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Stroke: 9 interesting facts about an illness

The stroke is one of the most widespread diseases of the person, annually in the world about 6 million cases of this pathology are registered. According to medical statistics, strokes occur almost three times more often than myocardial infarctions. The disease belongs to heavy, and has an unfavourable result: the lethality reaches 40% among women and 25% among men. A considerable part of the patients who endured a stroke cannot be recovered completely. We suggest readers to get acquainted with some features characterizing this disease.

1. The stroke "looks younger"

Until recently the risk of development of an illness strongly was associated with age 65 years are more senior. Unfortunately, now it not so: cases of a stroke are even more often diagnosed not only for adults aged up to 45 years, but also for children, including newborns. For example, in the USA hematencephalons annually happen almost at 4000 minors.

Strokes at tender age are quite often incorrectly diagnosed that complicates treatment of victims. On the other hand, the forecast is more favorable for children and teenagers, than for adults: fabrics at young people regenerate better, and over time such patients are capable to be recovered and lead completely a normal life (naturally, on condition of timely receiving the qualified help).

Инсульт молодеет

2. The "female" stroke has atypical symptoms

It is more woman, than men, risk to get a stroke, have it heavier and almost twice more often die of effects. Along with the general symptoms (the sharp headache, numbness of a half of the face, vision disorders and speeches) at women quite often observe also atypical signs of disturbance of cerebral circulation. Among them:

  • Severe, pristupoobrazny pain in one hand or a leg;
  • Suddenly come hiccups attack;
  • Sharp abdominal pain;
  • Severe nausea;
  • Sudden weakness;
  • Loss of consciousness for a short time;
  • Sudden stethalgia;
  • Suffocation;
  • Cardiopalmus;
  • Sleeplessness.

Some specialists connect increase in probability of development of a stroke in the women who are in the menopause period with effect of gormonozamestitelny drugs which appoint for reduction of symptoms of a climax.

Женский инсульт имеет нетипичные симптомы

3. The use of tomatoes reduces risk of development of an illness

It is established that for fans of tomatoes the risk of development of a stroke decreases almost twice. The matter is that lycopene which is the most powerful antioxidant is a part of these vegetables, reduces viscosity of blood and reduces probability of formation of blood clots. Especially such fact pleases: lycopene contains not only in fresh fruits, but also in products of their processing (tomato juice, paste, various vegetable canned food), and heating even increases its concentration in dishes.

Lycopene can be received (though in much smaller quantity) and from other products: pulp of water-melons or red and pink grapefruits.

Употребление томатов снижает риск развития недуга

4. The urgent help at a stroke helps to avoid paralysis

Disturbance of cerebral circulation in a considerable share of cases leads to paralyzing of extremities, therefore, to full or partial disability. Specialists claim that weight of effects of a stroke and a recovery rate of the lost functions is in direct dependence on that, how fast the patient will receive medical care. Therefore people around have to acquire that if at the person the person is warped, confusion or indistinctness of the speech, or impossibility to raise is observed is identical both hands is a reason for an immediate call of ambulance.

Administration of necessary drugs within three hours from the moment of "blow" helps to prevent approach of paralysis or even the death of the patient. In every minute of delay the brain loses about 2 million cells which death can be irreplaceable.

Срочная помощь при инсульте помогает избежать паралича

5. Reception of NSVP increases risk of a stroke

Our many compatriots are inclined to uncontrolled reception of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The habit at any pain to address analgetics is supported very aggressive (and not always conscientious) by advertizing. At the same time most of people has no idea that many NSVP increase risk of development of thromboses and a stroke.

In this case, tendency to self-treatment can play very unpleasant joke with the person. Certainly, it is necessary to keep the anesthetizing drugs in the house, but at their choice it is necessary to consult to the doctor and to undergo inspection to estimate a condition of the cardiovascular system, and, of course, you should not use them at any indisposition.

Прием НСВП повышает риск инсульта

6. Effects of "blow" can be cured in many years

Long time was considered that old effects of a stroke are incurable. Experiments on use of one of therapy methods – hyperbaric oxygenation, give hope to the patients who transferred disturbance of cerebral circulation a few years ago.

The method consists in impact on patients of the oxygen given under pressure. It was established that after several procedures at patients the lost functions begin to be recovered (mobility of extremities, the distinct speech, etc.). Researches were conducted generally in public, the strokes suffering from effects within 2-3 years, but there are data that the method is effective also concerning the patients having older damages.

Последствия «удара» можно излечить через много лет

7. The depression is the factor promoting development of a stroke

According to results of inspection more than 300 thousand patients, risk of development of a stroke for the persons having tendency to a depression are increased for 45%. The reason of this phenomenon is not found out. Scientists assumed that people gloomy and too seriously belonging to vital scrapes it is more, than merry fellows, are subject to unhealthy habits (an overeating, smoking, refusal of physical activity). Besides, such individuals transfer stresses heavier that leads to more essential wear of vessels of a brain.

Депрессия является фактором, способствующим развитию инсульта

8. Strokes happen in the winter more often

The statistics says that the greatest number of strokes (including with a lethal outcome) falls on cold season. For the people belonging to the senior age group, decrease in air temperature by one degree increases risk of development of disturbance of cerebral circulation almost by 4%. Scientists believe that it is connected with increase in arterial pressure, compression of gleams of vessels, a pachemia and difficulty of its transfer by heart which occur at a cold snap.

Инсульты чаще случаются зимой

9. Sleep disorders demonstrate probability of a stroke

Such phenomena as snore or obstructive a dream apnoea, are the risk factors increasing probability of development of a stroke. At disturbances of this sort, the brain of the sleeping person begins to suffer from a lack of oxygen. Besides, such state leads to periodic failures of heartbeat, sharp fluctuations of arterial pressure which result can be a disturbance of cerebral circulation. For the people who already had a stroke, sleep disorders are dangerous by a possibility of repeated "blow".

Нарушения сна свидетельствуют о вероятности инсульта

The stroke is the serious illness which is often leading to an invalidism or the death of the patient. The better people around will be informed on its features, the probability of rescue of the person to which there was a disturbance of cerebral circulation is higher.

Whether you know that:

Average life expectancy of lefthanders is less, than right-handed persons.