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6 reasons of emergence of nightmares

Nightmares belong to the most unpleasant frustration. Statistically, they happen at 4% of adults, and almost at 70% of children and teenagers. During a nightmare of people dreams himself in extremely difficult, life-threatening situation. He wakens suddenly, in a condition of a fright, and, as a rule, remembers the dream distinctly. The feeling of depression and alarm does not release throughout the day, creating hindrances for work and normal communication. If such episodes repeat often, the disturbances of mentality connected with constant tension and fear can develop to fall asleep.

According to specialists, there are 6 major factors of emergence of nightmares.

1. Stress

The posttraumatic syndrome is the reason of emergence of nearly 80% of heavy dreams. At the same time pictures which observes sleeping usually have autobiographical contents. The serious illness, the death of the loved one, the endured accident, violence, collision with hostile, aggressive and dangerous people, stay in a zone of terrorist attack or fighting can lead to such situation.

Cases when nightmares pursue the person enduring a long condition of the stress caused by troubles at work, discomfort in a family or financial problems are less often observed.


2. Reception of spicy food shortly before a dream

It is established that the dishes abounding with hot spices and spices cause strengthening of metabolism and fervescence. At the same time there are difficulties with backfilling, the dream becomes superficial and restless, also nightmares can appear.

However, the bad dream is not excluded also in that case when the person just densely ate shortly before to go on the vacation. The reason here not as the consumed food, and in its quantity: the crowded stomach causes heavy feeling which changes character of a dream.

Прием острой пищи незадолго до сна

3. Dominance of greasy food during the day

It is established that the people adhering to the principles of healthy food are much less subject to nightmares, than fans of fast food, the heavy meat dishes and confectionery flavored with fat cream. The reason of this phenomenon is up to the end not found out, but there is an assumption that emergence of bad dreams can be provoked by the use of some products, unhealthy.

Преобладание жирной пищи в течение дня

4. Alcohol

The glass of good wine drunk during a dinner did nobody harm yet. It cannot be told about hard liquors if them is drunk much. In low doses alcohol causes slackness and easy drowsiness. The solid amount of alcohol brings the person into excitement which is replaced by a condition of an oglushennost and an unhealthy, superficial dream of which the delay of approach of a bystry phase is characteristic. In such situation emergence of a heavy dream which can importunately repeat is very probable. The regular use of big portions of alcohol and the abstinence arising at the same time can make nightmares chronic.

Употребление солидного количества алкоголя

5. Reception of some medicines

As it is not strange, in most cases emergence of heavy dreams provokes reception of those drugs which are intended for stabilization of a condition of a nervous system and elimination of sleep disorders. Similar action (and quite long) some antidepressants, hypnagogues, and also the medicines applied as an anesthesia possess. Besides, patients who take malaria medicine often complain of nightmares (in this case the side effect disappears right after cancellation of drugs).

Прием некоторых лекарственных препаратов

6. Problems with health

Nightmares arise also at some diseases. It can be not only frustration of mentality, but also any illnesses which are followed by strong heat and a feverish state. Heavy dreams sometimes disturb also the patients feeling severe pains or the people who became victims of food poisonings.

If you often dream nightmares, you waken in alarm of which you cannot get rid during the day, experience difficulties when backfilling, well remember the maintenance of heavy dreams - it is a reason for the address to the doctor. Perhaps, you need a professional advice or medicinal therapy. Do not remain in private with the problem: the earlier you receive the help, the quicker it will be possible to cope with an illness.

Проблемы со здоровьем

Whether you know that:

Many drugs initially moved ahead in the market as drugs. Heroin, for example, was initially brought to the market as children's cough medicine. And cocaine was recommended by doctors as anesthesia and as the means increasing endurance.