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Food for health of hair and skin: TOP-7 useful products

Life does not indulge the modern woman special emotional comfort and carelessness. The fatigue, troubles at work, misunderstanding in a family and various illnesses immediately affect a condition of hair and skin. And there is a wish to look safe and attractive so! Substantially competently picked up diet can improve situation. Specialists consider that rather regularly to include in the diet certain products that appearance not so strongly depended on different adverse factors and everyday scrapes. We will talk about the most useful food in this sense today.

Avocado fruits

Inhabitants of South America not without reason call this fruit "wood oil". Its pulp is very caloric. It contains a large amount of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. The ripe fruit on taste reminds the butter having a pleasant shade of nuts and greens.

Pulp of avocado is rich with vitamin E, a set of microelements and polyunsaturated fatty acids which are perfectly acquired by an organism. Such combination of useful substances allows avocado to optimize elasticity and fat content of skin. The use of this fruit in food helps to reduce quantity of wrinkles at women of advanced age and to minimize formation of acne rash at teenagers. Not less well fruits affect integuments locally when are included in structure of face packs and a zone of a decollete.

Besides, avocado is useful at some gastrointestinal diseases, a diabetes mellitus, a cataract. It is recommended to eat to the people experiencing heavy exercise stresses, or being in the recovery period after operations or infectious diseases.

Avocado has no traditional fruit taste, but is very successfully combined with other products (for example, with fish, nuts, shrimps etc.). Therefore this fruit is actively used in preparation of snack, salads, soups, sandwiches and even sushi. The people adhering to a vegetarian diet willingly use avocado as replacement of meat and eggs.

Pulp of avocado possesses quite strong allergenic action. Besides, in it causative agents of such disease as listeriosis often meet. Therefore fruit should not be eaten to pregnant women, the feeding mothers, small kids, and also people with the weakened immunity.

Плоды авокадо

Linen seed

Flax seed – the recognized leader among products of plant origin in contents polyunsaturated an omega-3 and an omega-6 of fatty acids. It is vitamin-rich, minerals, cellulose (in particular her a useful version – gel-forming or water-soluble). Besides, nice to the taste golden sunflower seeds contain substances, extremely important for a human body, – lignana which are capable to provide powerful protection of blood vessels against a sklerozirovaniye.

The cosmetic effect of a linen seed is expressed in strengthening of growth of hair, weakening of symptoms of seborrhea, improvement of the withering skin. Improvement of a condition of hair can achieve, eating about 3 tablespoons of the crushed seeds a day. Specialists claim that useful properties remain and when linen sunflower seeds are exposed to thermal treatment (for example, at addition in flour for pastries).

The use of a large number of a linen seed can provoke an aggravation at gastrointestinal diseases, and also at cholelithic and urolithic diseases.

Льняное семя

Carrot juice

Freshly squeezed juice of carrots contains shock amount of beta carotene which in an organism will be transformed to vitamin A. This substance participates in work of a thyroid gland and strongly influences a condition of a hormonal background. The lack of vitamin has an adverse effect on a condition of sight, integuments, hair, teeth and bones.

Juice of carrots normalizes a condition of dry skin; it is useful at various dermatitis and other skin defeats. At the feeding mothers it improves properties of milk, saturates it with the substances useful to strengthening of immunity of kids. To pregnant women carrot juice is recommended to drink at anemia and bystry fatigue.

Vitamin A which the organism receives at the use of carrot juice is fat-soluble. It means that for fuller digestion of useful substance reception of juice should be combined with greasy food.

Carrot juice possesses small diuretic and cholagogue action; it needs to be considered at its regular reception. Long-term use of juice can promote emergence of a yellowish shade of skin.

Морковный сок

Crude egg yolk

Yolk of bird's egg – one of the natural educations which are most sated with microelements, vitamins and nutrients. There is no wonder: it is intended for providing an embryo with all necessary during the period of its development. From one yolk of people can receive standard daily rate of many vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, potassium, sulfur and other microelements. Besides, the yolk contains "good" cholesterol, phospholipids, холеин, interfering development of malignant new growths, and lecithin.

The use of yolks in food well influences a condition practically of all systems and bodies, including an integument and hair. It should be noted one annoying feature: the yolks which were not exposed to thermal treatment have similar effect, but all specialists are unanimous that there are crude eggs very dangerously as they can be infected by a salmonella. The problem is solved quite simply: it is necessary to use crude only yolks of quail eggs. In this case the risk is minimum (in quail eggs of a salmonella do not meet).

In cosmetology egg yolks are actively applied as a part of various masks increasing elasticity of skin, structures for strengthening of hair and elimination of dandruff, etc. At the use of yolks in food it is necessary to remember that they can cause allergic reactions and exacerbations of cholelithiasis.

Сырой яичный желток


Fresh fruits of an olive tree contain up to 80% of useful fats, including the monounsaturated acids necessary for strengthening of mucous membranes and cellular membranes. The oil received from olives helps to clear an organism of toxins and to slow down aging process.

Domestic trade offers exclusively tinned (salty) olives of green and black colors. Contrary to popular belief, black versions are not riper: these are just the fruits having specially fixed dark coloring. For fixing of color compounds of iron which in small concentration do not do harm to an organism are used. It is considered that the moderate use of tinned olives (3-5 pieces a day) has exclusively salutary effect. Use of these fruits in food has practically no contraindications.

In cosmetology use olive oil of a cold extraction. For example, the mask from a tablespoon of oil and an egg yolk very quickly tightens and tones up skin.


Fish of fat grades

Olein, palmitic, and also polyunsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are vital to an organism, but can be received only with food. Their main source is sea fish of fat grades. The use of such fish not less than three weekly provides conditions for maintenance of health of hair and skin, elasticity of vessels, weakening of inflammatory processes and decrease in puffiness.

The salmon, herring, mackerel, sardine, flounder and halibut are especially useful.

Рыба нежирных сортов

Nuts and sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds and nuts contain useful oils, proteins and vitamin E. The use of any seeds well is reflected in a condition of nails, hair and skin, helps to keep health and youth. Such products stir up activity of a brain, improve memory. For achievement of optimum effect it is necessary to use 25-50 g of nuts or sunflower seeds in days.

It is necessary to give preference to the seeds which did not undergo thermal treatment: in them useful substances remain better. However it is necessary to remember that many nuts possess allergenic action.

Health of skin and hair provides not only correctly picked up diet, but also a healthy lifestyle. It is impossible to look good, without getting enough sleep, without happening in the fresh air and preferring sitting at the computer of physical activity. Combining moderate sports activities, healthy food and a normal day regimen, it is possible to achieve good shape of skin and hair, without resorting to expensive cosmetic procedures.

Орехи и семечки

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