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10 popular products which cannot be eaten for breakfast

We live during an advertizing era. Daily each person receives a solid portion of persuasive councils about what to eat to be healthy and successful. Products about which we will talk today are combined by the following circumstance: all of them are positioned as the most useful and the most suitable for inclusion in a morning meal. Unfortunately, it is not true: these 10 products do not suit for breakfasts at all.

1. Muesli and quick-cooking cereals

Porridges really are one of those dishes which are very pertinent for using at the beginning of day of work. Grain dishes contain a large amount of nutrients the, including "correct" carbohydrates capable to be digested rather slowly and to supply an organism with energy during the first half of day. Unfortunately, quick-cooking cereals are substantially deprived of these fine qualities. To make grain suitable for the use without cooking, it is subjected to special processing because of which the most part of the carbohydrates which are contained in it passes into the fast-acquired form. Therefore usefulness of such porridges is considered very doubtful.

Muesli represent the same groat flakes with addition of nuts, sunflower seeds, dried fruits and candied fruits. This product contains a large amount of sugar. Besides, quality of a fruit component of inexpensive types of muesli leaves much to be desired: instead of the real berries the synthetic substitutes or fragrances identical to natural can be their part. All this does muesli by rather harmful product, than useful.

The best option of morning porridge is the dish welded from full-fledged grain on milk or water. For improvement of taste it is possible to add a small amount of honey, and also fresh or fast-frozen fruit and berries, nuts, sunflower seeds, qualitative dried fruits and such spices as ginger, vanillin or cinnamon to it.

Мюсли и каши быстрого приготовления

2. Confectionery products of industrial production

One of the most widespread commercials looks as follows: well dressed person on the way to office comes into cozy cafe and has hastily a bite chocolate croissant (cake, a magnificent roll, etc.) with a coffee cup. Everything together makes on the viewer an impression of the correct actions which consequence, apparently, have to become health, fine outward and material welfare.

It is in practice difficult to imagine more harmful option of a breakfast. Any confectionery "yum-yum" represents a set of bystry carbohydrates and a large amount of animal fats. The product contains the mass of calories and has very high glycemic index. Its use for breakfast does not do the person full and vigorous for a long time, but promotes a set of excess weight.

Кондитерская продукция промышленного производства

3. Bystry breakfasts

Various flakes, balls, asterisks and other products which needs to be filled in with milk or juice to receive "the most tasty and nutritious breakfast", are positioned by producers as the best option of a morning meal for children. The only plus of such products is simplicity of the use. Despite the long list of the vitamins and microelements which are allegedly contained in dry breakfasts they do more harm, than advantage.

The product packed into a bright box extrusions produce by method: all ingredients crush to a condition of thin powder and press, giving to pieces a certain form. Flour, starch, sugar and a large number of amplifiers of taste, preservatives, fragrances, emulsifiers and other synthetic additives are a part of dry breakfasts. Regular use of such products in a diet of the child can lead to failure of a metabolism, obesity, disturbance of work of kidneys, a stomach, intestines and other bodies.

Быстрые завтраки

4. Sausage sandwiches

Traditional, and from it not less harmful option of a breakfast. Bread from wheat flour with butter and (often not best quality) sausages – the combination containing the maximum quantity of bystry carbohydrates and harmful fats. That such breakfast really provided an organism with necessary energy, but did not go straight to fatty deposits, its ingredients need to be replaced.

The useful option of sandwich has to contain:

  • The bread made of coarse flour (it is desirable from mix of cereals);
  • Natural meat, boiled or baked. Best of all for this purpose low-fat beef or chicken breast will approach;
  • Fresh vegetables (slices of cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet pepper);
  • Sheet greens (parsley, fennel, basil, celery, arugula or sheet salad).

Such option of a breakfast can be both nourishing, and useful.

Бутерброды с колбасой

5. The packaged juice

The majority of ready fruit and berry juice are produced on technology of recovery, that is, additions of water to dry weight. Unfortunately, water business usually is not limited to powder dilution: the packaged juice contains a large amount of sugar, citric acid and other preservatives. Instead of fruit pulp quite often add pectin or beet cake (waste of processing of sugar beet) to a product. Such (especially for children) it is not necessary and to speak to you about usefulness of products.

Freshly squeezed fruit juice really contains the mass of substances necessary for an organism. However to take such drinks it is on an empty stomach unsafe as the organic acids which are their part irritate a mucous membrane of a stomach.

Пакетированные соки

6. Cake cheeses

Any natural cottage cheese dish (cheesecakes, baked pudding, just cottage cheese of high quality) perfectly are suitable for the use during a morning meal: it is the remarkable dietary food containing proteins necessary for an organism and minerals. The sweet cake cheeses, milk slices and curds strenuously advertized by producers in this case adequate replacement are not. Such it is a little cottage cheese in products, and bulk is made by vegetable fats of doubtful quality and sugar, with obligatory addition of preservatives and flavoring additives. Even "chocolate" glaze which covered many curd cakes has nothing in common with chocolate.

Cottage cheese products of industrial production can be used (including for baby food) infrequently, are exclusive as a delicacy.

Творожные сырки

7. Chocolate bars

One more type of the products, thanks to advertizing having reputation useful energetically saturated and suitable for bystry having a snack. Actually chocolate bars consist of bystry carbohydrates and harmful vegetable fats. You should not eat them in general, especially – regularly to include in a morning meal.

Шоколадные батончики

8. Fast food

Harm of hamburgers and other options of fast food is explained by selection of products of similar subjects of which bad sandwich consists. In this case doubtful fats on which meat ingredients are fried are added to the bystry carbohydrates which are contained in white loaf (they, by the way, too are not the best quality). Besides, at a hamburger usually there is a mayonnaise or tomato sauce which are also not adding to this food of usefulness. Everything together represents extremely harmful product after which use the feeling of hunger quickly passes and also quickly is returned. Constant inclusion of fast food in the menu of breakfasts leads to disturbances of a feeding behavior (attempts to have a bite during the day, to increase portions, etc.), failures of a metabolism and a set of excess weight.


9. Processed cheese

Many consider that processed cheese sandwich nevertheless is less harmful, than a hamburger or oil and sausage sandwich, but it not so. The product which to us is so actively imposed by advertizing almost completely consists of fat. It has no useful properties of the real cheese. Besides, you should not forget that for its production often there is waste of cheese production or that cheese which cannot be realized because of expiry date.

Плавленый сыр

10. Nut and chocolate pastes

In these products which are so loved by many children actually there is neither chocolate, nor nuts. They consist of the hydrolyzed vegetable oils (as a rule, the cheapest – palmoyaderny or coconut), powdered milk, cocoa butter, lecithin and flavoring additives. Such combination of components can not only do irreparable harm to an organism, having broken a normal metabolism, but also for many years to change a feeding behavior of the person. Regularly it is impossible to use chocolate or nut pastes at all: even jam or jam (certainly, house cooking), at their extraordinary saturation carbohydrates, are successful replacement of such products.

Ореховые и шоколадные пасты

His mood and working capacity depend on what the person eats for breakfast. Therefore for a morning meal it is necessary to approach the choice of products especially carefully, avoiding reception of unnecessary calories, but trying to receive all useful substances allowing to remain active and healthy during the working day.

Whether you know that:

Our kidneys are capable to clear three liters of blood in one minute.