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Reactive pancreatitis at the child: 9 possible reasons

Reactive pancreatitis − the disease which is characterized by inflammatory process in a pancreas which arises most often because of excess activity of digestive enzymes. It − the emergency state which treatment has to take place in surgical department under control of doctors. The acute inflammation of gland can become the reason of its transition to a chronic form, and also development is purulent - necrotic pancreatitis which the extensive necrosis of fabrics can follow. The disease it, alas, is not a rarity for children's age. Therefore each parent should know what reasons can lead to developing of a disease to prevent its emergence.

1. Errors in food

One of the most frequent reasons of an acute inflammation of a pancreas at the child − improper feeding. Enter this concept:

  • Sharp change of the power supply circuit (for example, the use of a large number of fruit during the summer period, food, unusual for the child);
  • Incorrectly entered feeding up for the kid till 1 year (its excessive quantity, the use of meat, fish products, grape juice of earlier put term);
  • Abuse of the products operating annoyingly on a digestive tract (salty, smoked products, fast food, carbonated drinks, it is excessive acid fruit).

In order to avoid an acute inflammation parents are recommended to observe strictly a diet of the child, without allowing an overeating, and also introduction to a diet of the products which are not corresponding to its age.

Погрешности в питании

2. Reception of medicines

In certain cases acute pancreatitis at the child owing to immaturity of his digestive tract can be initiated by single or long dose of some medicines. The number of the drugs capable to cause a state at the first reception, includes Methyldopum, Furosemide, Erythromycin, Tetracycline; at repeated receptions (with accumulative effect) − Asparaginase, Pentamidine, Clozapine, Valproic acid. Medicinal pancreatitis occurs among children seldom − no more than 1,5-2% in the general share of cases − however anyway should be given drugs to children (especially with pathology of a liver, pancreas and biliary tract) only under fixed observation of the doctor.

Прием лекарственных средств

3. Poisoning with household chemicals

Toxic pancreatitis − the most dangerous form of a disease which more than in half of cases is followed by the serious condition caused by emergence of abscesses, hemorrhages in iron. Unfortunately, the children attracted with bright packagings are most often subject to poisoning with household chemicals − deadly poison which is available in each house. Acids, alkalis, alcohols, acetone, benzene, naphthalene and others, being a part of all cleaning, washing and disinfectants which can be found on the shelf at the hostess are among potentially dangerous substances. To warn possible poisoning, means of household chemicals should be stored in places, unavailable to children, and to move away them at once after use.

Отравление бытовой химией

4. Stomach injuries

Cases of injuries of a stomach, so frequent among children, quite often lead to internal injuries including a pancreas. As a result of a severe injury hypostasis or even a rupture of body which depending on the nature of blow, can be followed also by hemorrhage in fabric, and an acute inflammation can develop. Unfortunately, it is completely hardly possible to prevent getting injured. In case of severe pain in the field of an epigastrium, emergence of a syndrome of an acute abdomen, vomiting after blow or a bruise of a stomach parents should take as soon as possible the child to hospital, having reduced thereby probability of undesirable effects for his life and health.

Травмы живота

5. Congenital anomalies of a pancreas

To the defects of a structure of a pancreas capable to lead to acute pancreatitis, refer disturbance of development of channels, their atypical forms (spiral, in the form of a loop) an underdevelopment of body, and also a mucoviscidosis − the inborn cystous fibrosis which is followed by a condensation of all liquids which are available in an organism including pancreatic juice. In certain cases surgical intervention or (will help to prevent development of a disease at a mucoviscidosis) the balanced diet.

Врожденные аномалии поджелудочной железы

6. Diseases of biliary tract

It is easy for disease of biliary tract to find by means of ultrasonography at complaints of the child to periodic abdominal pains, nausea, vomiting. Sometimes they come to light accidentally, at total absence of any symptoms. The dyskinesia of biliary tract accompanied with spasms leads to disturbance of a flow of bile which is thrown in pancreat ducts and activates its enzymes. Besides, developing of pancreatitis in an acute stage is accompanied by stones in bilious channels − especially against the background of accession of other provocative factors (abuse of junk food, viral infections, etc.). To warn a complication in this case, before it is necessary to pay attention to treatment of diseases of biliary tract − the surgical intervention, a diet, purpose of cholagogue means, anthelmintic therapy or different ways recommended by the doctor.

Болезни желчевыводящих путей

7. Excess use of vitamin D

Despite obvious advantage of vitamin D for an organism, its use in high doses (once or it is long) can threaten for a pancreas with the acute inflammation which is result of hypersecretion of enzymes. That the advantage of vitamin did not turn into harm, parents should respect strictly the rules of reception recommended to the child and also to avoid the excess use of fat fish and dairy products.

Избыточное употребление витамина D

8. Helminthic invasions and lyambliya

Unfortunately, cases of helminthic invasions among children are frequent (according to WHO data, more than 50% of kids of kindergarten age are infected). The ascaridosis and a lambliasis arise against the background of yet not created immunity of the child and can cause a set of serious conditions including reactive pancreatitis. So, lyambliya are capable to reduce considerably activity of pancreatic secretion that in case of serious infection can lead to a heavy inflammation of gland. As the reason of its edematous state mechanical penetration of ascarids into pancreatic and bilious channels at the same time can also serve that in certain cases (less than 13%) leads to a lethal outcome. Nevertheless, measures of the prevention of an ascaridosis and a lambliasis are simple: to observe hygiene, to drink boiled water, not to bathe in doubtful reservoirs and to periodically carry out anthelmintic prevention of the child, parents and all animals living in the house.

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9. Bacterial and viral infections

Can lead some bacterial and viral infections which are negatively influencing secretory function of body to the life-threatening state caused by pancreas hypostasis. As the mechanism of development of pancreatitis in this case serves not self-digestion of gland, but destruction of its cells inflammation products. Chicken pox, a typhoid, syphilis, measles, tuberculosis, viral flu, a viral hepatitis and some other frustration belong to similar diseases. It is necessary to warn a complication of infections in the form of reactive pancreatitis timely and adequate treatment of each of diseases against the background of the actions increasing immunity of the child.

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