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5 products helping to bring nicotine out of an organism

Smoking not only exerts a negative impact on the state of health of the consumer of tobacco products, but is an air polluter the substances potentially dangerous to people around. In recent years significantly the number of the people aiming to get rid of an addiction increased. Business this difficult: having left off smoking, the person immediately begins to suffer from abstinence. Besides, many yesterday's smokers feel at first great disappointment as improvement of the state of health on which they count occurs far not at once. The reason is that the toxics for years collecting in an organism completely disappear only in 6-8 months. Fortunately, this process can be accelerated, daily including in the diet the products promoting removal of nicotine and the substances formed as a result of its disintegration.

1. Citrus

Oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapefruits and other representatives of family of a citrus by right are considered as champions on the content of vitamin C. This substance increases metabolic rate and optimizes a blood stream, helping to purify blood and tissues of lungs of harmful products of smoking. Besides, the fruit having "solar" (orange or yellow) coloring, very effectively promote disposal of symptoms of a depression which are quite often observed at the people who recently left off smoking.

The use of a citrus has some restrictions: you should not abuse them if you suffer from a peptic ulcer of a stomach or an allergy.


2. Kiwi

This tropical fruit contains the C, A and E vitamins necessary for normal life activity. The organic acids which are a part of fruit promote metabolism acceleration. Besides, in it there is a lot of magnesium which improves process of breath and helps to get rid of the cough tormenting most of smokers.

The kiwi is considered a dietary, low-calorie product. It is recommended to use to the people fighting against excess weight that is urgent also for those who refused nicotine recently.

It is necessary to remember that the kiwi should not be used to the people having inflammatory diseases of kidneys and a stomach in an aggravation stage and also arterial hypotonia.


3. Water

It is established that one of negative effects of the use of tobacco is organism dehydration. Therefore both smokers, and the people wishing to get rid of this habit have to watch receiving enough liquid. Besides, water literally "washes away" toxins from an organism and will reduce abstinence signs.

Increase in amount of the consumed liquid can lead to strengthening of a diuresis. Therefore, in order to avoid loss of necessary microelements, it is very useful for yesterday's smokers to drink mineral water, the dried fruits compotes, juice and other drinks rich with salts of iron of magnesium, selenium, potassium, calcium, etc.


4. Spinach

Our compatriots not too often include spinach dishes in the diet. Meanwhile, it is extremely rich with the folic acid (B9 vitamin) necessary for normal functioning of a nervous system, and also for maintenance of a tone of muscles. This fact has to be very interesting to smokers as the long use of tobacco is fraught with development of deficit of B9 vitamin in an organism.

Spinach has one more remarkable quality: people who regularly include it in the menu, note that they begin to perceive taste of tobacco smoke over time differently. Process of smoking becomes for them unpleasant that facilitates disposal of an addiction.


5. Carrots

Advantage of carrots for those who decided to leave off smoking, revaluate difficultly. It contains high doses of provitamin A, vitamins B, C and K which participate in processes of removal of toxins, help to reduce stress, are useful to the general improvement of an organism. You should not forget also that the regular use of carrots significantly improves a condition of integuments what most of long-term smokers is in great need in.


The diet of the person who decided to get rid of a habit to smoking has to be balanced on the content of the main nutrients, microelements and vitamins. Very important (especially in the first days) to control the number of the calories received with food: consumption of tobacco reduces appetite, and at refusal of an addiction the probability of an overeating and as a result, a set of excess weight increases. It is necessary to include as often as possible in the menu the products promoting production of serotonin (bitter chocolate, fat sea fish, bean, etc.) to help an organism to cope with a stress. Eating properly, using enough liquid and adhering to a reasonable day regimen, you will be able to endure this difficult period, having avoided big psychological losses and problems with health.

Whether you know that:

In our intestines are born, millions of bacteria live and die. They can be seen only at strong increase, but if they gathered, then would be located in a usual coffee cup.