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6 myths about multiple sclerosis

Contrary to popular belief, the multiple sclerosis (MS) is not connected neither with sclerous changes of walls of vessels, nor with age forgetfulness and problems with concentration of attention. This disease has the autoimmune nature. Pathological process is expressed in degradation of nervous tissue and destruction of its enveloping layer – a myelin. Multiple damages of the central nervous system which are shown by decrease in sight, bystry fatigue, lacks of coordination of movements, a tremor, muscular weakness, decrease in peripheral sensitivity, local paresis become result of development of an illness. In hard cases decrease in functions of pelvic bodies (delays of a chair and an urination, an urine incontience etc.), and also emergence of neurosises, depressions, hysteria or, on the contrary, the euphoric states which are combined with falling of intelligence is possible.

Рассеянный склероз  –  смертельно опасное заболевание. Так ли это?

Multiple sclerosis is quite widespread pathology: in the world there are more than 2 million people having this illness. There are several described RS forms, but a set of symptoms, weight and specifics of a course of a disease are individual for each patient.

In spite of the fact that RS is not considered a rare illness, most of people is a little familiar with its features, and divides the wrong ideas of it. Let's try to dispel some myths which developed around this disease.

Multiple sclerosis – a deadly disease

It's not true. The most severe forms of an illness which are followed by serious multiple defeats of TsNS meet rather seldom. Besides, modern medicines are capable to improve a condition of patients thoroughly. Unfortunately, the situation is complicated by the fact that clinical manifestations of RS are often shown late when about a half of all nerve fibrils is struck already. Therefore in some cases the initiation of treatment is late, and it negatively affects its results.

Anyway, use of modern medicines and increase in the standard of living well affects a condition of the people suffering from RS. In spite of the fact that cases of full treatment are almost unknown, progressing of pathological process usually manages to be slowed down. On average, life expectancy of patients with multiple sclerosis in the developed countries almost differs in nothing from a similar indicator for their peers who avoided this disease.

Sick RS are doomed to an immovability

Many consider that at each person who got sick with multiple sclerosis, in the long term movement by means of a wheelchair and full helplessness. In reality the situation is much more optimistical: at early diagnosis and the timely beginning of adequate treatment the invalidism can not come. Certainly, a lot of things depend on specific features of a course of an illness, but the majority of sick RS manages to keep ability to independently move, service itself and to live in the usual mode.

Multiple sclerosis – a disease of senile age

More likely, on the contrary: the onset of the illness usually keeps within an age interval between 10 and 50 years. Among children of the girls suffering from RS it is three times more, than boys, but in the senior age groups the number of men and women among patients almost equally. At women the illness is shown on average for 1,5-2 earlier, than at their male peers, but at the last the disease proceeds more actively and takes more severe forms.

The reason of emergence of multiple sclerosis is still unknown. Only risk factors of development of an illness are studied:

  • Ethnic (racial) origin. Europeans are ill RS more often than Africans, and in such countries as China, Japan, Korea illness cases are almost not diagnosed;
  • Region of residence (so-called "width gradient"). The risk to ache with RS is highest for those people who live to the north of the thirtieth parallel. For inhabitants of other regions of Earth this parameter gradually decreases in the direction from the North on the South. The minimum number of cases is observed in the southern parts of the African and southern American continents, and also in Australia;
  • Stresses. There are observations confirming the increased incidence of multiple sclerosis among representatives of "nervous" professions (air traffic controllers, firefighters, pilots etc.);
  • Smoking;
  • Genetics. Existence of cases of RS in the family anamnesis increases risk of development of a disease by 10 times. Nevertheless, the illness is not considered not hereditary as its emergence is usually caused by a set of factors.

The women suffering from RS cannot become pregnant

Multiple sclerosis is not an obstacle for incubation of the child. On the contrary, many women suffering from RS during pregnancy feel serious relief of symptoms of an illness, and after appearance of the kid on light there can step permanent long-term remission.

The disease of future mother does not affect development of a fruit and on health of the newborn in any way. The only problem is drug intake, RS appointed for treatment as some of them cannot be used at pregnancy and breastfeeding. Therefore the patient has to consult surely with the attending physician even before conception, and the entire period of incubation to be under its observation.

Sick RS have to avoid physical activity

Long time doctors really considered that sports activities are harmful to patients with multiple sclerosis. Numerous researches proved that it not so: it is possible for patients and it is necessary to show moderate physical activity (certainly, dosed taking into account individual displays of an illness). Specially picked up complexes of aerobic exercises are very useful to sick RS: in most cases they reduce sharpness of unpleasant symptoms. Also foot walks, swimming and just rest in the fresh air are shown to patients.

Миф о рассеянном склерозе: больные не могут продолжать работать

Sick RS cannot continue to work

Many people suffering from RS thanks to adequate treatment keep decades not only a usual way of life, but also the physical and intellectual activity allowing them to carry out successfully production duties. Even disability approach not always becomes the reason of going away from work especially as the labor legislation obliges employers to provide with it to employees of a working condition, the considering features of their state. So the majority of the sick RS which are in working-age is not threatened by danger to be "thrown out from life".

Multiple sclerosis – the serious progressing illness, but not a sentence. Following instructions of the attending physician, the patient can quite remain the active, self-sufficient and successful person. It is important not to be given, keep an optimistic view on the world, and maintenance of the normal standard of living will be quite solvable task.

Whether you know that:

The American scientists made experiments on mice and came to a conclusion that water-melon juice prevents development of atherosclerosis of vessels. One group of mice drank usual water, and the second – water-melon juice. As a result vessels of the second group were free from cholesteric plaques.