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16 reasons of hemorrhages in eyes

An eye of the person daily experiences considerable strain. The problem of preservation of sight is for many years directly connected with a question of supply of tissues of eye enough oxygen and nutrients. This task is carried out by small vessels – capillaries. For normal functioning of the visual device extremely important that they kept the integrity, but it works well not always. Microtraumas of eye vessels during which there are small hemorrhages are extremely widespread. Sometimes they are provoked by external factors, but regular reddening of whites of the eyes can demonstrate existence of problems with health. In a similar situation it is necessary to have an idea of the reasons which cause ruptures of eye capillaries.

1. Sleep debt and fatigue

Reddening of whites of the eyes often is a consequence of the general falling of the vitality caused by chronic fatigue. If the person regularly does not fill up, for a long time is nervous concerning professional or household disorders, suffers from excessive sense of responsibility (as it is peculiar to workaholics), it always affects his appearance, including color of whites of the eyes. The sclera gets the unhealthy pinkish shade caused by microtraumas of walls of eye capillaries.

The similar picture is observed at the people who are constantly overstraining the visual device. Whites of the eyes redden at long reading, viewing of TV programs or work at the computer if these occupations are not followed by observance of sanitary and hygienic rules (optimum alternation of the periods of work and rest, gymnastics for eyes, etc.).

Недосыпание и усталость

2. Injuries of eyes or head

At a severe bruise of the head it is necessary to visit surely the ophthalmologist even if subjectively the victim does not notice deterioration in sight. The matter is that at craniocereberal injuries hemorrhages in internal tissues of eyes are possible. Reddening of proteins at the same time is not observed, but effects can be the most serious, up to peeling of a retina and total loss of sight.

Quite often there are also injuries of the most eye device, owing to hit of fine solid particles (dust, grains of sand), corrosive or thermal burns, etc. Disturbances of integrity of capillaries in such situation not to avoid. If damage is small, unpleasant feelings can quickly disappear, but nevertheless it is better that an affected eye was examined by the specialist.

Травмы глаз или головы

3. Physical overstrain

Eye capillaries are very sensitive to exercise stresses. Ruptures of walls of vessels often occur at the athletes who are carried too away by power trainings. In risk group also the people occupied with preferential sedentary work and poorly adapted to physical work: their hemorrhages in whites of the eyes can develop even at a sharp body tilt or attempt to lift rather small load.

At women capillaries of eyes are quite often injured at the time of delivery because of huge physical and nervous tension. The similar reasons provoke reddening of whites of the eyes at the small child when he very long and loudly cries.

Физическое перенапряжение

4. Diabetes mellitus

Disturbance of exchange of glucose has an adverse effect on elasticity of walls of vessels. At diabetics all capillaries including eye are surprised. It is followed by gradual decrease in visual acuity.

If regular reddening of whites of the eyes is observed along with constant thirst, the increase in body weight strengthened by an urination, a skin itch is very dangerous situation. It is necessary to visit the endocrinologist and to undergo full inspection, blood test on sugar is obligatory.

Сахарный диабет

5. Idiopathic hypertensia

At the people having an arterial hypertension, peripheral vessels can not sustain supertension of blood and burst. At the same time there is nasal bleeding and/or intraocular hemorrhage.

On the one hand, the similar event can be considered good luck: the hematencephalon would be considerable more dangerous. With another – damage of eye capillaries at a hypertension demonstrates that the patient has problems with a condition of walls of vessels. It increases risk of development of a stroke therefore such patient needs constant medical observation.

Гипертоническая болезнь

6. Infectious diseases

Small hemorrhages in eyes can develop during a SARS. Provocative factors are high temperature, cough, sneezing, the raised slezootdeleniye.

Sometimes reddening of proteins is connected with such illnesses as tuberculosis or typhus. At the patients having some diseases, sexually transmitted (gonorrhea, syphilis) outflow of liquid from eyes is broken that too can cause microtraumas of walls of capillaries and reddening of proteins.

Инфекционные заболевания

7. Eye diseases

At eye diseases of hemorrhage in proteins or surrounding fabrics happen very often. The list of such illnesses is big, the most frequent are:

  • Infectious and inflammatory defeats (keratitis, blepharites, conjunctivitis, uveites, etc.);
  • Acute glaucoma;
  • New growths of tissues of eye.

In each case the whole complex of symptoms which the ophthalmologist for establishment of the exact diagnosis has to analyze is observed.

Глазные болезни

8. Shegren's syndrome

The crushing autoimmune systemic lesion of connecting fabric which is followed by depression of function of the lacrimal glands. At the patients having this illness, tears are almost not allocated. The syndrome of a dry eye to which fragility of eye capillaries is inherent develops.

Синдром Шегрена

9. Vascular disorders

The illnesses connected with defeat of walls of vessels: hemorrhagic vasculitis, Takayasu's disease, Wegener's granulomatosis, Bekhchet's Syndrome, temporal arteritis. Fragility of walls of capillaries and regular emergence of microscopic hemorrhages including on the surface of whites of the eyes is characteristic.

Сосудистые нарушения

10. High intracranial pressure

Brain new growths, inborn pathologies of bones of a skull, neurocirculatory dystonia and some other diseases can become the reason of the increased intracranial pressure. With a high intracranial pressure quite often eye capillaries do not maintain a pressure of blood and burst that can look and as reddening of proteins, and as sites of hemorrhages in eyes.

Высокое внутричерепное давление

11. Blood diseases

If hemorrhages in tissue of eyes are observed along with frequent emergence of hematomas, the hemorrhagic rash raised by bleeding of gums or small injuries of skin it can demonstrate disturbance of coagulability of blood. The situation demands immediate inspection and an initiation of treatment.

Заболевания крови

12. Avitaminosis

Disturbance of elasticity of walls of capillaries can arise because of deficit of some vitamins and microelements in an organism. The similar reasons sometimes are the cornerstone of disturbance of factors of coagulability of blood.

At frequent developing of hemorrhages in tissue of eyes a sick hypovitaminosis of A or C, and also a lack of Rutinum has a probability of existence.


13. Allergy

Some ophthalmologic diseases (for example, a keratitis), can have not only the infectious, but also allergic nature. Besides, at many allergic persons of damage of eye capillaries arise when sneezing and the strengthened slezootdeleniye, caused by painful reaction of an organism on the alien agent.


14. Overheating of an organism

People differently transfer high temperatures. Overheating of a body on the beach or at visit of a steam room in a bath causes sharp inflow of blood to peripheral vessels in some. If it does not lead to serious differences of arterial pressure, there is no health hazard. However emergence of hemorrhages in tissue of eyes can say that problems with vessels nevertheless are available. In this case it is worth refraining from hot procedures and to see a doctor.

Перегревание организма

15. Drug intake

In tissue of eyes the medicines intended for blood fluidifying can cause emergence of hemorrhages. They are usually appointed to the patients having thrombophlebitis, a varicosis, an arterial hypertension.

When reddening eyes against the background of reception of similar drugs it is important to see a doctor in time. Perhaps, the patient needs temporary cancellation or replacement of the registered means.

Прием лекарств

16. Alcohol abuse

Alcohol intake provokes sharp expansion and vasoconstriction. It can cause not only a headache, but also damage of walls of eye capillaries.

Злоупотребление алкоголем

The reasons of hemorrhages in tissue of eyes are too difficult and diverse that it was possible to understand them without participation of specialists. At numerous emergence of the similar phenomena it is necessary to undergo full inspection and to establish the exact diagnosis.

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