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Household chemicals: convenience to the detriment of health

Life of the modern woman is very difficult. Opportunities to realize itself are wide: it not only education and career, but also the most various hobbies from sport before needlework. It is not less important to build private life, paying an attention maximum to children, the husband, parents, friends. For all these affairs there is catastrophically not enough time therefore each of us tries to cut down as far as possible its expenses on necessary, but not the most fascinating housework. With it we are successfully helped by means of household chemicals (liquids, powders, pastes, gels etc.) which rich range is offered by trade. Unfortunately, not everyone they is safe for health.

Ассортимент бытовой химии

Dangerous components of household chemicals

Liquids for washing of ware, gels, powders and sprays for cleaning of the enameled and faience surfaces, metal, a tile and glass, means for mopping and cleaning of carpets, polish of furniture, laundry detergents and fabric softeners, air fresheners … In each apartment there will be at least two-three tens packagings with various household "assistants". And than them we use bigger quantity, that fully we risk health of members of our families as danger of these means is a direct consequence of their main merit: chemical activity concerning various pollution. Products of household chemicals contain the following noxious to health ingredients:

  • Anion surface-active substances (SAS). Are a part of the majority of means for washing of ware, working surfaces of kitchen furniture, plates, plumbing fixtures and a tile, and also laundry detergents. These substances are very well connected by the remains of fat and other pollution, but are dangerous that they are badly washed away from the cleared surfaces. It is considered, for example, that completely it is possible to remove surfactant from the washed dishes only in that case when each subject is under a pure stream not less than 20 seconds. The skin of the person which is repeatedly affected surfactant is dehydrated and quickly grows old. At hit in an organism of substance of this kind collect in tissues of a brain, liver and other bodies that repeatedly increases risk of development of heart attacks, strokes, severe defeats of a nervous system and decrease in immunity. Add to some means cationic surfactant, safe for the person;
  • Compounds of chlorine. In a large number contain in bleaches and clearers and disinfection of bathrooms. Are extremely toxic. Possess strong cancerogenic action, break functioning of cardiovascular system, mucous membranes irritate, negatively influence a condition of nails, hair and skin;
  • Phosphates. Very widespread components of laundry detergents capable it is effective to take pollution from fibers of fabrics. At long contact with skin get through a time in an organism and can negatively influence composition of blood. Cause damages of a liver and kidneys, and also heavy dermatitis;
  • Nitrobenzene. The toxic volatile compound which is a part of means for care of a parquet and furniture. When drawing on a surface by spraying easily gets to respiratory system. Can cause the acute poisoning which is followed by vomiting, diarrhea, short wind and spasms. The contact with nitrobenzene is especially dangerous to future mothers as this substance freely gets through a placental barrier and can cause heavy malformations of a fruit;
  • Ammonia. Contains in liquids and sprays for washing of glasses and mirrors, and also in plumbing fixtures clearers. It is capable to cause irritation of mucous membranes of eyes and a respiratory organs. The long contact is fraught with emergence of a headache, disturbance of balance and even a loss of consciousness;
  • Phthalates (salt of phthalic acid). Popular components of air fresheners. Negatively influence work of hemadens;
  • Formaldehyde. Ingredient of very many very many means of household chemicals which are released in the form of sprays. It is considered dangerous carcinogen and a mutagen. At hit in an organism of the pregnant woman increases risk of the birth of the kid having asthma;
  • Phenolic and cresol connections. Because of high bactericidal activity often are included clearers of toilet bowls. These are very caustic substances which can cause poisoning and influence negatively sight;
  • Fragrances and fragrances. Are indispensable components of those means from which the pleasant smell is required (laundry detergents, liquids for washing of ware, air fresheners etc.). Can be natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic. Have ability to provoke development of allergic reactions.

Опасные компоненты бытовой химии

How to guide purity in the house, without having done much harm to health

As we see, practically each means used for simplification of work of the hostess contains components, unhealthy. Completely is not able to exclude use of such goods in life most of us, but we can minimize their potential danger, following a number of simple rules:

  • Upon purchase of means for washing of ware and laundry detergents choose those from them which contain no more than 5% anion surfactant. As long as possible rinse each washed-up subject in flowing water;
  • Buy laundry detergents which part phosphates are not;
  • Completely refuse the goods of household chemicals containing compounds of chlorine;
  • During the work with powders and the easily evaporating liquids use a gauze respirator;
  • Try to limit use of aerosols;
  • Do not contact to means of household chemicals without rubber gloves;
  • Minimize quantity of kinds of chemical housekeepers. For example, it is possible the same means to wash the dishes, a plate, a sink and working surfaces in kitchen.

There is one more way to minimize harm which we do to the health in the course of establishing order in the house. This use long ago the known and perfectly proved folk remedies of cleaning and disinfection. Certainly, you should not wipe pans sand as it was done by our great-grandmothers, but to wash the dishes mix of powder of mustard and baking soda quite perhaps. Perfectly vinegar, citric acid (or lemon juice), children's or laundry soap, borax (sodium tetraborate) help with life. It is easy to make an air freshener independently: it is enough to add to the water poured in capacity with the sprayer several drops of essential oil (for example, a lemon, orange, mint or a lavender). The only minus of such means is unfitness to long storage, but it can quite be done gradually and to use quickly.

Использование бытовой химии без вреда для здоровья

Generally, during the work with means of household chemicals it is necessary to follow the principle "better less and better". It means that it is worth applying only a small amount of carefully picked up powders, liquids, pastes and gels having preferential natural structure and which are not containing frankly dangerous components. It will run into money and can reduce quality of cleaning a little. Perhaps, establishing order at such approach will require more time and efforts, but health of members of your family, undoubtedly, will pay back all expenses.

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