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Hormonal failure at the woman: 7 signs

Stability of a hormonal background is one of the most important conditions of preservation of health of the woman. At the same time endocrine system – the thin device extremely sensitive to any external influences. Changes of a way of life (for example, a diet), emotional stresses, infectious diseases, reception of some drugs can become the reason of hormonal failure. Besides, work of hemadens has the natural specifics in certain moments of life: at various stages of a menstrual cycle or pregnancy, after the delivery, during natural feeding of the kid, in the period of a menopause. To have an opportunity in time to see a doctor and to minimize the malfunctions arising in an organism, hormonal failures need to be monitored. For this purpose the woman has to know how events such are reflected on her health, appearance and mood. About instability of a hormonal background seven main signs can signal.

Основные признаки гормонального сбоя у женщины

1. Acne

Contrary to popular belief, existence of acne rash (acne) is characteristic by no means not only of teenage age. The disturbance of work of sebaceous glands which is followed by developing of comedones and the inflamed spots, is a consequence of an imbalance between men's and women's hormones in an organism. This phenomenon is connected both with too active development of androgens, and with insufficiency of estrogen. Pathologies of hemadens (for example, Cushing's syndrome or a polycystosis of ovaries), or even inflammatory diseases of generative organs can appear direct "responsible". Emergence of an acne quite often happens is provoked by the natural or artificially caused change of the hormonal status: after abortion or at the time of the termination of reception of oral contraceptives, during pregnancy or feeding by a breast. About 70% of women note regular developing of single spots in 2-7 days prior to periods.

2. Change of growth rate of hair

The imbalance of men's and women's hormones influences also activity of hair follicles, and can lead also to the accelerated growth of hair on men's type (hirsutism). This symptom is characteristic, for example, of the women who are in the menopause period. At some types of a syndrome of a polycystosis of ovaries (SPKYa) the combination of growth of hair in the person to an acne is a diagnostic character.

3. Disturbances of a menstrual cycle

Normal the menstrual cycle makes from 21 to 35 days. Allocations usually go no more than 7 days; volume makes them 20-80 ml. The deviation from these values is considered disturbance – it concerns both terms, and the number of allocations. The endocrine reasons of failures of a menstrual cycle can lie not only in the field of production of sex hormones. For example, at a hyperthyroidism (a giperfuknktion of a thyroid gland) the irregularity and morbidity of periods, and also scarcity of allocations is observed. The diabetes mellitus of 1 type quite often promotes formation of too long menstrual cycle, and also provokes the beginning of a menopause earlier. The irregularity of monthly is possible also at hypophysis pathologies.

4. Sharp changes of weight

Bystry weight loss against the background of the increased appetite can demonstrate development of dekompensirovanny diabetes or a hyperthyroidism. Increase in weight is connected or with obesity (owing to disturbances of insulin exchange), or with accumulation of large volumes of liquid which reason is covered in disturbances of work of a thyroid gland.

5. The increased sweating in a dream

At the women who are in the menopause period, night perspiration is one of symptoms of the hormonal failure characteristic of a climax. At patients of younger age such disturbance can force to suspect the beginning of development of a hyperthyroidism.

6. Constant fatigue

At pathologies of a thyroid gland patients complain of bystry physical and intellectual fatigue, a shiver in all body, complexity when performing the actions demanding the minimum loading (for example, at rise on steps or transfer of a small load). However, similar symptoms are observed also at other endocrine disturbances (Cushing's syndrome, disturbances of insulin exchange).

Постоянная усталость - один из признаков гормонального сбоя у женщины

7. Instability of mood

The emotional sphere of the person is closely connected with a hormonal background. Any failures in this area lead to changes of mood. So, at the hyperthyroidism and hormonal disturbances connected with a climax, women become irritable, sensitive, whining. They have sensation of fear, uncontrollable concern. At Cushing's syndrome and a hyperglycemia depression attacks are often observed. Patients cannot do anything because feel too weak, regardless of complexity of expected occupation.

Having noticed at itself at least some of the described deviations, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately. You should not write off feeling sick for fatigue: it can be a sign of the beginning of a serious illness.

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