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10 most dangerous nutritional supplements

For anybody not a secret that the modern person eats not as his ancestors. For the last 100 years in broad access there were absolutely new products which are result of use of the latest technologies in food production. Significantly ways of storage and transportation of food ingredients changed, and people of the whole world had an opportunity to regularly use those products about which their grandfathers and grandmothers did not even know.

However, along with positive changes, industrial production of food brought in our life and a number of the negative moments. Aiming to improve so-called consumer qualities (outward, taste, a period of storage, etc.), producers began to include special substances most of which are not so harmless as it seems in structure of food stuffs. We bring to attention readers TOP-10 the most harmful nutritional supplements which are a part of widespread food and cosmetic products.

1. Synthetic sweeteners

Artificial substitutes of sugar improve taste of products and reduce their cost value. Two of them are especially dangerous: aspartame and to potassium atsesulfa. The first possesses the proved cancerogenic action, at prolonged use causes damages of skin and destruction of an adamantine substance of tooth. Besides, phenylalanine – the substance exerting a negative impact on mentality is a part of aspartame. Its accumulation in an organism is fraught with development of the panic attacks and depressions. Atsesulfam of potassium causes pathologies of kidneys including malignant new growths.

Aspartame appears in a compounding of food stuffs under the designation "E951", and to potassium atsesulfa – "E950" or "Sunett". Both substances are widely used at production of sweet drinks, confectionery, bread and pastries. Some drug manufacturers add E950 sweetener to composition of glaze with which cover tablets.

Синтетические подсластители

2. Corn syrup

Corn syrup in itself is not either synthetic, nor especially harmful product, but in the course of production it passes an enrichment stage enzymes and additional fructose. As a result additive many times more saturated harmful components, than usual sugar turns out. Practically all sweet gassy waters, drinks and nurseries of "yum-yum" (chewing candies, lollipops, etc.) contain corn syrup as one of the main ingredients. At the frequent use of these products the organism receives such loading with which it cannot cope. Sugar level in blood unreasonably increases. The long use of corn syrup is fraught with development of a diabetes mellitus of the second type, obesity and food dependence.

Кукурузный сироп

3. Sodium glutamate

Amplifier of taste. On packagings of products it is designated as "E621" or "MSG". At accumulation in an organism can cause erosive damage of digestive organs. However the main danger of use of a glutamate of sodium consists in another: any other food seems to people who get used to the food containing this substance fresh and tasteless. Thus, the glutamate causes accustoming to certain types of products, as a rule, not the most useful to health. In risk group there are children and teenagers who are not able to estimate the effects of the acts yet and not inclined to control a feeding behavior.

E621 additive is actively included in structure of fast food, various chips, croutons and snacks, canned food, sausages, meat and fish smoked products, that is products which can be afforded only occasionally and in small amounts. Producers stimulate unlimited consumption of such food, without caring about health of buyers of the products.

Глутамат натрия

4. Trans-fats

These substances do not do food more useful and more tasty, but strongly reduce the price of its production. Natural animals and vegetable fats replace with them that, undoubtedly, on a hand to unfair producers. The use of trans-fats in food promotes negative change of composition of blood, accumulation in it of "bad" cholesterol. It increases risk of development of cardiovascular pathologies, obesity, disbolism (in particular, a diabetes mellitus), malfunctions in the reproductive sphere, especially at men.

In the majority of civilized countries there are laws demanding to warn consumers if trans-fats are a part of products, but producers execute them not always.


5. Artificial dyes

Natural dyestuffs allocate from vegetable raw materials. They are harmless, but are not always steady against heating. Besides, vegetable dyes can seldom give to a product very bright coloring.

The more intensively color of the acquired food, the more probably that synthetic dyes are its part. They are added to confectionery, sausages, cheeses, fish delicacies, drinks and many other ready-made products, and also widely used in production of perfumery and cosmetic goods.

All food dyes are capable to cause allergic reactions and digestive disturbances. Some of these substances influence the central nervous system that is very dangerous to children – big fans of bright lollipops, fruit-paste sweets and other attractive sweets. Artificial dyes cause a hyperexcitability, disturbance of ability to concentrate attention and, as a result, problems with intellectual development in kids.

Искусственные красители

6. Sulfate sodium

Preservative and emulsifier (E514) which is widely used by producers of shampoos, conditioners and hair balms. Provokes emergence of allergic reactions (especially skin rashes), difficulties of breath and severe headaches.

Сернокислый натрий

7. Sodium nitrite

Preservative (E250). It is added to food stuffs (sausages, a meat and fish gastronomy) for fixing of coloring and protection against oxidation. It is toxic. Life-threatening poisoning of the person the dose causes from 2 to 6 grams.

Having got to an organism, enters chemical changes which products are strong carcinogens. Sodium nitrite can provoke development of pathologies of intestines and liver, and also emergence of allergic reactions.

Нитрит натрия

8. Sulfur dioxide

Gaseous preservative (E220, sulfuric dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide). It is used for fumigating of fresh vegetables and fruit for the purpose of ensuring their long safety. It is applied in winemaking to a stop of maturing of wine, in production of juice and dried fruits.

Sulfur dioxide is toxic. Poisoning is shown by hoarseness of a voice, cough, swallowing difficulty, vomiting and suffocation. There is a probability of a fluid lungs. At patients with asthma additive can provoke attacks, life-threatening. After the use of the wine processed by sulfuric dioxide some people have headaches, diarrhea, nausea.

Fresh fruit after fumigating by sulfur dioxide quickly lose group B vitamins.

Диоксид серы

9. Potassium bromate

Baking powder, improver of consumer qualities of flour and bakery products. It is experimentally established that potassium bromate (E924a) is the substance provoking development of malignant tumors. Besides, additive is toxic: its hit in a human body threatens with failure of work of kidneys.

Potassium bromate is officially prohibited in Canada, the European Union countries, Russia, some states of South and Central America, Asia and Africa. In the USA additive is still used by production of food stuffs and in the cosmetic industry.

Бромат калия

10. Synthetic antioxidants (BHA and BHT)

Are applied by production of lipstick as antioxidants and preservatives. At hit in an organism can provoke allergic reactions, negatively influence a nervous system. There are data and that these substances have cancerogenic activity.

Синтетические антиоксиданты (ВНА и ВНТ)

The law demands that producers submitted detailed lists of the ingredients used at production of food stuffs for packagings. Thus, wellbeing of the consumer completely depends on his attention and vigilance. It is necessary to study carefully structure of products before their acquisition and to have information on how various nutritional supplements influence a human body. Only this way it is possible to keep health and to avoid a set of troubles.

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