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10 frequent wrong diagnoses

Popular joke that there are no healthy people, and is nedoobsledovanny, most of us considers an honest truth, continually it is necessary to hear that all of us are sick hardly from a school bench. It is hard to say whether so it actually because too often people are treated for nonexistent diseases, and sometimes call a disease what is something another. Sometimes in it the doctors of old school making diagnoses which are cancelled long ago are guilty – the medicine still develops, and mistakes happen. Sometimes the reason that the people very far from medicine make themselves diagnoses, being guided by the fractional information obtained by them from articles in popular media or rumors. Let's talk about diseases which do not exist or are not what it is considered to be.  

1. Cellulitis

Scourge of the modern woman, cellulitis, welcome most frequent "disease" in the world – still, sooner or later it occurs nearly at 100% of women, both full, and normal addition and at men not so is rare. Here just right to think of that, but whether it in that case is norm? Doctors answer – is. Not pathology and treatments does not demand cellulitis in that understanding which is put in this concept we. Actually it is hardly noticeable and if aggressive promotion of ideal beauty constantly did not draw to it the attention of people, the problem would not exist. It is enough to look at cloths of old masters, especially those that liked to represent naked magnificent ladies – cellulitis existed always and was a natural part of appearance. The myth about cellulitis as about an awful esthetic shortcoming makes fabulous profit for producers of anticellulite means, it is probable therefore he not just lives, but also is constantly fed.

Частые ошибочные диагнозы: целлюлит

2. Osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis is an ossification of cartilaginous tissue. Osteochondrosis manual therapists and massage therapists very much like to treat, and it is unsurprising – it is possible to treat it as much as long because it that other as the age changes happening in joints. On achievement of a certain age osteochondrosis develops at all and if it appeared to treat him is useless – it is impossible to turn ossification processes back. The only efficient method of controlling with osteochondrosis is its prevention, but it does not demand participation of specialists. To slow down aging of joint fabric, "only" it is necessary to lead a healthy and mobile life, and it is desirable not from next Monday, and since youth.

Частые ошибочные диагнозы: остеохондроз

3. Rheumatism

When the person, sighing, holds a waist and calls it a rheumatism attack, it is necessary to understand that hurt it is, and here rheumatism – hardly. The back pain can be caused by the different reasons: disease of kidneys, intervertebral hernia of lumbar department, infringement of a nerve, etc. Rheumatism something other, is group of autoimmune pathologies. Rheumatic, or autoimmune diseases are when immune cells suddenly cease to distinguish cells of the organism (most often connecting fabric), and attack them as alien. As a result fabric collapses that brings to serious system (i.e. in all organism, but not one body) to frustration. Rheumatic diseases demand long, often lifelong treatment. An example of such diseases is the system lupus erythematosus, a scleroderma, an autoimmune thyroiditis.

Частые ошибочные диагнозы: ревматизм

4. Migraine

Migraine we mistakenly call any headache. Actually migraine is the whole symptom complex in which a headache only the brightest of symptoms. At migraine a half of the head can hurt, there is a painful reaction to bright light and noise, migraine quite often warns about the beginning of an attack "aura" - a symptom harbinger, the attack sometimes about one days lasts, and some products, for example, chocolate or red wine can provoke it. Pain at migraine is much more intensive, than a usual headache, it is not withdrawn by usual anesthetics.

Частые ошибочные диагнозы: мигрень

5. Depression

Depression this not so bad mood which happens at all, even at carefree babies from time to time. A true depression this serious, painful mental illness which sometimes it is necessary to treat for years and over which origin doctors still puzzle. A depression, having taken away joy of life and painting everything around in black color, it is capable to destroy human life.

Частые ошибочные диагнозы: депрессия

6. Avitaminosis

Avitaminosis, or vitamin deficiency – the favourite of the pharmaceutical companies bringing to them million if not billion profits. Avitaminosis began the triumphal procession with the statement of one popular doctor about what is not able to receive a full complex of necessary vitamins from food of people, the organism does not make them, so, reception of vitamin drugs is necessary for maintenance of health. So the vitamin boom which did not end still began. The statement was recognized as wrong, the serious researches which proved its groundlessness definitively are conducted, however still both advertizing, and many doctors insist on improvement by means of very expensive vitamin and mineral complexes which at best are useless, in the worst – are harmful. True avitaminosis, of course, meets, but very and very seldom. From it patients, with the broken assimilation of vitamins suffer people, or those who extremely poorly eat (for example, the people who appeared around fighting or natural disasters).

Частые ошибочные диагнозы: авитаминоз

7. VSD

VSD, or vegeto-vascular dystonia, is not the diagnosis, but a lifesaver for many and many doctors. What to do, the medicine is still imperfect, and diagnostic opportunities of domestic clinics are even more imperfect therefore it is not always possible to establish the reason of indispositions in the range from lungs to moderately severe. In this case vegeto-vascular dystonia comes to the rescue that in approximate transfer means "something not as it should be with nerves and vessels". Nerves and vessels penetrate all organism therefore wherever there was a malfunction, anyway they are involved, will not carp. The diagnosis of VSD says that the reason of an indisposition did not manage to be revealed. By the way, it does not mean automatically that treatment is not required – when the reason is not established, the symptomatic therapy directed to mitigation or elimination of burdensome symptoms and improvement of quality of life of the patient is carried out. It is worse, than causal treatment, i.e. the treatment removing an etiology, but is better than nothing.

Частые ошибочные диагнозы: вегето-сосудистая дистония

8. Dysbacteriosis

One more "supporter" of doctors and druggists. Dysbacteriosis call an imbalance of the microflora which is present at an organism. Speaking to usual language, it when one microbes in an organism of their number of those that inhabit it constantly, there are more than others, permanent residents too. Such state is announced very dangerous, from it allegedly there is a set of troubles and therefore dysbacteriosis it is necessary to treat by all means and somewhat quicker that something did not begin worse. Actually it not so. The balance of microflora can really fluctuate, on that it and the balance, but is leveled it independently and does not demand treatment. Including when performing antibiotic treatment – it is not too reasonable to accept dried bacteria along with the drugs killing them isn't that so? True dysbacteriosis happens, this serious condition connected with an immunodeficiency, it occurs at the people having AIDS, severe forms of a radial illness after organ transplantation, etc., and is treated in the conditions of a hospital.

Частые ошибочные диагнозы: дисбактериоз

9. Sclerosis

Sclerosis in society is called usual forgetfulness. Forgetfulness appears and amplifies with age therefore the sclerosis is considered a disease of old men. Actually the sclerosis is not a disease at all, and has no relation to forgetfulness. The sclerosis is a replacement of a soft tissue on firm, dense. The sclerosed vessels it is the vessels which hardened, lost elasticity, the sclerosed fabric the fabric – condensed, hardened. It can happen for various reasons including owing to sclerotherapy when the sklerozant, the substance causing its sclerosis, pasting of walls is entered into a vessel. There is a disease multiple sclerosis, it is autoimmune pathology (see the head "Rheumatism"), but also it has nothing in common with bad memory.

Частые ошибочные диагнозы: склероз

10. Erosion of a neck of uterus

The sad head narrating about will be published in the big book of history of medicine once how at the beginning in the USSR, and then and in the Post-Soviet countries almost each second young woman was treated for a nonexistent erosion of a neck of uterus. This treatment is not harmless, sometimes it led to problems in labor, and sometimes promoted development of cancer of neck of uterus. The fact that gynecologists of the Soviet school took for an erosion, i.e. injury of a mucous membrane of a neck of uterus, in most cases was an ectopia. The channel of a neck of uterus is covered by a cylindrical epithelium, and a vulval part – flat, they look differently. Sometimes a small part of a cylindrical epithelium occupies the site of a neck of uterus at an entrance to the channel, here what is an ectopia. It is development option, it is found usually in young women because most often with age the ectopia passes and in treatment does not need.

Whether you know that:

The American scientists made experiments on mice and came to a conclusion that water-melon juice prevents development of atherosclerosis of vessels. One group of mice drank usual water, and the second – water-melon juice. As a result vessels of the second group were free from cholesteric plaques.