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Why the organism loses liquid: 14 reasons of dehydration

The body of the person almost for 60% consists of water. It is so important for normal functioning of an organism that loss of only one and a half percent of liquid already leads to the most unpleasant effects. The problems connected with deficit of water can overtake also the healthiest person if he, for example, spends several hours under the scorching sun, without having taken with themselves drink, but is very simple to correct health in this case. It is much more difficult to minimize effects of other reasons of dehydration, the most frequent of which we will consider in this article.

1. Diabetes

At failure of digestion of sugars concentration of glucose in blood becomes too high. The organism tries to normalize its quantity, increasing allocation with urine. The patient who is constantly thirsting strenuously absorbs liquid, than activates this process even more. Unreasonable load of kidneys is created. The body cells deprived of necessary amount of liquid begin to take away it from a blood-groove that causes further "zasakharivaniye" and solidification of blood. There is a so-called vicious circle of dehydration which is fraught with the most sad effects, up to bystry death of the patient.


2. PMS at women

During the period preceding periods at the woman the hormonal background changes that leads to decrease in content of water in body cells. The large role in this process is played by fluctuations of progesterone and estrogen in blood. Then monthly bleeding begins, and losses of water can be very considerable. To women recommend to use more liquid, especially in the form of the calming herbal teas at this time. They help to avoid dehydration, at the same time removing an excessive tone of muscles and weakening menstrual pains.

Предменструальный синдром у женщин

3. Pregnancy

At initial stages of incubation of a fruit of women toxicosis often torments, one of signs of which is nausea or vomiting. If such episodes repeat often, the organism can lose a significant amount of water. Besides, many pregnant women limit themselves in liquid consumption, being afraid of emergence of hypostases. Meanwhile the organism of future mother is in great need in increase in volume of blood, so, and in intake of additional water.

Dehydration of an organism of the pregnant woman can lead not only to deterioration in her health and defeats of cardiovascular or secretory system, but also to such effects as formation of malformations at the kid or an abortion.


4. Natural feeding

The feeding mother daily loses solid amount of liquid with milk. If shortage of water in an organism actively is not filled, it will have problems with health. For this reason advise women during this period to use more water, tea, milk, fruit juice and compotes. It saves an organism from dehydration, strengthen a lactation and improve structure of breast milk.

Естественное вскармливание

5. Drug intake

Action of the majority of the drugs intended for a lowering of arterial pressure and treatment of pathologies of kidneys and urinary tract is based on diuretic effect. Ability to strengthening of a diuresis also many medicinal plants which are traditionally used in traditional medicine have: berries of cowberry and cranberry, grass of the mountaineer bird's and shepherd's bag, birch kidneys, etc.

Patients who have a hypertension, cystitis, renal failures, hypostases and other illnesses have to be warned about need of increase in amount of the consumed liquid. Otherwise at them dehydration against the background of reception of medicines can develop.

Прием лекарственных препаратов

6. Low-carbohydrate diets

Glucose which an organism on a smog in time to use, collects in fabrics in the form of a glycogen. Each molecule of this substance connects three molecules of water. When the person sharply reduces consumption of carbohydrates, his body begins to spend stocks, losing at the same time liquid. By the way, bystry weight reduction which is observed at the initial stages of low-carbohydrate diets is explained by leaving of the water connected with a glycogen.

If restriction of consumption of carbohydrates continues more than a week, dehydration has an adverse effect on integuments, a nervous system and the general condition of an organism. It is especially harmful to exclude the rice, porridge and pasta made of wheat of firm grades from a diet: in the course of preparation they absorb water and, except a set of useful substances, supply an organism with liquid.

Низкоуглеводные диеты

7. Stress

At the time of a physical or nerve strain in an organism Aldosteronum – hormone of adrenal glands which takes active part in normalization of water and electrolytic balance is produced. Long stresses exhaust this function, development of Aldosteronum decreases, and the body loses liquid.

Only elimination of stresses as problem origins can help. The strengthened consumption of liquid in this situation gives only weak temporary effect.


8. Syndrome of the angry intestines

About 20% of people have this illness. The risk of dehydration for such patients is very high: at many of them frequent attacks of diarrhea act as the main sign. Besides, most of patients, being afraid of emergence of unpleasant symptoms, exclude a number of products which consumption increases the content of water in an organism from the diet.

Синдром раздраженного кишечника

9. Active trainings

Sports activities improve a figure and mood, increase immunity and vitality, but can do harm to health if to approach them without due care. In particular, it is necessary to consider that in the course of the trainings the organism loses a lot of water with then. Therefore important not only to dose exercise stresses, but also in time to fill shortage of liquid.

To make it competently, rather regularly to be weighed before and after trainings. On each kilogram of weight lost during the occupations it is necessary to drink from 500 to 750 ml of water (better than mineral), broth of fruit or herbal tea. Such quantity has to minimize risk of dehydration.

Активные тренировки

10. Aging

With age the probability of dehydration of an organism increases. The hormonal background changes, fabrics gradually lose ability to hold moisture. Besides, at many elderly people decrease in consumption of liquid is observed because they have feeling of thirst less often. In such cases specialists recommend to drink water regularly through certain periods and to trace amount of the liquid which got to an organism within a day. It helps to support the necessary level of hydration of fabrics.


11. Use of nutritional supplements

Even the most useful natural additives can have diuretic effect. Leaves of parsley and a dandelion, celery seeds, etc. differ in it, for example. Therefore being going to use products such, it is necessary to consult with the doctor, and in the course of reception not to forget about additional consumption of liquid. As for additives of doubtful structure which side effects it is only possible to guess, it is necessary to refuse flatly their use.

Употребление пищевых добавок

12. Alcohol intake

The dehydrating influence of alcohol has the double nature. First, it possesses direct diuretic action, and secondly, is capable to oppress production of some hormones detaining liquid in cells. Not only strong thirst, but also a water wastage tissues of internals and integuments becomes result of alcohol intake.

Usual drunkards very quickly reach high degrees of dehydration at which disturbance of the main vital signs of an organism is inevitable.

Прием алкоголя

13. Deficit of vegetables and fruit in a diet

The use of fruit and vegetables during each meal gives about two glasses of liquid a day. It is established that the people eating only fast food even filling shortage of water by means of drinks, suffer from such symptoms of dehydration as a xeroderma and mucous membranes, fragility of hair and nails more often and so forth. However, it can be connected also with a lack of vitamins and useful cellulose that badly affects the state of health.

Дефицит овощей и фруктов в организме

14. Stay at big height

Rest in mountains is fine, but that it did not become the reason of deterioration in health, it is necessary to remember that at adaptation to height the organism loses fair amount of liquid. It occurs because with the lowered atmospheric pressure characteristic of highlands, the person is forced to breathe more actively and more often to release a bladder.

That accustoming to new conditions did not lead to dehydration, it is necessary to increase amount of the consumed water.

Нахождение на большой высоте

Organism dehydration – serious condition which can end very sadly. As a rule, leads influence not of one to serious cases, and at once several factors. Having noticed at itself signs of deficit of liquid, the person has to see urgently a doctor to understand an origin of a problem and to be engaged in its elimination.

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