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6 delusions about dorsodynias

Doctors claim that the people not so familiar with a dorsodynia occur among adult Russians very seldom. At the same time the vast majority of the patients who are periodically testing this indisposition do not hurry to ask for medical care at all. On the one hand, there is an opinion that feelings of this sort at mature age are nearly natural phenomenon which is not doing serious harm to health. With another – practice of self-treatment by various anesthetizing ointments, gels and a pulverizing, and also addresses to "bone-setters" is eurysynusic, many of which have no experience and education necessary for holding difficult medical procedures.

Result of these delusions the aggravation of symptoms of health and decline in quality of life becomes frequent. It means the long and difficult process of treatment not always guaranteeing an absolute recovery of the patient for doctors into whose hands such patient falls with big delay.

We will tell about the delusions connected with a dorsodynia in this article.

1. The direct back testifies to lack of problems with a backbone

About what to watch the bearing, not to stoop, sit and stand with the straightened back and the developed shoulders, it is absolutely necessary for health, each of us knows since the childhood. It to us parents and teachers constantly went on. As it became clear, they were not absolutely right.

Actually ideally direct back is not a sign of an excellent condition of a musculoskeletal system at all. The backbone of the healthy person has to have the natural bends helping it to maintain serious loadings and to amortize concussions which the body tests during the walking or run. The excessive diligence shown when forming absolutely direct, flat back can halloo bystry fatigue, persistent pains and problems with a respiratory organs over time.

Миф1: прямая спина свидетельствует об отсутствии проблем с позвоночником

2. Manual therapy quickly saves from dorsodynias

All mass media abound with advertizing of such contents. And the people suffering from dorsodynias trustfully give themselves in a charge of "healers", temptation to fix a problem after one-two procedures is extremely big.

The qualified doctors consider that similar treatment can be very dangerous and lead to unpleasant effects. There is enough of fact that direct power influences (so-called "repositions" of vertebrae) can be applied only in very limited number of cases when shift occurred no more than 2-3 days ago. Holding a procedure such demands extensive experience and preliminary preparation of a body of the patient: careful warming up and softening of a problem zone.

Disturbance of these rules leads to the fact that the sheaves supporting a rachis weaken and mobility of vertebrae increases. The probability of a sudden dislocation of the vertebra and jamming of group of nerves repeatedly increases in such situation. When it happens to the person who crosses the road, conducts the car, comes downstairs, works with moving mechanisms, the risk is huge, up to a lethal outcome.

Experienced manual therapists work with vertebrae and intervertebral disks very seldom. As a rule, procedures are directed to improvement of a condition of muscles, sinews and sheaves. It is long process, and the effect of the first sessions seldom happens noticeable.

Миф 2: мануальная терапия быстро избавляет от болей в спине

3. That the back did not hurt, it is necessary to strengthen a muscular corset

It is right, but a trouble that most of people approach process of strengthening of a muscular corset, without having special knowledge. The following mistakes are generally widespread:

  • The independent beginning of trainings without consultation with the doctor and statement of the exact diagnosis;
  • Wrong choice of a set of exercises;
  • Excessive starting loadings;
  • Attempts to be engaged, overcoming pain.

Even at rather healthy backbone the unreasonable choice of exercises and physical overworks can worsen health. As for patients who try to swing muscles in the presence of destructive changes of bone and cartilaginous tissue (and sometimes and inflammatory processes), they do to the health essential harm.

It does not mean that the person feeling dorsodynias has to avoid exercise stresses. It is necessary to play sports, but it should be done under control of the experienced trainer and after consultation with the attending physician.

Чтобы спина не болела, необходимо укреплять мышечный корсет

4. From dorsodynias any massage helps

Massage at dorsodynias promotes relaxation of muscles, removal of their excessive tone, and also strengthening of the sheaves supporting a backbone and increase in their elasticity. Manual procedures are for this purpose applied. Treatment with use of mechanical devices (so-called extension or traction) which allows to unload intervertebral disks and nerves carefully is very effective.

It is important that procedures were carried out by the certified specialist who considers features of a condition of the patient and uses the professional equipment. To use in the medical purposes such devices as automatic massage chairs which are offered today by any shopping center not only it is useless, but also it is dangerous.

Миф 4: от болей в спине помогает любой массаж

5. The physical therapy at dorsodynias is useless

Apparently, this delusion arose because local therapists often appoint physiotherapeutic procedures to all patients with a dorsodynia in a row, not especially troubling itself specification of diagnoses. Such treatment does not help a number of patients just because in their state influence much stronger, than standard is necessary.

Schemes of physiotherapeutic treatment should be selected strictly individually. It is not less important to consider all possible contraindications therefore the attending physician has to work in close contact with profile specialists (the gastroenterologist, the cardiologist , etc.) to avoid emergence of exacerbations of the chronic illnesses which are available for the patient.

Миф 5: физиотерапия при болях в спине бесполезна

6. Osteochondrosis – the most common cause of problems with a back

In the literal translation the word "osteochondrosis" means "changes of osteoarticular fabric". Actually any adult has them, regardless of existence or absence of pain. Therefore doctors in the majority of the developed countries try not to make such diagnosis at all.

On the other hand, one of several tens illnesses can be a proximate cause of unpleasant feelings in a back. Exact diagnosis in such situation is difficult. It requires careful studying of a condition of intervertebral disks, sheaves, muscles and nerves. Besides, the doctor has to check the patient for existence of general diseases (for example, rhematoid, infectious or gouty arthritis). Adequate treatment can be appointed only after comprehensive inspection.

Миф 6: остеохондроз – самая распространенная причина проблем со спиной

Dorsodynia – a dangerous symptom which quite often demonstrates existence of serious problems with health. At its emergence it is necessary to find the experienced doctor, to achieve carrying out exact diagnosis and to urgently begin treatment.

Whether you know that:

Human bones are stronger than concrete four times.