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8 councils for prevention of flu

Season of activity of viral infections in the heat. Everyone can get sick, but probability of this unpleasant event it is possible and it is necessary to minimize. There is a number of rules, following to which will help or to avoid absolutely infection with flu or a SARS, or to have an illness benign and without essential complications. About ways of prevention of seasonal infections the speech in this article will also go.

1. Healthy lifestyle

Improper feeding, constant fatigue and negative emotions, addictions (smoking, alcohol intake, etc.), lack of fresh air and physical activity nasty affect a condition of immune system. For the person subject to regular stresses eating preferential fast food, who is not filling up and inclined to a slow-moving way of life, risk to catch a seasonal infection it is very big. Its organism wastes too many efforts to fight against negative factors, and cannot show worthy resistance to viruses.

The problem is that the healthy lifestyle cannot instantly be created, on click of fingers, he demands the sequence and certain efforts. Besides, ZOZh includes not only observance of rules of food and day regimen, but also a certain view of mode of existence of the person in the world around. Such attitude towards itself and the health is brought up since the childhood or is acquired for years in the course of awareness of their need. For this reason it is extremely important that adults lived according to the principles of ZOZh and were an example for the children.

Здоровый образ жизни

2. Hardening

The tempering procedures are a real way of protection of an organism against seasonal infections. Options of strengthening of immunity can be various; the choice depends on the state of health of the person, existence at it chronic illnesses, and also availability of a specific way.

Starting an organism hardening, it is necessary to consider two conditions. First, accustoming to low temperatures has to be carried out gradually: the attempt at once to begin with circulation barefoot on snow or winter swimming, most likely, will lead to emergence of problems with health. Secondly, for an unusual organism the tempering procedures is a serious stress, and, having started them at the height of a "influenzal" season, it is possible to achieve the result opposite to expected. It is the most correct to begin to become tempered in the summer, previously having consulted to the doctor.


3. Vaccination

Vaccination is most efficiently preventions of flu. However the infestant has one feature: he very quickly mutates, and the strain which is the most dangerous in the current season can be absolutely insensitive to the vaccine applied to immunization year or even half a year ago. It is necessary to take root that drug which is recommended taking into account seasonal activity of strains of flu. Besides, several strains, and an inoculation against one are quite often active at once or even several of them does not exclude probability of infection with other strain.

Vaccination against flu has contraindications. Preliminary consultation with the attending physician is required to the patients suffering from allergic reactions (especially by intolerance of chicken protein), diseases of an endocrine and nervous system, pathologies of kidneys, bronchial asthma, anemia, an arterial hypertension and heart failure. Besides, the procedure should be postponed if the person is chilled, complains of the increased body temperature or the catarral phenomena.

That the flu inoculation gave the expected result, that is caused formation of immunity to an infection, time is required. Therefore it is necessary to carry out the procedure one one or one and a half months prior to the estimated beginning of epidemic.


4. Refusal of visit of places of accumulation of people

Seasonal infections are transmitted in the airborne way. It means that the most probable source of infection is the patient (coughing and sneezing) the person. A conclusion is obvious: the less often you will contact to people around, the more true will remain healthy.

Certainly, during a "influenzal" season life goes on, and it is necessary to go to work all the same. However it is possible to stop temporarily visit of large shopping centers, cultural events and other places of accumulation of people. And such measure as refusal of journey in the crowded transport in favor of foot walk, undoubtedly, will bring benefit to health.

Отказ от посещения мест скопления людей

5. Observance of rules of personal hygiene

Way of infection with flu, the second for prevalence, and SARS – hands of the sick person. Concerning various objects, it does also by their source infections. To reduce probability of receiving a virus, it is necessary:

  • As often as possible to wash hands more carefully. Being outdoors, to have at itself wet hygienic towel wipes and not to hesitate to use them;
  • Not to touch dirty hands the person;
  • Not to eat food on the street or in catering establishments. If it is impossible to do without food, to give preference to products which are on sale in tight packaging and to eat them, touching with hands only a wrapper;
  • Paying for purchases, to use preferential bank cards;
  • To try not to touch without gloves handles of doors, hand-rail in transport, etc.;
  • It is temporary to refuse handshakes.

Separately It is necessary to tell about use of gauze bandages and hygienic masks. Most of specialists claim that for healthy people these devices are ineffective, but they should using that who got sick to reduce risk to infect people around at cough and sneezing. If the caught person has no bandage, he should sneeze and cough, covering the face with a handkerchief or a sleeve of clothes (but not a palm).

Соблюдение правил личной гигиены

6. Maintenance of an optimum microclimate indoors

Viruses of seasonal infections very well feel in dry, warm and motionless air, but quickly collapse on wind, in the cool and humidified atmosphere. The "influenzal" period usually falls on an autumn and winter season when people try not to go outside without emergency, and stuffy rooms the infection extends especially actively.

To reduce probability of infection, it is necessary to air inhabited and production rooms as often as possible. It is better to put on more warmly, but not to include additional household heaters which dry up air. It is useful to use humidifiers, to wash the floors. Optimum temperature in the room or office should not exceed 20 degrees, and humidity has to be not less than 50%. Big plus is existence in the room of an aquarium and houseplants.

Поддержание оптимального микроклимата в помещении

7. Moistening of mucous membranes of a respiratory organs

The surface of upper airways (internal nasal cavities, bronchial tubes, etc.) constantly emits slime which performs barrier functions, preserving an organism against penetration of dust and causative organisms. Drying of mucous membranes deprives of the person of natural protection as the viruses which got into a mouth and a nose freely get in an organism, and the person gets sick.

Dryness of mucous membranes can arise because of the wrong microclimate indoors or uses of some medicines. In the period of activity of causative agents of seasonal infections it is necessary to provide constant moistening of internal nasal cavities. For this purpose it is possible to use independently prepared solution of table or sea salt (1 teaspoon on liter of prokipyachenny water), ready pharmaceutical drugs of similar structure or normal saline solution. Liquid should be poured in any bubble (for example, from under pharmaceutical drops sprays) and to irrigate nasal cavities as often as possible, especially if you are in the crowded place or the stuffy room. The same solutions it is necessary to rinse several times in days a mouth and a throat.

Увлажнение слизистых оболочек органов дыхания

8. Refusal from "the drugs stimulating immunity"

Today pharmacy chains offer several widely advertized drugs which components allegedly have very high immunostimulating activity. Actually, any of these drugs did not pass full kinichesky tests, and their "miracle" antiviral effect simply is confirmed with nothing. From the point of view of treatment and prevention of seasonal infections, all these very expensive means are nothing else as placebo.

But it is still half the problem: side effects of popular "immunostimulators" are insufficiently studied too. Therefore their use not only is useless, but also is risky.

Prevention of flu and SARS – business very important, but it is necessary to be engaged in it competently. To remember the main thing that nobody more you is interested in yours health and wellbeing, and in time to organize all actions for protection against seasonal viral infections.

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