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10 myths about cellulitis

Cellulitis – very widespread cosmetic shortcoming which arises approximately at 80% of women sooner or later. Emergence it is connected with change of structure of a hypodermic fatty layer. At the same time on the surface of skin at first there are roughnesses (cambers and cavities), and then small consolidations, the so-called effect of an orange-peel is shown. Changes in a condition of hypodermic cellulose are a consequence of a hormonal imbalance in an organism.

Negative attitude to cellulitis appeared less than 50 years ago. The statement that existence of "orange-peel" contradicts ideas of female beauty and sexuality was for the first time offered owners of beauty shops, and is spread quickly around by producers of various cosmetics. So the phenomenon which was always considered as natural was turned into one of the most pressing problems of appearance.

Some women considering a duty ruthless fight against "orange-peel" have very approximate idea of cellulitis and real ways of disposal of it. It is promoted by numerous delusions, a part from which is supported by unfair producers of allegedly anti-cellulite means. Let's try to deal with the most widespread of them.

1. Cellulitis is a disease

If to consider this statement true, it is necessary to recognize that 8 of each 10 women are incurably sick. Fortunately, it not so. Tendency to change of a condition of hypodermic cellulose under the influence of hormones is norm for a female body.

Doctors distinguish 4 stages of development of cellulitis. The first of them is practically not shown externally, and the second and third create exclusively cosmetic problems which do not influence the state of health in any way. Only the fourth stage of development of cellulitis which is characterized serious by disturbances of venous and lymphatic outflow, existence large, grown together with skin and painful hypodermic fatty nodes, puffiness, formation of hems is considered pathology. Such state really reduces quality of life and demands immediate medical intervention.

Миф 1: целлюлит – это болезнь

2. Cellulitis arises at a certain age

Emergence of cellulitis is connected not so much with age how many with hormonal changes in an organism. So, the conditions of skin corresponding to the first and second stage of development of cellulitis quite often arise at absolutely young girls enduring the puberty period (so-called teenage cellulitis). After stabilization of a hormonal background the problem disappears independently. At some women similar defects of skin appear during pregnancy or in a puerperal period.

Most often "orange-peel" strikes women during a menopause. Most likely, negative ideas of cellulitis, as about the phenomenon testimonial of fading of female sexuality are connected with it.

Миф 2: целлюлит возникает в определенном возрасте

3. "Orange-peel" – a problem of stout women

Cellulitis can develop both at full, and at thin women. The probability of its development substantially is defined by heredity. From other risk factors it should be noted existence of addictions and a serious chronic illness, a slow-moving way of life, stresses, and also constant disturbances of a diet.

Specialists note also the following fact: cellulitis can arise against the background of sharp changes of body weight. So the radical diets designed to provide bystry weight loss in this sense are very unsafe.

Миф 3: «апельсиновая корка» – проблема полных женщин

4. Cellulitis arises owing to the excessive use of liquid

One of the most widespread mistakes which are made by the women aiming to get rid of "orange-peel" is the attempt to limit liquid consumption. They consider that developments of stagnation in hypodermic fatty tissue arise because of a water delay in cells.

Actually, emergence of cellulitis is not connected with excess intake of liquid in an organism in any way. To refuse enough drink not only it is useless, but also it is extremely dangerous as dehydration has an adverse effect on a condition of fabrics and first of all on a tone of integuments.

Миф 4: целлюлит возникает вследствие чрезмерного употребления жидкости

5. At sportswomen of cellulitis does not happen

(As well as about harm of a hypodynamia) nobody argues on advantage of sports activities. However regular exercise stresses do not save from emergence of cellulitis, and only promote its delay. The matter is that during the trainings the organism produces endomorphin which among other helps to improve blood supply of fabrics and interferes with development of developments of stagnation.

It is noticed that at the women who recently left sports activities, "orange-peel" on hips and a stomach arises very quickly. It turns out that risk factor in this case is not so much lack of loadings, how many their sharp cancellation.

Миф 5: у спортсменок целлюлита не бывает

6. It is possible to get rid of cellulitis by means of diets

The balanced food, the use of enough microelements, vitamins and other biologically active agents is very important for preservation of a tone of skin and normalization of cellular exchange. However special anti-cellulite diets or separate products do not exist. Eating properly it is possible to slow down processes of change of hypodermic cellulose and to make their effects less noticeable, but completely it is impossible to avoid troubles such.

Миф 6: от целлюлита можно избавиться с помощью диет

7. Solar bathtubs well help from cellulitis

It's not true. Ultraviolet rays activate negative processes in a hypodermic and strengthen degradation of cells. Besides, excessive heating promotes dehydration of covers. Therefore the women inclined to development of cellulitis have to be very careful and not be fond of solar bathtubs.

Миф 7: солнечные ванны хорошо помогают от целлюлита

8. Existence of cellulitis badly affects on health

The first three stages of cellulitis affect only appearance and mood. The painful phenomena appear only at the fourth stage which, fortunately, meets very seldom.

Hard cases of cellulitis are usually observed at the women having chronic pathologies of a metabolism and a disease of internals.

Миф 8: наличие целлюлита плохо сказывается на здоровье

9. "Orange-peel" can be destroyed by means of special cosmetics

Distribution of this delusion is promoted by unfair advertizing in which producers "miracle" (and very expensive) cosmetics are interested. Actually, anti-cellulite creams only strengthen a tone of skin and have some tightening effect. They cannot solve a problem of recovery of a metabolism in hypodermic cells.

It should be noted also the fact that many house means, in sense of reduction of "orange-peel", can successfully compete with the most popular anti-cellulite cosmetics. Srubs from ground coffee or honey, massages reckon especially effective with oils of a bergamot or a citrus, compresses on the basis of medical clay – all these means besides are rather inexpensive.

Миф 9: «апельсиновую корку» можно уничтожить с помощью специальной косметики

10. Liposuction is a drastic remedy for cellulitis

The procedure of liposuction solves a problem of removal of excess fat, but does not influence intensity of a lymphokinesis in any way, and stagnation of a lymph also is a proximate cause of cellulitis. Besides, as well as any other surgical intervention, liposuction has a number of contraindications and is fraught with negative effects for an organism. As means of fight against cellulitis this intervention is useless.

Миф 10: липосакция является радикальным средством от целлюлита

For most of women emergence of cellulitis is an inevitable and normal event. Process of emergence of cosmetic defect can be slowed down, having refused addictions, having adjusted a diet, having provided to an organism reasonably dosed exercise stresses and regularly carrying out the house procedures helping to keep health of skin and hypodermic cellulose. To get rid completely of a problem, most likely, it will not turn out, but at competent approach it is possible to minimize it, having for a long time kept beauty and good health.

Whether you know that:

In the aspiration to pull out the patient, doctors often go too far. So, for example, a certain Charles Janszen during the period from 1954 to 1994 endured more than 900 operations on removal of new growths.