has to do it. Amateur performance in this area is inadmissible: the massage therapist who does not have due experience and qualification is capable to aggravate a problem and to do to health of the patient notable harm.

The probability of emergence of a syndrome of a fastener directly depends on two factors: way of life of the woman and size of her bust. Ladies with a big breast are in risk group together with those who lead a slow-moving life. Excess weight increases risk of development of pathology.

As long as possible to keep youth and activity, it is necessary to watch over the health. It is important to select competently objects of clothes and it is correct to carry them, and also to try to lead a healthy lifestyle. At emergence of signs of a syndrome of a fastener it is necessary to see a doctor and to find out the exact reason of an indisposition – sometimes also other diseases similarly can be shown.

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