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5 possible reasons of shadows under the eyes

Dark circles (bruises) under eyes – a shortcoming with most of which often fight against the help of cosmetics (proofreaders, saloon procedures and so forth), eliminating only its visibility. However, according to doctors, skin around eyes – the indicator of many disturbances in an organism. To reveal them at early stages, without having disguised bruise, and having addressed its reasons – a task of each person who is regularly finding under with own eyes dark stains. Early detection and elimination of the disease which was the cornerstone, apparently, of cosmetic defect will warn many undesirable effects for health.

1. Wrong way of life

One of common causes of dark circles – the wrong way of life leading including to damage of vessels and sensitive skin under eyes. Provocative factors are addictions (smoking, alcohol intake, a slow-moving way of life, unhealthy food, late entertainments). Sleeplessness and stresses can serve in other cases as the reason of darkening of skin around eyes.

Dehydration, hypoxia of fabrics, poisoning with toxins, avitaminosis – frequent premises to emergence of dark circles under eyes at the wrong way of life. It is easy to prevent bruises in these cases, adhering to a healthy lifestyle: to play sports, to walk in the fresh air, to increase a share of fresh vegetables and fruit in a diet.

Неправильный образ жизни

2. Anatomic structure of face skin

Sometimes bruises around eyes are caused genetically. In this case thin skin with a grid of the capillaries translucent through it is the reason of dark circles. Feature of a structure is, as a rule, noticeable since the birth (most often – in the form of a bluish or greenish shade is closer to an internal corner of an eye) and can be aggravated in connection with allergic reactions, the wrong care of face skin, long stay to the sun. Predisposition to bruises is most characteristic of people with deeply put eyes and light skin.

It is impossible to eliminate disturbance in the traditional ways (a healthy lifestyle, nutritious masks): in this case use of cosmetology means is most justified: concealer, bleaching creams, saloon procedures.

Анатомическое строение кожи лица

3. Age features

In process of aging of the person skin around eyes is dried up, becomes thinner also its fatty layer, baring a grid of blood vessels. Except age changes, influence of sunshine and washing with soap weakens skin. For the prevention of emergence of circles under eyes in this case it is good to use the moisturizing creams, nutritious masks, contrast washings, compresses from grass infusions.

Возрастные особенности

4. Dehydration of an organism and hypostases

Shadows under the eyes – a bright symptom of dehydration of an organism, display of intoxication caused by it. At maintenance of dark circles under eyes thirst, feeling of dryness in a mouth, slackness it is required to eliminate deficit of liquid in fabrics, having recovered a water balance. It is for this purpose recommended to drink not less than 2-2,5 l of pure drinking water a day, having refused from usual tea and coffee.

The dark circles and hypostases under eyes caused by expansion of blood vessels – the testimony of stagnation of liquid in an organism which can arise during the smoking, the excessive use of salt and some diseases of internals. At a combination of shadows under the eyes to hypostases of legs, a varicosity, an asthma, an increase in weight it is necessary to see a doctor and to undergo inspection.

Обезвоживание организма и отеки

5. Diseases of internals

Circles under eyes – the frequent satellite (and sometimes and only throughout a long time) many chronic and acute diseases of internals. Especially it is worth paying attention to this symptom if it arose sharply, without any reasons – or, on the contrary, disturbs constantly, for example, every morning. Under eyes many illnesses including life-threatening are followed by circles. Treat them:

  • Diseases of kidneys. Are followed by morning hypostases under eyes, pressure differences, disturbance of an urination;
  • Metabolism diseases. Can arise at observance of a diet, starvation, anorexia. At the same time circles, as a rule, cyanotic color;
  • Pancreas diseases. Are followed by change like skin (on dry or fat), emergence of a nevus pigmentosus, nausea, pains in the left side;
  • Liver diseases. Yellowish-brown color of bruises is caused by intoxication of an organism or fatty damage of body;
  • Diseases of vessels and heart. At the disturbances of work of an endocardium and a myocardium causing a blood delay in vessels and veins, capillaries under skin of eyes are more noticeable. At the same time bruises develop in the evening more often, vanishing by the morning;
  • Helminthosis. Circles under eyes disturb together with periodic pain, abdominal distention, weakness, disturbances of a chair;
  • Infectious diseases (adenovirus is more often);
  • Anemia. Violet color of circles under eyes is connected with shortage of the hemoglobin which is an oxygen carrier in fabrics and bodies;
  • Syndrome of chronic fatigue. Except dark circles in eyes is followed by drowsiness, decrease in attention, forgetfulness.

Болезни внутренних органов

At detection of any symptom accompanying cyanotic color of area around eyes it is recommended to see a doctor. Perhaps, vigilance and a responsible attitude to health will save an organism from a serious disease.

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