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6 interesting facts about nitevy lifting

Aging — natural and inevitable process. Over time our skin loses elasticity, on it saggings are formed, the face form loses former clearness. The procedure of nitevy lifting (nitevy tightening) can successfully solve this problem. In order that it is better to get acquainted with this popular procedure, we will tell you 6 cognitive facts about it.

Нитевой лифтинг: особенности и безопасность процедуры

Fact No. 1. Niteva lifting — the non-invasive procedure

In spite of the fact that the procedure of nitevy lifting means introduction under skin of special cosmetology threads, it is a malotravmatichna and does not demand serious surgical intervention. Threads are entered under skin by means of special needles conductors through small punctures, and the procedure is carried out under local anesthesia.

Fact No. 2. Threads resolve in an organism over time

There passed times of not resolving threads which remain in fabrics eternally and which extraction demanded surgical intervention. Today producers offer rezobiruyemy threads which within 1–1,5 years resolve in fabrics. Such you will find at the Italian company Promoitalia — it produces the resolving kaprolaktonovy Dermafil Happy Lift threads with notches on all length. Thanks to notches of thread are strongly fixed in skin tissues, create a necessary tension and do not allow fabrics to be displaced.

Fact No. 3. Threads are absolutely safe

Of course, quality of threads directly depends on their producer. So, the Italian Dermafil Happy Lift threads of thread are carefully tested for production stages, each of them is located in separate sterile packaging. Also material from which Dermafil threads — caprolactone are produced is safe. He does not cause allergic reaction, is used in surgery many years and proved the absolute safety.

Fact No. 4. Niteva lifting copes with a wide number of esthetic problems of the person and body

Not all know that nitevy lifting is carried out not only for tightening of a face form, but also for the solution of many other esthetic problems. So, in a line of kaprolaktonovy Dermafil Happy Lift threads in addition to classical threads for tightening and reinforcing persons are Nose thread for nonsurgical remodeling of a shape of a nose, Boca thread for correction of area around lips and Vaginal Narrower thread for strengthening of the muscular and copular device of a crotch.

Fact No. 5. The effect of nitevy lifting remains for a long time

One procedure of nitevy tightening will make you 5 years younger and will keep result on the following several years. It is connected with the fact that so far threads are in fabrics, they stimulate active process of formation of collagen in fabrics thanks to which the natural framework which maintains elasticity and elasticity of fabrics is formed. After threads in fabrics resolve, the framework remains. Thus, cumulative effect of nitevy tightening remains for several years.

Как долго сохраняется эффект от нитевого лифтинга?

Fact No. 6. Tightening by threads does not demand the long period of rehabilitation

As the procedure of nitevy lifting is not traumatic, it does not demand the long period of rehabilitation. The effect will be visible at once after administration of threads, you will notice the maximum result in 2-3 weeks. Within the first week on skin there can be small swellings, hypostases or bruises in the place of a puncture of skin, it is also recommended to limit mimic activity for 2 weeks. In 1-2 months on site administrations of threads it is possible to carry out cosmetology procedures — a peeling, beauty and injection equipment procedures.

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