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12 most dangerous ways of weight reduction

The thought that the mass of their body is too big at least once in life visits from 80 to 95% of women. Many women are so obsessed with this idea that constantly try all new and new ways of weight reduction. A considerable part of these techniques is ineffective, and some in general are unsafe for health.

Опасные для здоровья способы похудения

We will tell about the most risky ways to lose weight in this article.

The clothes providing "greenhouse effect"

Today the linen creating "effect of a sauna" is very popular. It is considered that it helps to get rid of hypodermic fatty deposits in problem zones. Actually the effect of carrying of this sort short or leggings is not so high. With their help it is really possible to lose weight, but only in that case when the woman adheres to the correct diet and actively plays sports.

It is inconvenient to wear linen for weight loss: it not only forces to sweat, but also holds down the movements. Many complain of emergence of irritation and skin rashes. It occurs even if to put on cotton linen under "wonderful panties".

At some problems with health to wear the clothes providing "greenhouse effect", dangerously. Especially the people having heart diseases and vessels, a hypertension, varicosity, diseases of blood and a metabolism, pathologies of the reproductive sphere risk. Let's notice that these illnesses are often observed at the persons having the increased body weight. Therefore it is possible to use clothes for weight loss only after consultation with the attending physician.

Electric miostimulyator

Electrostimulation of muscles – the physiotherapeutic procedure which is quite successfully used by physicians. At some diseases it helps to avoid development of developments of stagnation, activating blood circulation, to support a tone of muscles.

Use of electric miostimulyator for the purpose of weight loss is useless: they do not exert any impact on a fatty tissue and do not promote loss of extra kilos. Besides: the inexperienced user, aiming gain desired effect can get burn or an electric trauma by means of similar devices.

Starvation (prana food)

It can seem absurd, but there are supporters so-called "prana food" which in general refuse food. They consider that eating "net energy" of the sun or just air, will be able to reach full harmony with the nature, a spiritual enlightenment, improvement and rejuvenation of an organism.

Whether it is worth saying that these attempts come to an end at best with disappointment, and in the worst and that is more sad: four-five weeks of similar practice lead to irreversible changes in an organism and disability, and sometimes and by a lethal outcome.

"Winterizing" of a stomach

There is an opinion that having before meal a glass of ice water, it is possible to avoid effects of absorption of excessively caloric products, harmful to a figure. This statement is proved by nothing, but is obvious that such way of weight loss if to practice it regularly, will quickly lead the person to pancreatitis. Also tonsillitis, antritises and otitises are not excluded.

Eating of parasites

Some women are ready to be ready to do anything for the sake of a beautiful figure. There is a way of weight loss based on introduction to the alimentary system of the person of intestinal parasites. For this purpose swallow the capsule containing a germ of a worm and after he gets accustomed and will save the carrier from excess weight, accept the drug destroying a parasite.

It is not excluded that, after such procedure weight is really lost. However it is impossible to call this way of weight loss safe as intestinal parasites not only absorb the food eaten by the person carrier but also poison his organism with products of the life activity.

Bariatrichesky surgery

Surgery on reduction of a stomach is not really difficult, but doctors seldom recommend it as means for weight loss. The matter is that after intervention complications are frequent, and the effect can be either not especially noticeable, or excessive. The person whose volume of a stomach is reduced surgically is not capable to absorb a large number of food, but if it continues to eat caloric products and to lead a slow-moving life, there can be an adaptation, and weight will cease to be lost. Sometimes happens so that the weight of the operated patient decreases so promptly that in several months there comes literally exhaustion, and the skin stretched by fat and not in time to adapt droops big ugly folds.

Reception of diuretic and laxative drugs

Diuretics bring liquid out of an organism, certainly, weight at the same time is lost. However this effect temporary. At improper feeding and failures of a metabolism, process of postponement of fatty stocks continues. Regular use of diuretic drugs can lead to disturbance of water-salt balance, disturbance of work of kidneys and other serious consequences of dehydration.

Attempts to reduce body weight by means of purgatives are not less dangerous. This way is fraught with development of dysfunction of intestines.

Forced clarification of a stomach

One more dangerous way of fight against excess weight – forced clarification of a stomach. It is very popular among the very young girls aiming to keep at any cost a figure of model parameters.

The people applying it a method after food cause in themselves vomiting mechanically or by means of the corresponding drugs. As a result food is not acquired, the organism loses all useful substances. The stomach gets used to reject over time any food, but as it getting all the same hungry, at the person the special state – bulimia develops. Alternation of the periods of an uncontrollable gluttony with attacks of spontaneous vomiting is characteristic of it.

At the people having bulimia the metabolism is completely broken. Its recovery and return to a normal diet requires prolonged treatment which, unfortunately, not always happens successful.

Transition to synthetic substitutes of sugar

The reason of increase in body weight consumption of so-called bystry carbohydrates usually is considered. Desire to lose weight results some women in the idea of use in food of the artificial substitutes of sugar which are initially intended for food of patients with a diabetes mellitus.

Such way does not yield essential results, but considerable can do harm. Use of some substitutes of sugar has very unpleasant side effects. For example, it is proved that such substance as aspartame, is capable to cause vision disorders, a memory impairment and even strokes. Also there are data that some of sweeteners have oncogenous activity.

Drug intake, intended for treatment of diabetes is not less dangerous. All drugs such influence production of insulin and assimilation by glucose cells. At purpose of these means to diabetics doctors consider specific features of exchange of each patient, being guided by results of exact laboratory researches. Independent reception of antidiabetic means can lead to severe damages of kidneys and a liver.

Синтетические заменители сахара: польза и вред?

Grid for language

One of the new means stimulating decrease in consumption of food – a grid which is implanted in the surgical way in a language surface. When carrying adaptation reception of any food brings a sensation of discomfort, and taste of products is practically not felt. The grid is put for a month, and then removed. It is considered that during this time the patient has to lose weight and wean from consumption of big portions of food.

Actually positive effect is observed quite seldom. After removal of a grid most of patients break, trying to reward by means of tasty food themselves for the postponed inconveniences, and quickly gain the lost weight. Besides, the method is fraught with the complications caused by an allergy to material of which the grid is made. Also the risk of sepsis is rather high.

Herbal teas for weight loss

The majority of vegetable teas which are on sale as means for weight loss possess either diuretic, or deystviyemtrava laxative, being their part, have contraindications and can cause allergic reactions. It is only about that collecting which officially are implemented through pharmacy chains, are supplied with application instructions and the description of all components. As for grass mixes which are on sale from hands or on the Internet, their use can quite be life-threatening.

Eating of wadded balls

Wild way of weight loss which, nevertheless, sometimes is practiced by very young girls. To reduce consumption of food, they swallow wadded balls, dipping them in juice, smuz or sweet water. It is obvious that filling of a stomach with cotton wool – a direct way on a surgical table.

The person dissatisfied with the figure can try to correct it. However at the same time you should not be beyond reasonable. Extreme ways of weight loss are dangerous and not too effective. The best results in the long term bring exercise stresses in combination with correctly organized food.

Whether you know that:

In our intestines are born, millions of bacteria live and die. They can be seen only at strong increase, but if they gathered, then would be located in a usual coffee cup.