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How to slow down aging: 10 advice to future long-livers

The number of long-livers is very small. One person from 5 thousand lives up to age of 90 years, and the centenary boundary steps over only one of 20 thousand. However, doctors claim that each of us is quite able to affect own destiny. At the same time it is not so much about living as long as possible, how many about an opportunity to keep physical and intellectual activity and to avoid decrepitude. We will also talk about the ways helping to achieve this result today.

1. Motivation

Many consider that process of aging starts after 40 when most of people begin to feel more often an indisposition, to give in to fatigue. It absolutely not so: physiological aging has the patterns. In particular, its speed is directly proportional to intensity of metabolic processes. It turns out that in youth of people grows old quicker, than in mature years.

Conclusion is obvious: the earlier we begin to care for preservation of own health, the more true we receive a delay from decrepitude approach. For this reason the slogan "Protect Health From the Youth!" has to become the guide to action for each responsible person.


2. Optimism

It is proved that the optimistic view prolongs life for 9-10 years by the world. The reasons are clear: people, to everything relating with interest and without despondency, have stresses easier. They are overtaken less often by such illnesses as a stroke or a myocardial infarction.

You should not forget also that optimists do not create serious emotional problems to people around. For this reason cheerful elderly people are more sociable, than their sad peers, they have more friends. Optimism helps the person to feel demanded, saves from loneliness. Merry fellows more often are happy in the personal plan, and in case of loss of partners find new contacts, even in the most old age easier.


3. Hygiene of a body and optimum mode

For ensuring longevity it is necessary to watch all life himself: to keep skin, hair, teeth in an order. Any deterioration in their state involves risk of development of chronic diseases. Besides, it is important to observe an optimum operating mode and rest. Neither work on wear, nor basic inaction do not promote increase in life expectancy. It is regularly very important to get enough sleep: during sleep the melatonin which is slowing down aging processes is produced.

Гигиена тела и оптимальный режим

4. Healthy food

Requirements of a human body change over time. Also the daily diet has to be exposed to the corresponding correction. It is considered that food at mature age has to be less plentiful and caloric, than in youth. From this does not follow that elderly people need to adhere to any certain diet: the list of products can be made depending on personal preferences and existence of any diseases. However it needs to be made various and balanced on the main nutrients, microelements and vitamins. According to specialists, longevity is promoted:

  • The fermented milk products interfering development of osteoporosis;
  • Fish of fat grades (mackerel, salmon, herring, tuna, etc.). It is rich polyunsaturated an omega-3 with fatty acids which improve a condition of vessels and heart, normalize arterial pressure and possess antiinflammatory action;
  • Sunflower seeds and nuts. They contain the selenium interfering development of malignant new growths and a large amount of the antioxidants helping to brake process of destruction of cellular membranes;
  • The berries, vegetables and fruit having dark (violet or red) coloring which are a source of the bioflavonoids supporting health cardiovascular and other systems of an organism.

Здоровое питание

5. Refusal of addictions

Fans of alcohol, as a rule, refer to information on high percent of long-livers in traditionally wine-making regions – in the south of France, in Greece or in the Caucasus. In it there is a solid share of slyness: the people living in such areas really since youth take alcoholic drinks, but is very moderate, and practically never suffer from alcohol addiction. It is necessary to consider also the fact that in the countries, being champions by the number of long-livers, hard liquors are drunk very seldom, but each inhabitant daily uses one-two glasses of the red grape wine recognized as one of the best means for maintenance of physical and intellectual cheerfulness.

According to the research conducted by specialists gerontologists in Moscow among capital long-livers smokers is only 1%, and the persons suffering from alcohol addiction among them did not appear at all.

Отказ от вредных привычек

6. Movement

Ordinary expression "the movement is life" is absolutely right. The hypodynamia leads to emergence of heart troubles and vessels, a respiratory organs and digestion. All systems of an organism, including a musculoskeletal system suffer.

The slow-moving way of life has also one more unpleasant aspect: the person who avoids exercise stresses and activity gains excess weight. The moderate diet cannot improve situation as the received calories if they are not spent, inevitably fill up fatty deposits. It is the direct road to disbolism, endocrine problems, development of a diabetes mellitus of the second type and other troubles with health.


7. Constant and correct intellectual loading

It is proved that the persons having the higher education become much more often long-livers, than representatives of other social groups. It is especially noticeable by the people who are engaged in brainwork (teaching, art or literary creativity, etc.).

Long time occurred opinion that allegedly easier physical or educated people watch of brainwork over the health better, but it is not it. Intellectual and physical activity remain because people of brainwork constantly should master new knowledge and intensively to use them.

Постоянная и правильная умственная нагрузка

8. Social implementation and demanded work

That work prolonged life, it has to be in joy. It does not mean that future long-liver surely is engaged in something physically easy. Specifics of activity, how many high level of professional implementation providing to the person satisfaction from work and a public demand of its results are important not so much.

Besides, it is very important for longevity that in work there were as little as possible routine moments. Not without reason people who long live not only reach tops in the profession, but also very often master adjacent specialties, and quite successfully.

Социальная реализация и востребованный труд

9. Sexual activity

Regular sex at the age of 45-55 years significantly reduces risk of development of cardiovascular pathologies, contributes to normalization of a hormonal background. At women this circumstance influences increase in age of approach of a menopause.

It is useful for person to be favourite and sexually demanded. In this case he both looks and feels much better, than his lonely peers.

Сексуальная активность

10. Family support

Among long-livers there are very few singles. The family cosiness, comfort and daily support of relatives promote preservation of health and cheerfulness. And the fact that about health of the elderly person is to whom to take care is an obvious bonus.

The big, close-knit family, presence of grandsons and great-grandsons create feeling of own necessity at the grandfather or the grandmother, give their lives new, high sense. In such situation there is a wish to be vigorous that not only not to become a burden, but also as long as possible to give to relatives feasible help. A demand in a family – one of the strongest motivations to continuation of vigorous activity and maintenance of own health.

Поддержка семьи

Longevity – not simply large number of the lived years. It is good memory, worthy physical shape, reasonable activity, a social demand, a wise and optimistic view on the world. At competent and systematic approach all this is quite available to any person.

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