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Problems with a libido: 7 factors reducing sexual desire

From sexual contacts each person can test insufficiently strongly expressed sexual desire or lack of satisfaction from time to time. However when it happens regularly, it is an occasion to think about health. Most of people does not hurry to ask similar questions physicians: one consider that they will be able to cope with malfunctions independently, others hesitate to report to strangers about so delicate problems and hope that troubles will stop by itself. Such approach is quite misleading: decrease in sexual desire has the real physiological reasons. The person can eliminate some of them itself, but the others demand intervention of specialists.

We will tell about the factors influencing sexual activity today.

1. Constant nervous tension

The people having a depression almost always have problems with a sexual inclination. The gloomy view of the world does not allow them to contact to pleasure with people and to look for these contacts including sexual. The libido is usually lowered and at those who consider themselves losers, are dissatisfied with the appearance or extent of social implementation. The people suffering from the underestimated self-assessment are sure that they are unworthy attention of people around and at the same time very much are afraid to be the rejected representatives of an opposite sex. These contradictory feelings sometimes create obstacles in attempts to come into sexual contact, and do not allow to derive from it pleasure.

Meanwhile social, professional implementation and high level of the income are not always combined with achievements in the sexual plan. In this case responsible for a problem is the stress: need to constantly hold the reached level and to confirm the social status does not allow the person to relax. The organism is forced to support the high level of cortisol and adrenaline that activity of gonads oppresses. As a result the level of testosterone decreases, and with it and a libido.

Постоянное нервное напряжение

2. Organism dehydration

Deficit of water has an adverse effect on a condition of all bodies and systems. At women mucous membranes especially suffer. The surface of a vagina becomes too dry, and sexual intercourse – painful and unpleasant. At men dehydration leads to a bit different problems: blood becomes dense, the speed of a blood-groove decreases and it can become an erection cause of infringement.

The constant lack of liquid of an organism leads to increase in arterial pressure, headaches, increased fatigue. In such situation to the person, as a rule, not before sex.

Обезвоживание организма

3. Sleep deficit

Regular sleep debt – very widespread problem. The impossibility to have a rest fully increases risk of development of heart failure, myocardial infarction, stroke, a diabetes mellitus of the second type and many others.

Except the constant fatigue not in the best way affecting a libido, deficit of a dream leads to increase in level of cortisol and decrease in production of sex hormones. It is clinically proved that at the men having an apnoea or night snore, that is the disturbances reducing quality of a dream, erectile dysfunction is observed much more often than at those their peers who manage to get enough sleep regularly.

Нехватка сна

4. Reception of medicines

Full-fledged sexual life is available not only to absolutely healthy men and women, but also those who has chronic diseases. However people who are forced to take constantly medicine have to know that some of them are capable to weaken an inclination or to reduce quality of sexual intercourse. Treat such drugs:

  • Neuroleptics;
  • Antidepressants;
  • Tranquilizers;
  • Hypnagogues (especially those from them which contain barbiturates);
  • The drugs applied in therapy of a disease of Parkinson;
  • Means for weight loss;
  • Antitubercular drugs;
  • The drugs used for treatment of tumors;
  • Antihypertensives;
  • Diuretics;
  • Beta adrenoblockers (the means improving a condition of a cardiac muscle);
  • Some antihistaminic drugs (for example, Dimedrol);
  • Anticonvulsants.

The majority of drugs make negative impact on the sexual sphere only in case of long reception. Besides, reaction to their reception is very individual, and it is usually possible to choose the therapy which does not have similar effect for each patient.

Прием лекарственных препаратов

5. Use of hormonal contraceptives

Application instructions of modern oral contraceptives do not contain information on negative influence on a libido, however in reality such problem exists. Many women accepting hormonal contraceptives complain of weakening of sexual desire. This phenomenon is connected with the fact that the artificial hormones coming to an organism at reception of tablets cause change of a hormonal background. It is especially unpleasant what after cancellation of drugs of a libido is recovered not at once: at most of patients on it about three months leave, but cases when lack of sexual interest was observed about one year after women refused reception of oral contraceptives are known.

Consoles only the fact that at modern complex means the side effect of this kind is expressed not so brightly as at their predecessors. Nevertheless, the choice of hormonal contraceptives of the last generation has to remain a prerogative of the doctor and be carried out taking into account all features of a condition of the specific patient.

Использование гормональных контрацептивов

6. Excess weight

Influence of excess weight on sexual life is caused by two factors: psychological and physiological. The first is much stronger shown at women: it both confidence in own unattractiveness, and impossibility to be liberated during sexual contact, leading to insufficient satisfaction. Men, as a rule, have not too complex because of shortcomings of own figures, and do not refuse search of partners, even having very solid dimensions.

But in sense physiological excess weight at the man strongly affects sexual activity. A feedforward between completeness of the man and concentration of estrogen in its blood is established. This hormone oppresses production of testosterone which is responsible for male sexuality therefore obesity many times increases risk of development of impotence. At women excess weight it becomes frequent the reason of developments of stagnation in a small pelvis and emergence of diseases of reproductive organs. Hormonal disturbances, and also decrease in sensitivity of a vagina result that in hard cases leads to an anorgazmiya and frigidity.

The majority of positions at sexual contacts is unavailable to fat men and fatties that deprives their sexual life of a necessary variety. Besides, stout persons often have short wind, disturbances of a cordial rhythm and other indispositions which do not promote receiving satisfaction in sex too.

Лишний вес

7. Smoking

Tobacco combustion products, getting to blood, reduce its saturation by oxygen. At usual smokers the blood stream is slowed down, and vessels are narrowed. Problems with blood supply of generative organs which at men are fraught with emergence of problems with an erection, and at women – reduction of sensitivity of generative organs result. From all addictions smoking most significantly reduces sexual desire and interferes with full sexual contacts.


Certainly, all factors reducing a libido work individually. It is possible to be the smoking fat man, and at the same time very successful sexual partner, but this that exception which confirms the rule. To lead normal sexual life, most of people needs to observe the reasonable mode, to eat properly and not to be fond of addictions. It is not less important to address specialists at emergence of problems in time: self-treatment in this case can aggravate a problem only.

Whether you know that:

Work which to the person not to liking, is much more harmful to his mentality, than lack of work in general.