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How to eat to women of different age properly?

The healthy nutrition is the invariable principle of health and good health for long years of the woman. Nevertheless, in a diet at each stage of life there are the features allowing to support an organism by those substances which are most necessary for it at present. Eating according to them, the woman will be able to feel vigorous and strong, and also to adapt to changes in an organism so that they allowed it to lead active lifestyle at any age.

For those to whom for 20

In a pursuit of success and attention of an opposite sex young girls seldom care for the diet, and in vain. At this age the foundation of health of the woman is laid, creating or base for a safe old age, or premises for future diseases.

20-year-old girls often limit themselves in food, keeping to rigid diets. Nevertheless, at young age it is not recommended to arrive in this way. At moderate meal the bystry metabolism will not allow to gain excess weight, and here deprivation of an organism of proteins will serve to it bad service: due to reduction of muscle bulk the girl can strongly grow plump after 30 years. Shape during this period is recommended to be kept due to physical activity or one fasting day in a week (apple, cucumber, kefiric).

Nutritionists recommend to girls to eat food rich with cellulose as shortage of food fibers at young age can provoke supertension and problems of digestive tract in maturity. Besides, the period of 20-30 years − this time for care of a musculoskeletal system of the woman: enough calcium these years will provide the good density of a bone tissue that will reduce risk of developing of osteoporosis in the future. So, the diet of the girl has to be enriched with dairy products (kefir, yogurt, cheese), proteins (fish, cottage cheese, boiled meat), and also wholegrain porridges and vegetables.

Особенности правильного питания девушек старше 20 лет

For those to whom for 30

The age after 30 years is sated with various stresses: it both care of children, and need to build career. During this period it is necessary to watch closely eating habits, without daring "to jam" problems or to indulge itself the excessive use of farinaceous food and sweet. The metabolism of the 30-year-old woman is slowed already down therefore everything that was eaten superfluous, will surely be postponed for waists, a stomach and hips. This age is dangerous that to return the weight gained as a result of excesses already difficult, and, having stepped over a boundary in 40 years, the grown plump woman will call into question health of joints and vessels.

Therefore the important rule in food of women after 30 years − to observe moderation. At this time it is better to limit the use of potatoes, macaroni, sweets, having replaced them with proteinaceous products. Nevertheless, the diet of the woman has to be still rich with the nutrients coming to an organism together with fruit, vegetables and sour-milk products.

The period from 30 to 40 years – the last chance when it is possible to begin to eat properly. This time when healthy food still allows to save the woman's organism from the serious illnesses connected with presence of harmful products at a diet. Further to struggle with diseases, adjusting the eating habits, it will be already more difficult.

Особенности правильного питания женщин старше 30 лет

For those to whom for 40

Age after 40 years − time when function of ovaries begins to die away. Together with decrease in production of women's hormones (estrogen) fatty tissue begins to undertake their role for what in the period of a menopause the organism provokes growth of lipoblasts the increased appetite stimulation. Despite some, natural set of weight at this age, it is impossible to keep to diets after 40 years − total absence of subcutaneous fat against the background of a menopause will lead to a sharp aggravation of symptoms of skin, sleeplessness, failures in work of vessels and heart. Therefore the diet of the mature woman has to exclude all bystry carbohydrates, having given preference to the products replacing estrogen with their vegetable analogs − phytoestrogen. Treat them soy, bean (haricot, peas, chick-pea, lentil), dairy products, vegetables and greens (carrots, cabbage, garlic, a celery, parsley), vegetable oils (sunflower, olive, sesame, linen), and also rice, barley, oats, sunflower seeds.

Besides, it is possible to call age after 40 time for intensive prevention of Alzheimer's disease and cancer. For the prevention of diseases it is necessary to include sources of antioxidants in the diet: all bright vegetables and fruit and to use them not less than two portions a day.

Особенности правильного питания женщин старше 40 лет

For those to whom for 50

These years serve as an evident indicator of success of eating habits of the woman. Whether there were they useful? Whether they created base for healthy aging or only aggravated its signs? At this time the diseases connected with errors in food begin to get out: diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis of vessels, hypertension. For decrease in their symptoms the diet with the low content of fats, rich with vegetables and fruit will become the best decision. Also to all 50-year-old women just right again to think of sufficient receipt in a calcium organism, having given preference to milk products, and also the products containing the Omega-3 fatty acids.

50 years − not an occasion to refuse the moderate exercise stresses burning the excess weight which at this age is fraught with diseases of joints, an asthma. Active lifestyle and feasible sports are especially necessary and urgent at this time.

Особенности правильного питания женщин старше 50 лет

Food after 60

At this age ability to acquire vitamins and microelements (namely calcium, iron, folic acid, B6 and V12 vitamins) with food decreases. Therefore, the need for them increases. Elderly women are recommended not to forget to include in the diet low-fat meat, eggs, fish, grain dishes, and also dairy products (bones begin to lose calcium over time). So, nutritionists advise to use not less than 200 g of fermented milk products and 100 g of milk a day. Besides, ability of an organism to acquire vitamin D (the element necessary for the correct digestion of calcium) through skin therefore women during this period are recommended to compensate it food decreases with age, using egg yolks, pork or beef liver, sour cream, salmon canned food.

Особенности правильного питания женщин старше 60 лет

The role of vitamins B an organism of the 60-year-old woman is big: they stimulate cholesterol processing, without allowing it to collect in an organism. Even small deficit of vitamin C at this age is capable to lead to a heart attack therefore the diet of the 60-year-old woman has to be surely enriched with fresh fruit, berries and vegetables which, besides, protect a brain from a senilism. Characteristic of an organism during this period is tendency to locks which can be prevented if to eat enough food, rich with cellulose, and also to enter dried fruits and natural compotes into a diet.

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