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5 symptoms of possible heart troubles

Heart disease and blood vessels lead to disturbance of blood supply of bodies and fabrics that involves failures in their work, deterioration in health of the person, decrease in its working capacity and standard of living. Annually more than 17 million inhabitants of our planet perish from pathologies such.

Danger of cardiovascular diseases consists that they can develop asymptomatically for a long time. Contrary to popular belief, such states are not always shown by pain in a breast, disturbance of a cordial rhythm and other obvious signs. Often happens that the person feeling in general is quite good, already has cardiovascular pathology, without suspecting about it. If to consider that illnesses such even more often affect the young people not inclined to spend time for visit of doctors, probability of growth of mortality from such diseases as an acute heart failure, coronary heart disease, stenocardia, a stroke and a myocardial infarction, constantly increases. The person can significantly reduce personal risks, having given preference to a healthy lifestyle, reasonable physical activity and competent approach to questions of control of the health. Therefore it is very important to know what signs have to become a reason for a visit to the specialist and carrying out inspection.

1. Inflammation of gums and mucous membrane of an oral cavity

Insufficient blood supply of peripheral vessels (capillaries) turns out to be consequence of failures in cardiac performance. There is just not enough power of "pump" to push in them blood. Mucous membranes first of all suffer from deficit of oxygen and nutrients. They become very subject to small injuries and too susceptible to influence of causative organisms.

If at the person bleeding of gums, unsteadiness of teeth, emergence of pustules on a mucous membrane of an oral cavity is observed, it can demonstrate existence of heart failure.

Воспаление десен и слизистой оболочки ротовой полости

2. Pain in a mandible

Stenocardia – the disease arising because of discrepancy of need of coronary vessels for inflow of blood and its real receipt. The main symptom of this illness are attacks of cardiac pain which appear at physical or nervous tension. Unpleasant feelings can proceed from 1 to 15 minutes, and pain accrues gradually, but quickly passes at the termination of loading (for example, to the person who quickly goes, for removal of an attack sometimes it is enough to stop).

Pain at stenocardia arises behind a breast and is given to the left hand and a shoulder, and also a mandible and teeth at the left. Such feelings which are arising periodically at a strong tension and passing at rest are the diagnostic character speaking about existence of an illness.

Боль в нижней челюсти

3. Long colds

The people having heart failure have seasonal infections very hard. Such phenomena as the increased body temperature and the complicated breath, create the increased need of an organism for oxygen, and intensity of cardiac performance increases. If acute symptoms of flu are normal or SARS disturb the person no more than 5 days, then at the core they can be observed within 10 days and even longer. Besides, these patients have high risk of development of such complications of flu as pneumonia which, in turn, can become the reason of heart attacks. According to experts, more than a half of the people perishing from flu in the European countries are cores.

Длительные простуды

4. Snore

Breath Zatrudnennost during sleep and heart failure are closely connected among themselves. On the one hand, it is established that such pathology as an apnoea, is risk factor for development of disturbances of cordial activity. So, for the people who are periodically stopping breathing in a dream, the probability of a myocardial infarction increases approximately three times. With another – existence of night snore demonstrates that the organism lacks for oxygen, perhaps, caused by failures in cardiac performance.


5. Erectile dysfunction

Deterioration in a potentiality – one of the first symptoms signaling about malfunctions in cardiovascular system as quality of an erection directly depends on that how successfully blood comes to peripheral vessels. Statistically, about 60% of the men addressing specialists cardiologists note that delicate problems arose at them long before emergence of a stethalgia, failures of a cordial rhythm and other bright diagnostic characters of heart troubles. At women similar malfunctions are expressed in difficulty of receiving an orgasm and the general decrease in a libido.

Each of the described signs can have also other reasons which are not connected with disturbances of cordial activity. However if such symptoms are observed regularly and supplemented with increased fatigue, an asthma and dizzinesses, there is a sense to address the cardiologist. Heart troubles are chronic, but the early initiation of treatment, as a rule, gives the chance to the patient is long to keep working capacity and to maintain high quality of life.

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