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Health secrets: how quickly to cure cold?

No, probably, the person who would not have cold. Cold, cough, a headache – these symptoms are known to everyone. The peak of catarrhal diseases is the share of fall. SARS already came to schools and kindergartens, flu slowly makes the way to the cities, in a word, winter close!

ОРВИ: способы передачи, причины заболеваемости

Artful assistants to cold

It seems, well as it is possible to ache? And why it occurred? Others and cold drink water, and on drafts sit – and nothing, are healthy, no viruses take them. Everything put – in the weakened immunity. Usually viruses which around us are enough, getting to an organism, are destroyed by elements of immune system. But when immunity is weakened, the immune system does not cope with the protective function and harmful microorganisms begin to breed freely. Then there are those unpleasant symptoms which we call cold, and doctors – an acute respiratory viral infection – a SARS.

In recent years scientists note that the number of infectious diseases grows. It means that our immunity becomes weaker. This phenomenon first of all is connected with stresses to which we are exposed even more often, especially in big cities. Huge volumes of information which are not able to process a brain any more an intense rhythm of life, an eternal lack of time, alarm and concern – here that Wednesday in which lives rather turns, like a squirrel in a cage, the modern citizen. Add to it environmental problems: the contaminated air and water, dust, soot, the exhaust gases, heavy metals, products containing chemical additives, and sometimes and toxic agents. And hardly in the nearest future the situation will improve. All this has an adverse effect on immune system and to affect these factors not in our forces.

Of course, it is possible to leave the contaminated city in a remote taiga, to enjoy rest, clean air, to drink spring water, to get the economy and to eat exclusively environmentally friendly products. But such solution too considerably and hardly will suit all. Fortunately, there are also other ways to increase immunity and to cope with viral infections. These are the drugs recovering functions of immune system. They struggle with the viruses and infections causing flu and a SARS, forcing own immunity of the person to work better.

To know the password and to see a reference point

How similar drugs work? They activate immunity and produce own interferon – the protein secreted by organism cells in response to invasion of a virus. Besides, these drugs suppress inflammatory processes, normalize permeability of small vessels, stimulate the antioxidant mechanisms neutralizing toxic waste products of viruses that too helps to win against an infection. Thanks to it recovery occurs much quicker, the disease proceeds in easier form, and the risk of complications decreases. So, if to accept drug at the very beginning of a disease, then the acute period is cut by half.

For example, "Tsitovir-3" incorporates three important components: Bendazolum, тимоген and ascorbic acid. They with different degree of intensity stimulate immunity, and in a combination much reduce risk to ache in the period of epidemic or reduce time and disease severity. So, бензадол influences phagocytes and granular lymphocytes, increasing their activity. Moreover, it starts synthesis of own interferon in an organism. Timogen, or, on scientific – glutamil-tryptophane, belongs to the class of organic compounds — dipeptides. It stimulates activity of all immune system and has ability to constrain inflammatory processes by means of impact on activity of specific cytokines. The third component – ascorbic acid often serves one of components of antiviral drugs. Being super strong antioxidant, she also participates in many important biochemical processes.

Besides, making the minimum impact on inappropriate systems of an organism, products of metabolism of the Tsitovir-3 components are easily removed. And forms of production of drug are picked up so that will satisfy to needs of the most wide range of patients: capsules for adults and tasty syrup or powder for preparation of solutions to children. "Tsitovir-3" takes the worthy place on shelves of drugstores today, having seriously pressed other effective antiviral drugs.

Цитовир-3 в капсулах

Three dosage forms for an immunity victory

Being returned to a question of the best time for acceptance of "Tsitovira-3", It is necessary to tell that it will be best of all to carry out prevention in advance, without waiting for a disease. But if you or your child already got sick, be not upset - "Tsitovir-3" will quickly put you on legs for few days!

We asked one of developers of drug, Sergey Viktorovich Petlenko, the immunologist, the doctor of medical sciences on features of use of Tsitovir.

- How and when it is necessary to accept "Tsitovir-3" for prevention of flu and cold?

- For prevention of a SARS and flu drug needs to begin to be used during the periods of rise in seasonal incidence. It is considered that it is October – April. "Tsitovir-3" it is possible to accept repeated courses with 3-4-week breaks, during the whole epidemic season, according to age dosages. In the preventive purposes it is good to child to give "Tsitovir-3" when he begins to visit child care facilities, on the first week or in one week prior to the occupations.

- Sergey Viktorovich, what main advantages of a powder dosage form of "Tsitovira-3" before other types of drug?

- At "Tsitovira-3" in the form of powder, unlike syrup, the main excipient is fructose, but not sucrose. That is "Tsitovir – 3" in powder for cultivation of solution is recommended to children from 1 year to 6 years, inclined to allergic reactions and with restrictions in sugar consumption. When the child has a SARS, to him, in addition to antiviral drug, various symptomatic drugs, drink, vitamins are given. All these additional resources, as a rule, too sweet, and in this case not to overload a children's organism, reception of neutral Tsitovir will be more reasonable. "Tsitovir-3" in powder it is more convenient to take in the road since it will not spill and taking into account that children begin to travel earlier and earlier, existence in the first-aid kit of antiviral drug in a similar form – is very convenient.

- Whether the truth that Tsitovir-3 the most small children can accept even, and it will not do them harm? And to mothers who nurse?

- "Tsitovir-3" in the form of powder or syrup it is recommended to children from 1 year to 6 years. The pediatrician who "conducts" your child with the birth and can apply the schemes of treatment, based on experience and specific features of the kid has the right to make all other recommendations. For example, if the child large is also ahead of peers on weight, to it often increase a standard dose of drug since the dosage of the majority of drugs is calculated on 1 kilogram of weight.

Цитовир-3 для детей

In the instruction to the drug "Tsitovir-3" breastfeeding is not a contraindication to use, but it is recommended to use the drug "With CARE". During this period "Tsitovir – 3" is recommended only in that case when the estimated advantage for mother exceeds potential risk for the child. And risk/advantage only your attending physician is capable to estimate this ratio objectively.

Thus, "Tsitovir-3" can find for himself everyone, and the sweet tooth, and the one who for various reasons refuses sugar. It is important that in any dosage form drug is efficient and inexpensive medicine for prevention and treatment of a SARS.

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