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The grown nail: 10 folk remedies of disposal of a problem

The word "onikhokriptoz" is unfamiliar to most of people, meanwhile quite so physicians call very widespread problem: the growing of edge of a nail into surrounding fabrics causing inflammatory process. Usually the illness affects thumbs of legs, and is followed by reddening, hypostasis, and in the started cases – release of pus. Patients complain of the pain amplifying when walking, problems with the choice of footwear.

The reasons of development of a disease can be different. Most often growing of a nail plate arises because of non-compliance with rules of personal hygiene, wearing too close footwear, the wrong trimming of nails. Sometimes the problem appears because of infection with a fungus or owing to nonprofessionally made pedicure. Anyway, the patient feels serious discomfort.

Onikhokriptoz is treated in the surgical way, but at early stages it is quite possible to cope with a problem by the national methods based on use of the means softening and straightening a nail plate. When the procedure consists in imposing on a compress finger with curative ointment, it should be preceded by a foot tray with any microbicide. Most often solution of Furacilin or broth of officinal herbs is for this purpose applied (camomiles, a sage, etc.).

1. Butter

One of the most known national recipes. The softened butter is placed in a fingerstall which after a tray is pulled on the injured finger. If the edge of a nail plate not really densely adjoins to skin, it is possible just to put under it a cotton wool piece with oil. Pain and an inflammation pass for the second or third day, and in two weeks of holding procedures the edge of a nail is smoothed and gives in to normal cutting.

Сливочное масло

2. Castor oil

For a medical bathtub it is necessary to dissolve a glass of sea salt in three liters of very warm water and to add 100 ml of castor oil. Carrying out the procedure every evening, it is possible to achieve a nail softening in several days.

Касторовое масло

3. Aloe

Remedy is prepared from a plant is more senior than three years. The leaf of an aloe needs to be crushed. To put the piece of cotton wool or pulp of a leaf impregnated with the turned-out juice to a finger in the place of growing of a nail, to fix a compress by food wrap and to leave for the night. Means perfectly removes an inflammation and helps to straighten a nail plate at an initial stage of a disease.


4. Lemon dried peel

It is possible to put to the grown nail for the night the mix consisting of small polished dried peel of a lemon and vegetable oil. Previously the leg needs to be steamed in a tray with solution of baking soda. The result is swept up the next morning: the nail becomes more plastic; its edge can be straightened and cut off accurately.

Цедра лимона

5. Onions with honey

The similar result turns out when using for a compress of polished crude onions with honey addition. Mix is wrapped in a gauze and put to a leg for the night, having attached food wrap. Means is very effective: it helps also with the started cases when there is already a purulent process.

Репчатый лук с медом

6. Pumpkin

Well helps at an initial stage of an onikhokriptoz the pumpkin pulp which is previously steamed out in the boiling water and ground in gruel. The compress is put to a sore point for 3-4 hours.


7. Mutton fat

Fat mix with alkali helps to soften and straighten a nail plate. The known folk remedy is prepared so: add a little polished laundry soap to the crushed mutton fat. The turned-out mix is warmed and imposed on a sore finger, having put on from above a fingerstall. That fat, cooling down, did not harden, the compress is warmed cotton wool, put on a woolen sock a leg and left for 5-6 hours. The procedure can be repeated before total disappearance of symptoms of a disease and growth of a healthy nail.

Баранье сало

8. Plantain

The known weed plant has strong antiinflammatory effect. If the grown nail is not started, it is possible to get rid of a problem by means of compresses from a plantain. Unfortunately, the method is available only in the summer as for treatment fresh young plants are necessary. One leaflet it is necessary to knead, put gruel to a sore finger and to wind from above with the whole leaf of a plantain, having fixed it by bandage or food wrap. The compress needs to be changed daily within a week.


9. Mixed vegetables

For preparation of curative ointment it is necessary to take on one tablespoon of the wiped gruel from onions, garlic and leaves of an aloe, to add a tablespoon of butter and a teaspoon of qualitative beeswax. Mix is warmed and boiled within 2-3 minutes on weak fire, mixing it a wooden spoon. Cover with warm ointment the grown nail, wrap it in a leaf of cabbage, bandage and put on a warm sock a leg. The procedure needs to be repeated daily until the edge of a nail does not become soft.

Овощная смесь

10. Tea mushroom

For an onychomalacia the mushroom body is used. From it separate a thin layer which is imposed on an affected finger. Then the leg is wound with food wrap, put on a cotton sock, and atop – woolen. The compress is changed once a day.

Чайный гриб

Each of the described procedures leads to reduction of an inflammation, and also straightening of a nail and a softening of its edge which then can be cut off independently. It is very important that ointments were imposed on the steamed-out legs. Having removed a compress, it is necessary to wipe dry skin and to try to raise edge of a plate, having enclosed under it a small piece of cotton wool or bandage. It is necessary to cut off a nail in a straight line, avoiding use of scissors with the rounded-off tips. Otherwise the plate will continue to grow incorrectly, crashing edges into skin. If within a week treatment by folk remedies does not give relief, it is necessary to see a doctor.

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