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The most useful household appliances for your health

Shops of household appliances offer us the huge choice of various devices for the house. Whether there are among this abundance devices which not only facilitate house work, but also help to keep health of the person? Of course, and we will tell about them today.

Виды бытовой техники, полезной для здоровья

Clean air in the apartment, lack of dust and dirt is a guarantee of health, especially for the people inclined to an allergy. However in fight for purity it is spent much own time and forces. Moreover and various detergents which, contrary to assurances of producers, after all cannot be carried to ecologically safe products.

We fight against dust

The vacuum cleaner with the NERA-filter will become your chief assistant and the ally here. It is the special filter of thin purification of air which is installed not on an entrance, and on an air outlet from the vacuum cleaner. The special smell after operation of the vacuum cleaner which many characterize as "a purity smell" is familiar to all. Alas, just the opposite is a smell of dust which you are forced to inhale after cleaning.

The English abbreviation of HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Absorption) is deciphered as a highly effective delay of dust. The HEPA filter allows to get rid of the most fine particles of dust which contains allergens almost completely. In vacuum cleaners the one-time filters (manufactured of paper and fiber glass) and reusable, made of a ftoroplast are used. According to the prEN 1822/prDIN 24183 standard filters of the 10th class, for example, detain to 85% of dust, and filters of the 16th class – to 99.99995%!

Thus, if you want to achieve the maximum removal of dust, choose the vacuum cleaner with the most high-class NERA-filter from possible. The system of the built-in vacuum cleaner (when dust is removed out of borders of the room, to the street) can become an alternative, however it is much more expensive.

The air cleaner has to become the second assistant in fight against dust, of course. Buying the similar device, it must be kept in mind on what square you are going to use it. If the device is bought one on all apartment, be guided by the area of the biggest room in the house. Then you will be able just to rearrange it from one room in another.

Purpose of air cleaners – to purify air of dust particles. The air cleaner with the NERA-filter which principle of work we described above will be one of the most reliable options. However there are also other systems of purification of air:

  • Air cleaners with electrostatic (plasma) filters hold up to 90% of dust;
  • Sinks of air work on technology of hydrofiltering, at the same time moistening air;
  • Cleaners ionizers develop a large number of ions around the air cleaner, and besiege allergens on a surface.

We battle against dirt: let's tell microbes "Is not present!"

In an arsenal of any hostess there is a set of chemical means by means of which cleaning is made. These are liquids for washing of ware, means for mopping, plumbing fixtures, a sink and mirrors. We do not think to ourselves of cleaning without use of all these liquids and powders any more. Whether there is a chemistry alternative? Certainly, and the name of the device which can clear practically any surface without chemical means – the steam generator.

The principle of operation of the steam generator is very simple: under high pressure water from a tank will be transformed to steam. There will be enough power of the device that not only to clear a surface of dirt, but also to remove old fat in an oven or limy deposits from plumbing fixtures. Perfectly the device also will be suitable for cleaning of windows and mirrors, and, of course, for a floor.

But the main thing – steam not only completely clears surfaces, but also disinfects them. Ideal purity without any chemistry is quite achievable. Choosing steam generator model, it is worth giving preference to more powerful multipurpose devices with various nozzles. Portable steam generators have the small power therefore are capable to cope only with the small volume of cleaning.

We improve a microclimate in the house

After purification of air it is necessary to think of its moisture content, and this problem is very urgent for most of people. Air in the apartment, as a rule, dry. At inhalation of such air at the person dry up mucous membranes, and it becomes more susceptible to respiratory and viral diseases.

The household appliance under the name a humidifier is capable to cope with this task perfectly. He will become the irreplaceable assistant for the people having an allergy, antritis and other similar diseases. It can be established in a bedroom – noise level at evaporation of moisture is extremely low, and here the dream will be much quieter.

Бытовая техника для улучшения микроклимата в доме

By the principle of action humidifiers are divided on steam and ultrasonic. Choosing the device, you remember that it is worth filling in in it the clear filtered water to raise a work resource.

We ozonize air

The air ozonizer, as appears from the name, is the device for receiving ozone ("a thunder-storm smell"). Of course, its function – not only in a pleasant smell, and it is rather, on the contrary: in elimination of unpleasant aromas (including tobacco smoke) and purification of air.

House speleoterapiya

Portable salt lamps – devices from natural rock salt (halite) will become the irreplaceable device for allergic persons. The plafond of such lamp is made of halite, and the filament lamp is built in inside. When heating such lamp air is ionized, similar curative influence received the name a speleoterapiya. It is possible to create effect of a salt cave now and in the usual apartment.

We wish you health and good climate in the house! With "smart" devices of it it is quite simple to achieve.

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