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8 drinks useful at cold

Cold – a state known to everyone which is followed by cold, cough, high temperature, a pharyngalgia. Often the first that we begin to do in hope again to become healthy – to accept medicines which are not always harmless whereas it is easy to facilitate displays of a disease by means of natural means. They not only softly eliminate disease symptoms, but also enrich the weakened organism with useful substances. We present you 8 drinks which are successfully used for treatment and prevention of catarrhal diseases.

1. Green tea with a lemon and honey

The honey having antiinflammatory, fortifying and antibacterial properties is often called the first cold medicine. Some grades of honey (lime, Balkan) thanks to expectorant ability are effective at treatment of bronchitis, laryngitis, quinsy, most of them (especially acacia) promote strengthening of an organism, returning to the person of force. A honey tandem with the lemon which also have the expressed antiviral properties – means, comparable by efficiency with powerful immunostimulators. To make curative tea, it is necessary to put in even hot water 1 of h l. lemon juice and 2 h l. honey and to take drink 2-4 times a day before recovery.

Зеленый чай с лимоном и медом

2. Tea with a lemon and ginger

Thanks to rich vitamin structure ginger is also included into the three of the leading products useful at treatment of cold. The vitamin C which are a part of a root of ginger, magnesium, potassium, manganese, copper and other microelements promote the strengthened sweating, blood fluidifying, removal of an inflammation, also bactericidal and spasmolytic properties of a product are known. A lemon with ginger – a complementary combination both on flavoring, and on the improving qualities. The useful duet promotes the strengthened blood circulation and a lymph on an organism, removal of toxins and recovery of immunity.

For preparation of drink it is better to use the raw black ginger – it is more fragrant and useful. For this purpose 1 tablespoon of the purified and crushed ginger heat up in 250 ml of water, the received tea, without bringing to boiling, filter in a mug. It is possible to add couple of slices of a lemon to the same drink, it is a little sugar and, perhaps, a pinch of the Cayenne pepper.

Чай с лимоном и имбирем

3. Crimson tea with a linden

Raspberry - the leader among berries in the content of salicylic acid – the substances capable to reduce temperature and to eliminate inflammatory processes in fabrics. Antifebrile properties of tea with raspberry amplify thanks to presence of linden flowers at it – the product, as well as raspberry having the expressed sudorific property. Lime tea with raspberry forces an organism to sweat plentifully, getting rid of toxins and normalizing temperature. Thanks to the rich content of vitamins drink is salutary for the immunity weakened by a disease.

Малиновый чай с липой

4. Hot milk with garlic

Garlic is often called a natural antibiotic thanks to its antiseptic and antimicrobic properties which are caused by phytoncides – the substances destroying causative organisms. Use only of one garlic is effective at cold, however addition it in milk allows to remove an inflammation and to soften a mucous membrane of respiratory tracts. Warm milk with the crushed garlic glove – the drink softening cough and activating process of department of a phlegm. It is possible to strengthen anti-cold action of means addition of 1 tablespoon of honey – so drink will become more tasty and will strengthen an organism.

Горячее молоко с чесноком

5. Tea from a dogrose

The dogrose is considered a unique source of carotinoids, flavonoids, organic acids, being a champion on the content of the ascorbic acid strengthening the weakened immunity. Only two berries of a dogrose provide an organism with the daily need for this substance, necessary at cold. Drink provides support of an organism in overcoming a disease, adds forces, takes off weakness and fatigue. For its preparation 5 tablespoons of the fresh or dried-up crushed berries of a dogrose fill in 1 l of hot water and cook on weak fire about 10 minutes. For strengthening of effect it is possible to add leaves of mint, raspberry, a mountain ash and blackcurrant to broth.

Чай из шиповника

6. Camomile tea

The fragrant drink with pleasant taste made from a camomile medicinal is a simple, available and effective remedy against cold which can treat even children. Being an excellent antiseptic agent, the camomile at quinsy, bronchitis, flu helps to get rid of a pharyngalgia and, thanks to expectorant properties, to soften cough. The camomile tea made with a dushitsa is especially salutary for these purposes. To prepare curative broth, 1 h l. dry flowers of a camomile pharmaceutical fill in with abrupt boiled water and allow to infuse under a cover of 15-20 minutes. For normalization of body temperature and the termination of headaches the camomile is recommended to combine with peppermint leaves.

Ромашковый чай

7. Dried fruits compote

The compote made from mix of dried fruits (prunes, dried apricots, raisin, a dried apricots) – drink, remarkable not only on the vitamin value, but also on flavoring properties. Thanks to a large amount of useful minerals in dried fruit, drink has the powerful fortifying and recovering property allowing the chilled person to strengthen immunity and to gain strength. For preparation of compote it is necessary to take 100 g of any dried fruits, to crush and cook 5-10 minutes. For strengthening of medicinal properties it is possible to add to drink 1 tablespoon of juice of orange or a lemon and a little honey.

Компот из сухофруктов

8. A fruit drink from cowberry and a cranberry

Cowberry and cranberry – berries, irreplaceable at cold thanks to the antioxidant and antimicrobic properties. The salicylic acid which is their part has ability softly and naturally to reduce temperature, and a large amount of vitamins (And, With, To, E, groups B) causes the fortifying and clearing effect of drink. It is possible to prepare a fruit drink as from the fresh, and frozen berries, their washout and the gulf rather sloping by boiled water. Besides, for preparation of curative drink it is possible to use jam (2 tablespoons on 100 ml of boiled water) that will make natural medicine only more tasty.

Морс из брусники и клюквы

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During sneezing our organism completely stops working. Even heart stops.