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10 signs of a renal failure

It is difficult to revaluate importance of kidneys for an organism. These bodies not only perform work on purification of blood of decomposition products and removal of excess liquid. They are responsible also for production of some hormones necessary for maintenance of a normality of a bone tissue, and also for a producing red blood cells – erythrocytes. At damages of kidneys are broken electrolytic, water-salt and acid-base balance, in an organism toxics collect. The renal failure can have acute or chronic character. In the second case the disease is especially dangerous that it is easy to mix its initial symptoms with symptoms of other diseases. Statistically nine of each ten diseased at early stages of development of an illness do not suspect about its existence. To avoid troubles, it is important to know how the first period of a renal failure is reflected in a condition of the person.

1. Breakdown

Accumulation in blood of toxic decomposition products first of all has an adverse effect on the central nervous system. Patients complain of constant fatigue, slackness, decrease in memory and complexity with concentration of attention.

Упадок сил - один из признаков нарушения функции почек

2. Sleep disorders

Pathologies of kidneys cause night sleeplessness in combination with day drowsiness. Besides, such disturbance as a dream apnoea often occurs at such patients.

Нарушения сна - возможный симптом патологии почек

3. Skin aggravation of symptoms

Elasticity of integuments is closely connected with maintenance of optimum water-salt balance. At a renal failure in an organism excess water accumulates, and concentration of microelements and nutrients decreases. Skin immediately reacts to such differences: becomes pale and dry. Patients are tormented by a constant itch.

Ухудшение состояния кожи - один из симптомов почечной недостаточности

4. Change of character of an urination

Depending on the reason and a stage of development of a disease in the person various symptoms can be observed: the speeded-up urination, false desires, increase or decrease in release of urine. Sometimes there are cases involuntary or an urodynia. Patients complain of the aching, dull aches in lumbar area.

Изменение характера мочеиспускания как симптом болезни почек

5. Presence of blood at urine

Normal kidneys filter only excess liquid and decomposition products from blood. At disturbance of operation of renal filters (nephrons) blood cells begin to get to urine. Most often it is erythrocytes (then urine gets a characteristic reddish shade), but also leukocytes sometimes meet.

Одна из причин крови в моче - нарушение работы почечных фильтров

6. Emergence of foam in urine

At the healthy person of squirrels can be defined in urine only in trace quantities. At a renal failure from blood passes a large amount of albumine (protein which makes egg bulk) into urine. At the time of an urination vesiculation and even quite resistant foam is observed.

Пена в моче - признак почечной недостаточности

7. Hypostases of shins and upper party of feet

At dysfunction of kidneys not only water, but also some microelements is badly removed from an organism (for example, sodium). Failure of a water salt metabolism leads to accumulation of liquid in the lower extremities, shown in the form of the swelled legs.

Отеки ног - возможное следствие нарушения функции почек

8. Myotonia

Many patients having a renal failure complain of what at them cramps legs. This display of spasms of gastrocnemius muscles which reason disturbance of balance of sodium and potassium in an organism is. "Responsible" for such situation often is the renal failure.

Судороги мышц - частое явление у людей, страдающих почечной недостаточностью

9. A constant swelling around eyes

In this case change of appearance is connected not only with a liquid delay, but also with process of washing away of protein of an organism.

Постоянная припухлость вокруг глаз - следствие задержки жидкости в организме

10. Deterioration in appetite

Decrease in interest in food is explained by the general intoxication caused by accumulation of decomposition products. In parallel such phenomena as nausea, vomiting, dyspepsia can be observed. Progressing of a disease is shown by symptoms of anemia and disturbance of a tone of vessels.

At an acute renal failure the health of the person worsens so quickly that he falls practically at once into hands of doctors and receives the qualified help. If the illness has chronic character, destruction of renal fabric (parenchyma) can happen long enough almost asymptomatically. Not to start an illness, it is necessary to listen very attentively to signals which are given by an organism. In the presence of at least several of the described symptoms it is necessary to address urgently the doctor and to undergo the inspection recommended to them.

Ухудшение аппетита - возможный симптом болезни почек

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