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4 main reasons for lack of appetite

Good appetite was always considered as a sign of good health. The correct operation of the mechanism which is responsible for the need for nutrients and receiving pleasure from process of its satisfaction demonstrates that the organism functions without special deviations. On the other hand, appetite of the person is not a constant. It depends on the culture of food, flavoring addictions imparted since the childhood which can change during life, weather, mood and many other factors more than once. Therefore the periodic loss of appetite is norm. Total absence of interest in food, especially when it is observed long enough, can be a sign of serious problems with health.

1. Organism intoxication

Appetite is regulated by the special food center located in a brain. At hit in an organism of toxins, functioning of this structure it is temporarily blocked as the main work of all systems at this moment is directed to attempts to get rid of dangerous substances. Intoxication can be caused:

  • Food poisoning;
  • Impact of chemical compounds, being a part of household chemicals, cosmetic or perfumery means, the paint used at production of the fabrics and other harmful components which are contained in often used objects;
  • Poisoning with carbon monoxide;
  • Use of medicines;
  • Acute infection (flu, SARS, hepatitis, etc.);
  • Overdose of nicotine or alcohol.

As a rule, after a conclusion of toxics from an organism appetite is returned.

Интоксикация организма

2. Diseases of digestive organs

The patients having digestive tract pathologies often test unpleasant symptoms of dyspepsia: abdominal pain, eructation, meteorism, nausea. In these cases disappearance of appetite is connected with reflex fear of meal.

Certainly, at all is not to such patients it is impossible: it will only aggravate disease state. A way out is the special diet excluding hot, salty, acid dishes, fried and smoked products, fast food and canned food. Food of such patients has to be semi-fluid and have the enveloping effect (for example, mucous porridges and puree are useful).

Болезни органов пищеварения

3. Hormonal failures

Fluctuations of a hormonal background strongly affect appetite. It is well noticeable at pregnancy when serious changes in an organism of the woman can cause very specific food requirements and flavoring addictions.

Pathological deviations in work of hemadens usually become the appetite easing reason. Gradualness is characteristic of this process: for example, at depression of function of a thyroid gland (hypothyroidism) desire to consume food disappears during long term, in parallel with the general loss of a tone of an organism, development of bystry fatigue, drowsiness, tearfulness and other symptoms of a disease.

Гормональные сбои

4. Nervous breakdowns

The loss of appetite can speak also the psychogenic reasons. So, at a depression food ceases to give to the person pleasure, on the contrary – sometimes even the smell of food makes sick. At the same time patients complain of feeling of overflow in a stomach, too bystry saturation. The people who are in a heavy depression sometimes should be fed compulsorily.

One of the most widespread psychoemotional deviations which are characterized by lack of appetite is anorexia. At the young women suffering from an inferiority complex and dissatisfied with the body, the aspiration to lose weight at any cost leads at first to use of unfairly rigid diets, artificial release of a stomach from the absorbed food, and then and full rejection of any food. This hardest psychological frustration in which treatment specialists have to be engaged quite often it demands hospitalization.

Нервные расстройства

All cases of a long absence of interest in food demand consultation with the doctor. If no pathologies at the person are revealed, but the persistent loss of appetite threatens to be reflected on his health, desire is it is possible to strengthen by means of moderate sports activities, walks, swimming. In certain cases reception of broths and tinctures of officinal herbs helps: wormwood, centaury, acorus, mint, inula high, watches trifoliate, trigonella, barberry. Also medicinal teas from leaves of a wild strawberry, blackcurrant and raspberry are useful.

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