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5 ways to lift appetite to the child

Small appetite at the child – the complaint which pediatricians should hear practically from each mother. Most often it is carried to the category of children's whims, however the refusal of food in certain cases can be to alarming symptoms therefore it cannot be ignored.

Chronic malnutrition – the state dangerous to the normal growth of the child. Weakness of immunity, decrease in brain activity, a memory impairment, frequent diseases and even deviations in development can become results of long refusal of food. For what reason it would not arise, malnutrition is a stress for an organism which suffers a shortage of nutrients. Therefore to establish this reason of lack of appetite and to eliminate it – a task of parents and the pediatrician.

1. To exclude the diseases leading to appetite loss

The first that should be made mother concerned by lack of appetite at the child – to exclude probability of a disease. Sometimes the refusal of the kid of food is caused by existence at the last acute or chronic diseases. So, for example, appetite loss often accompanies flu or ORZ, serving as an indicator of fight of an organism against an infection. In this case it is not necessary to insist on acceptance of food, treatment of the child will become a solution, after recovery appetite will return to normal.

Except catarrhal diseases, there is some other, also followed by refusal of food. Treat them:

  • Ascaridosis. Appetite loss at the same time is caused by organism intoxication. In addition to refusal of food, bystry fatigue, the increased salivation, irritability, an uneasy dream of the child is characteristic;
  • Dysbacteriosis. Disturbance of balance of microflora in intestines – the frequent reason of loss of appetite at children. Together with unwillingness to eat food at dysbacteriosis abdominal pains, a meteorism, disturbances of a chair are observed. After normalization of microflora, as a rule, appetite is recovered;
  • Anemia. Be attentive! In addition to refusal of food, the low level of hemoglobin in blood to be followed by weakness, dizzinesses and pallor of skin.

Also appetite at children worsens at liver diseases, stomatitis, deficit of zinc, and also surplus in a vitamin D organism. Therefore in case of the adverse symptoms accompanying small appetite – pains, weakness, nausea, etc., to parents it is necessary to show the child to the pediatrician.

Исключить болезни, ведущие к потере аппетита

2. To observe a diet

Disturbance of a diet is the main reason for small appetite at children. Often parents do not consider it necessary to observe the schedule of meal. The child can eat food uncontrolledly, sometimes – to miss a breakfast or to load a stomach with food in the evening. Meanwhile, lack of a diet – a serious mistake which can lead not only to appetite loss, but also to diseases of a digestive tract.

If the child eats at the same time, by the time of meal a large amount of digestive juices which stimulate feeling of hunger is developed. As a result the child has a healthy appetite, and eaten is digested fully and quickly.

If meal occurs randomly, release of digestive juices decreases over time, and appetite – too. To avoid it, it is recommended to observe the feeding mode, for example, having taken what is used in kindergartens:

  • 8-9 mornings – a breakfast;
  • 12-13 hours – a lunch;
  • 16 hours – an afternoon snack;
  • 20 hours – a dinner.

During food it is not necessary neither to hurry, nor to tighten stay time at a table. If the child eats in time, carefully chews food and observes a day regimen, alternating feedings to occupations and games in the fresh air, problems with appetite, as a rule, do not arise.

Соблюдать режим питания

3. To limit sweets

Very often the parents movable by desire by all means to feed the child, encourage his whims and give it not healthy food, and the fact that he wants at present. And he wants usually sweet. All products containing sugar dull feeling of hunger and for a long time reduce activity of sialadens. While the child supported with cookies does not feel the need for food, its organism needs vitamins and microelements from useful products. An exit is simple: not to allow the child to replace with sweets a full-fledged lunch, and also "to pick" between meals, leaving sweet for the period of a dessert. If at the same time to observe a diet, appetite will be recovered in several days.

Ограничить сладости

4. To lead active lifestyle

According to the pediatrician Komarovsky, passivity often is the prime cause of lack of appetite at the child. Spending time at the computer or the TV, children do not feel need for large volumes of food, their power losses at the same time are minimum. Without needing nutrients, the organism does not signal about their shortage feeling of hunger therefore the child, as a rule, eats inertly and reluctantly.

Outdoor games, occupations in the fresh air cause the increased power consumption of the child due to intensive muscular activity. Having experienced strain, the organism reacts to the spent forces strengthening of need for food. So, daily 1,5-2 hour walks in the fresh air, according to the doctor, save parents from children's whims at a table in most cases.

Вести активный образ жизни

5. To use folk remedies

The natural means used still by our grandmothers can be useful at small appetite at the child. At unwillingness to eat food, caused by low activity of a gastric juice, it is possible to use the next ways of stimulation of digestive enzymes:

  • To drink a half-glass of apple juice in 20 minutes prior to food;
  • To chew berries of a black-fruited mountain ash, a barberry, a sea-buckthorn, seeds of an anise, caraway seeds before food;
  • To accept fresh juice of an aloe with honey on 1 h l. 2-3 times a day before food;
  • To accept the raspberry fruits which are filled in with 2 glasses of hot water on a half-glass 4 times a day before food;
  • To accept infusions of a root of a dandelion, yarrow, acorus, chicory on a half-glass before food 3 times a day.

It is important to remember that before reception by the child of any herbs and tinctures consultation of the pediatrician is obligatory.

Использовать народные средства

Whether you know that:

In the aspiration to pull out the patient, doctors often go too far. So, for example, a certain Charles Janszen during the period from 1954 to 1994 endured more than 900 operations on removal of new growths.