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Product doctor, or 8 reasons to fall in love with porridge

The list of stereotypes of which, apparently, all know strongly includes following: British surely eat porridge for breakfast. Perhaps, not all modern residents of Britain arrive quite so, but for those from them which continue to follow this tradition, it is possible to be glad sincerely: oat flakes are a product which regular use not only helps the person to keep force and beauty long. Porridge in a special way influences an organism, protecting it from serious problems with health.

Help in weight loss

In a human body whole grains of oats are digested very long and with great difficulty. Therefore such way of their processing which made assimilation of a product less difficult was invented. In spite of the fact that grains are exposed to several technological procedures (cleanings, bruising, heat treatment, etc.), they do not lose the remarkable properties. Oat flakes contain proteins (a source of useful amino acids), lipids, microelements (magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, iodine, copper), and also a number of vitamins (first of all H and B9).

The obvious advantage of porridge is a large amount of cellulose. Because of it the use of flakes with quite high caloric content (350 kcal in 100 g) does not lead to accumulation in an organism of stocks of a glycogen. On the contrary, the energy which is contained in a morning portion of porridge is acquired slowly that allows not to feel hunger for a long time. Daily using porridge, it is possible not to worry about preservation of a figure.

For those who already gained excess weight there are specially developed diets based on use of oat flakes. Such power supply systems are considered as one of the safest (certainly, at observance of the recommended terms) as the human body can receive from porridge all necessary for normal functioning. For example, the monodiet consisting in consumption of small portions of the porridge cooked on water without addition of sugar and salt on 5-6 times during the day is applied to bystry weight loss. In intervals between meals it is necessary to drink not sweetened green tea. As a result it is possible to lose about a kilogram a day. Severity of a diet does not allow to use it longer than 5 days once in three months. Less rigid options giving, nevertheless, notable effect allow addition to porridge of nuts, dried fruits, the fresh or made fruit and vegetables, honey and kefir. It is possible to adhere to such diets within 14 days with a break in one and a half-two months.

Помощь в похудении

Maintenance of health of a musculoskeletal system

Porridge contains silicon, calcium and manganese in that quantity which is necessary for maintenance of optimum density of a bone tissue. The people who are regularly using porridge from flakes are less subject to risk of development of osteoporosis that it is especially important for the women enduring the menopause period.

Поддержание здоровья опорно-двигательного аппарата

Improvement of work of a GIT

According to specialists of World Health Organization, among residents of Great Britain the percent of patients having digestion pathologies is much lower, than at other Europeans. The habit is for breakfast porridge, imparted since the childhood, bears fruit: the cellulose which is contained in flakes perfectly clears intestines, interferes with emergence of locks, brings excess liquid out of an organism. Besides, porridge normalizes work of a liver and pancreas. It, among others components, contains also the soluble cellulose capable to absorb toxics. For this reason porridge from flakes helps at a drunkenness, facilitating hangover symptoms.

Улучшение работы желудочно-кишечного тракта

Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

At regular consumption oat flakes promote reduction of viscosity of blood: it is connected with existence in their composition of vitamin K. Besides, oats normalize the content of cholesterol in an organism and interfere with formation of so-called plaques in blood vessels. As a result the probability of narrowing of a gleam of blood vessels and risk of emergence of blood clots decreases. Let's not forget also about property of oats to reduce arterial pressure (broth of oat grains is ancient folk remedy from a hypertension). Thus, the use of porridge helps to keep health of cardiovascular system and to avoid such serious diseases as a stroke or a myocardial infarction.

Профилактика сердечно-сосудистых заболеваний

Stabilization of a nervous system

Magnesium and silicon are necessary for normal work of a nervous system. Oats are rich with these microelements and can fill their lack of an organism. Quite high content of B6 vitamin does porridge by fine means for increase in resistance to a stress, normalization of a dream. The phosphorus improving memory and ability of concentration of attention also is a part of grits.

Стабилизация нервной системы

Normalization of a hormonal background

The substances which are contained in porridge promote optimization of work thyroid and a pancreas, reproductive system, and also the endocrine system which is responsible for hormonal balance in an organism. Regular consumption of flakes protects from the development of a diabetes mellitus, a hypothyroidism, disturbances connected much or a lack of sex hormones.

Нормализация гормонального фона

Help after the delivery

Young mothers quite often suffer from uneasiness, sharp differences of mood, sleeplessness, overfatigue. All this can lead to a depression which will have an adverse effect on health of the kid.

The regular use of oat flakes normalize a hormonal background and helps at sleep disorders. The vitamins which are contained in oats promote production of the serotonin increasing mood and reducing stress. Oat flakes help to fill losses of blood, to strengthen a lactation, to recover beauty of skin and hair that also well influences a psychological and physical state of the woman.

Помощь после родов

High performance of cosmetics on oats

Porridge is widely used for improvement of an organism and care of appearance. There are many recipes of the masks, srubs and other self-made cosmetics helping to improve a condition of skin and a hair. For example, infusion of flakes (1 tablespoon, infused within 12 hours in two glasses of boiled water) is recognized means for maintenance of vitality and rejuvenation.

Высокая эффективность косметических средств

In traditional medicine oat flakes are used for preparation of means from bronchial asthma, skin defeats of the allergic nature, nicotine and alcohol addiction, diseases of internals and even cancer. At the same time use of porridge has almost no contraindications. The exception is made by only individual intolerance of gluten.

Obviously, there are reasons to pay tribute to porridge from oat flakes and to include it in the daily menu. It is only necessary to consider that all remarkable properties of grain are inherent in those grades which demand cooking. Instant flakes are convenient and harmless, but their useful qualities leave much to be desired.

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Porridge causes heartburn!! to people with a hyperoxemia it is contraindicated! long could not get rid of heartburn and its very unpleasant effects! drank many drugs!! nothing helped! did not cease to eat this "useful gruel" yet accidentally itself found
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, "Porridge causes heartburn!! to people with a hyperoxemia it is contraindicated" - no at all. Porridge does not cause heartburn, and is not contraindicated to people with a hyperoxemia, opposite. You have an atypical reaction, and it is desirable to understand, than it can be caused. For example, business can be in the so-called full pains arising after food at gastritis with the LOWERED acidity.
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