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8 impacts of laughter useful to health

You heard that laughter prolongs life? Researchers did not manage to establish longevity direct link with sincere fun yet, but several facts confirming beneficial influence of risibility on the state of health are clinically proved.

1. Rescue from a depression

We live during an era of stresses. Practically each person suffers from problems in a family or at work, fears, dissatisfaction or excessive responsibility. On this background neurosises, sleep disorders and depressions develop. Many people are capable to cope with it, only regularly accepting antidepressants.

It is established that laughter reduces production of adrenaline and a cortisone – the hormones accompanying each stressful situation. At the same time in order that the organism began to emit endorphines in blood, there is enough even a smile "on duty". The matter is that at characteristic loads of face muscles the impulses activating a producing "happiness hormones" are sent to a brain. Scientists claim that only minute of healthy laughter on impact on a nervous system is comparable with a foty-minute session of a relaxation.

Спасение от депрессии

2. Rejuvenation of skin

Contrary to popular belief, smiles yet added to nobody mimic wrinkles. On the contrary, reflecting positive emotions, face muscles make work which works as massage, strengthening inflow of blood to skin and increasing its moistening and nutrition.

At the people inclined to risibility, face skin and in very old age keeps freshness, elasticity and healthy color.

Омоложение кожи

3. Immunity strengthening

It is proved that laughter increases the content in blood of the immunoglobulin A playing an important role in protection of mucous membranes against causative organisms.

Doctors claim that merry fellows are much less subject to seasonal infections, and easier, than gloomy people, cope with the heaviest illnesses, including oncological. Not without reason in most children's hospitals of the world clowns as professional, and from among specially prepared volunteers regularly act. They not only help the children deprived of normal communication to feel less deprived, improvement of a condition of little patients and growth of number of favorable forecasts is a consequence of their work.

Укрепление иммунитета

4. Treatment of heart and vessels

For a long time it is noticed that among the patients having pathologies of cordial activity people excessively irritable and even gloomy, not inclined to risibility prevail.

On influence on cardiovascular system laughter is similar to active physical exercises or walks in the fresh air. Only several minutes of fun normalize arterial pressure, lowering or increasing it by 10-20 mm of an Account No. Besides, laughter helps to keep and recover endothelium cells – fabrics which cover cardial cavities and an internal surface of vessels.

Лечение сердца и сосудов

5. Weakening of pain

In this case the beneficial influence of laughter is connected with the strengthened production of the endorphines influencing a nervous system is similar to anesthetics. It is clinically proved that sincere laughter can kill almost for two hours even severe pain.

Besides, laughing, the person includes a number of the muscles operating to similarly active massage. Thus, stress of muscles of a neck and upper back which raised tone it becomes frequent the reason of persuasive headaches is removed. Laughter in this case works as the medicine helping to get rid completely of unpleasant feelings.

Ослабление болевых ощущений

6. Training of a respiratory organs

At the fun moments lungs of the person function not as usually: the so-called "humorous" type of breath of which alternation of a long breath and short, vigorous exhalation is characteristic is implemented. As it appeared, such movements not only help to clear a respiratory organs of a phlegm, but also accelerate gas exchange in lungs, doing it fuller.

Laughter is a fine training for thorax muscles. It saves from the condition of indecision and shyness inherent to the people having preferential superficial type of breath.

Тренировка органов дыхания

7. Improvement of a figure

Healthy laughter on a way of use of energy is similar to aerobics. It forces to work muscles of a breast, a neck, a stomach, a back and even legs. In ten-fifteen minutes of such exercises so many calories how many contains in 100 g of chocolate burn down, and presence at an hour concert of the famous humorist is comparable with a running training, similar on time.

For the modern person suffering from explicit surplus of the absorbed calories and deficit of exercise stresses, laughter is not less useful, than occupations in the pool or the gym.

Улучшение фигуры

8. Increase in mood

We not only laugh, experiencing positive emotions. Also the return process works: the smile improves mood, increases vitality, increases working capacity. Psychotherapists quite often advise the patients specially to smile in front of the mirror to reduce the level of uneasiness and to learn to react less sharply to vital scrapes.

Повышение настроения

You should not forget also that laughter is the most powerful communication medium. It pulls together people, reduces aggression level, promotes tolerance development.

Ability to laugh is what substantially does us by people. Not without reason such fine things as friendship, love, joy of creativity raise at us smiles. And if to consider as far as laughter is useful, it is possible to recommend safely it and as the most harmless and pleasant means from many problems with health.

Whether you know that:

During life the average person develops neither more nor less two big pools of saliva.