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Healthy relaxation: how to accept phytobathtubs?

Bathing in broths of medical flowers and plants (phytobathtub) was eurysynusic since Cleopatra who is a good judge in all that concerns beauty and health. And today phytobathtubs is the simple and available means allowing not only to remove nervous tension, but also to recover from many diseases. Grass bathtubs at treatment of cold, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, skin diseases, and also diseases of urinary tract and vessels are especially effective.

In this article we will tell how it is correct to accept phytobathtubs with advantage for health.

Польза травяных ванн для здоровья

Advantage of grass bathtubs

The grass bathtub is carried to the medical procedures supplementing medicamentous therapy. Its recreational effect is based on impact on skin of hot water and biologically active agents which are a part of officinal herbs. Useful components (phytoncides, vitamins, flavonoids, terpenes) get through skin into blood, being carried on an organism and working sometimes even is stronger, than at receipt through digestive tract.

Besides, a grass bathtub – an infallible remedy for recovery of the nervous system which is often suffering from overloads. Hot water weakens, promotes removal of spasms of muscles thanks to what the nervous tension is replaced by tranquility, and the dream and mood return to normal.

Before reception of a grass bathtub it is good to clear skin of dirt and the keratosic particles by means of a bast and inodorous soap.

The phytobathtub promotes intensive removal of toxins and slags, than it is especially useful to persons interested to lose excess weight. Carry a camomile, a peppermint, a marjoram, a sage, a dogrose, a calendula, a linden, a celandine, etc. or collecting to the plants promoting weight loss from them. For example, for preparation of broth for the bathtub helping weight loss use leaves of mint, a sage, a marjoram and a calendula (in total quantity of 200 g) or thyme mix (150 g) and a celandine (1 h l.). For obtaining resistant result a course from 10-15 procedures is conducted, it is obligatory in combination with healthy nutrition and physical activity.

Types of phytobathtubs from diseases

Depending on a species of a plant distinguish bathtubs with medical, recreational, sedative and cosmetic effect, however most often they have complex character, making versatile impact on an organism. Let's consider recipes of the phytobathtubs which are used for treatment of widespread diseases:

  • At radiculitis, rheumatism, arthritis, osteochondrosis: 400 g of fir-tree branches to fill in 5 l of boiled water. To insist within 4 hours and to filter in a bathtub;
  • At a varicosity, a furunculosis, burns: 500 g of a calendula to fill in 5 l of water and to boil within 10 minutes, to filter, pour out in a bathtub;
  • At purulent ulcers, the becoming wet eczemas, neurosises: To boil 100 g of flowers of a camomile in 1 l of water of 5 minutes, to insist 2 hours then to add to a bathtub;
  • At heart diseases, sleeplessness: 200 g of a valerian to fill in 1 l of boiled water, to insist in the warm place of 12 hours, to filter, add to a bathtub;
  • At diseases of a gall bladder and liver: To fill 2/3 5 liter pans with oat straw and to boil within an hour on weak fire. Then to add 50 g of a grass of holmovy solyanka to broth, to insist about an hour and to pour out in a bathtub;
  • For removal of a headache and recovery of forces: 200 g of mint or a lavender to fill in 1 l. hot water to insist 5-7 minutes, to filter and add to a bathtub.

It is recommended to take a bath in quiet mood, having whenever possible dismissed all cares and efforts. Within half an hour after the procedure it is not necessary to start household chores at once – it is recommended to have a rest and enjoy a few weakened state presented by warm water and fragrant herbs.

Виды фитованн от болезней

How it is correct to accept phytobathtubs?

Grass bathtub – the procedure simple therefore it is easy to carry out it in house conditions. Nevertheless the phytobathtub, for maximum efficiency and advantage for health, needs observance of certain rules:

  • Before reception of a grass bathtub it is good to clear skin of dirt and the keratosic particles by means of a bast and inodorous soap – so useful substances will be absorbed better. After the procedure you should not be rinsed with water;
  • It is necessary to take a bath in 2 hours after food not to break digestion. At the same time it is better for bladder and intestines to be emptied;
  • Temperature of a medical bathtub should not exceed 39 ºС. Procedure duration – no more than 20 minutes;
  • The course of grass bathtubs, as a rule, makes 10-12 procedures in 1-2 days.

Despite salutary effect of a bathtub, it is impossible to accept it every day to avoid an organism overload. It is better to alternate days of treatment and rest (to the maximum break of 5-6 days), being guided by the health.

To people with diseases of cardiovascular system, acute inflammatory processes, a diabetes mellitus, a pulmonary tuberculosis, epilepsy, an allergy, and also to the women who are on 4-9 months of pregnancy it is better to choose other methods of treatment as reception of hot bathtubs at these states is prohibited.

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