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Analogs of drug of Noopept – whether are drugs with similar action?

Many of us, probably, noticed more than once that from intellectual loadings at some point the brain as though "overheats" and "assimilation" of information is strongly slowed down. Especially this problem urgent for persons of age becomes more senior than fifty years. "Already badly I think", "the head will burst now", "memory as if is disconnected" - here that wants to be told at the time of information overload.

Таблетки Ноопепт

The modern pharmacology proposed the solution of similar problems for a long time – nootropa. And though in the market it is possible to meet various drugs – nootropa, not all of them are equally effective and many of them morally became outdated. This article is devoted to drug of new generation: to an effective neuropeptid – innovative drug of Noopept, its use and reviews of doctors of its possible analogs.

NOOPEPT - development of the Russian scientists who made an innovation in the field of nootropic drugs. Ноопепт helps a brain to adapt to many adverse factors of the environment influencing memory and attention and other cognitive fenktion.

Noopept's action is based on formation of active connection cycloprolylglycine which is called "memory peptide". It is necessary to apply Noopept just to recover memory and attention. Noopept's use is also justified for treatment of different states with signs of decrease in intellectual productivity. As well as any drug, Noopept has a number of indirect analogs with the similar, but not similar mechanism of action and less explicit efficiency.

Инструкция по применению Ноопепта

Ноопепт analogs: Ginkoum

In network it is possible to meet Noopept's comparisons with drug Ginkoum. And though Ginkoum carry to nootropa too, it is not Noopept's analog. It is not absolutely correct to carry out explicit comparison between them. Ginkoum - the angioprotektorny means of a plant origin which is applied at disturbances of cerebral circulation of Noopept zhe in turn treats group of neuropeptids. It not just advantage, and new step to areas of nootrop. Active agent of Noopept works in two directions: improves a condition of nervous cells and 3 stages of memory affect all: storing, storage and reproduction of information. It allows to improve significantly the memory, so, to be a full-fledged person at work and in a family. It is especially important for elderly persons, Noopept allows to slow down process of fading of cells of a brain and to reduce risk of senile dementia (senile dementia). Important advantage of this drug can be considered convenience of use of Noopept: only 2 tablets a day, the minimum course – 1 month. Ginkoum has inconvenient frequency rate of reception: on 2 capsules 3-4 times a day, and also a muffled course of reception. Also it should be noted that in comparison with analogs, Noopept differs in low amount of side effects. Ginkoum in turn can cause allergic reactions (reddening, puffiness of skin, an itch), dyspepsia, a headache, decrease in coagulability of blood, a hearing disorder, dizziness.

Ноопепт analogs: Piracetam

Noopept's analog often call Piracetam, however, Noopept is twice safer than this drug. Unlike Noopept, Piracetam can cause dispepsichesky frustration, abdominal pains, nervousness, excitement, irritability, concern, frustration of a dream, dizziness, a headache, a tremor, in certain cases - weakness, drowsiness.

Thus, it is possible to draw a conclusion that Noopept has no direct analogs neither on a formula, nor on contraindications, nor by amount of side effects. Anyway, drugs of similar action concede to Noopept in safety and efficiency.

Отзывы врачей о препарате Ноопепт

Ноопепт: responses of doctors

That doctors speak about Noopepta:

The doctor of medical sciences, professor A. V. Amelin and the candidate of medical sciences A. Yu. Ilyukhina in the research "Noopept in Therapy of Moderate Cognitive Frustration at the Patients Who Had an Ischemic Stroke" note that Noopept in a daily dose of 20 mg applied within 2 months improves cognitive functions at the patients who had an ischemic stroke. The results of domestic researches of efficiency and Noopept's safety received today allow to apply it in complex treatment of distsirkulyatorny moderate cognitive frustration.

M. M. Odinak, S. V. Vorobyov, V.Yu.Lobzin, A. Yu. Yemelin, A. V. Kudyashev in the research "Noopept's Use for Patients with Easy Cognitive Disturbances of Posttraumatic Genesis" note that the conducted research showed sufficient clinical performance of drug of Noopept, and its reception is noted by good tolerance. Medicine can be recommended for use for the patients who had concussion or a bruise of a brain of easy degree with existence of cognitive disturbances in the residual period.

Thus, it is possible to claim with confidence that Noopept has no direct analogs today. Other nootropic drugs do not sustain the competition to Noopept neither on safety, nor by efficiency. Noopept's efficiency is also confirmed by scientific research of ten specialists and responses of doctors. Ноопепт it is released without recipe.

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