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7 having a snack which will not do much harm to a figure

When overcomes feeling of hunger, and an opportunity to have dinner fully is absent, having a snack − the meals, small on volume, stabilizing sugar level in blood comes to the rescue. The relation of nutritionists to having a snack more often negative, but only because as snack people choose the most caloric products with the increased amount of "bystry" carbohydrates: cookies, rolls, chips, candies. Nevertheless, the advantage of having a snack is obvious to weight loss: the person avoids strong feeling of the hunger accompanying an overeating and does not gain weight − but only if products for meal are chosen correctly.

1. Nuts

It is possible to call nuts the ideal product satisfying hunger. Fats as a part of all types of nuts promote the slow digestion creating long feeling of satiety. In addition, nuts are also very useful: they stimulate work of a brain, give forces and endurance, fight against neurotic states and cardiovascular diseases. High concentration of useful substances in nuts allows to call them a natural vitamin complex which regular use, according to scientists, prolongs life for 3-5 years. Nevertheless, nuts it also rather caloric product therefore they should have a bite with care, no more than 30 g a day.


2. Fruit

Fruit − the most beloved delicacy of most of people which with advantage for health can be used in any having a snack. Apples rich with cellulose in combination with nuts or the fat-free yogurt are most acceptable for these purposes (the apples used in pure form due to the maintenance of a large amount of natural acids will only kindle appetite). For useful having a snack it is better to choose fruit with a low glycemic index − this kiwi, oranges, grapefruits, peaches, pears, plums, and also such berries as strawberry and cherry. Couple of fruits as snack not only will save from feeling of hunger, but also will enrich an organism with vitamins and microelements necessary for it.


3. Tea with honey

Warm green tea with a teaspoon of honey is much more useful than some traditional coffee with milk and sugar − drink which caloric content surpasses nutritional value of sandwich with butter and cheese. Tea rich with antioxidants, stimulating cerebration, will help to cheer up, and the added honey will give satiety. The regular use of drink will well affect a metabolism and weight loss.

Чай с медом

4. Fermented milk products

Yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese − the ideal products for useful having a snack allowing to enrich an organism with enough protein and calcium. Supporting the stable level of sugar in blood, proteins for a long time provide sense of fulness and, being low-calorie, do not add extra kilos. Besides, the substances which are contained in dairy products help the person to overcome nervousness and irritability. From the point of view of advantage for a figure it is recommended to buy dairy drinks with the minimum percent of fat content and not to combine them with a rich roll.

Кисломолочные продукты

5. Muesli without sugar

Prepared from the pressed cereals, fruit, sunflower seeds, nuts and honey of muesli − very nourishing and extraordinary useful product called by the Swiss doctor naturopath of "receptomas of health". Thanks to the high content of the raw cellulose, and also a shock dose of microelements and other substances of muesli become an ideal breakfast. Using muesli as having a snack, it is important to pay attention to caloric content and to choose the product without sugar and chocolate enriched with dried fruits or honey.

Мюсли без сахара

6. Smuz

Smuz (milkshake with fruit juice) it is used abroad as a lunch and useful having a snack for a long time. For a basis of a smuza yogurt or milk undertakes and mixes up with fresh or dry fruit, natural juice, and sometimes and oat flakes. All ingredients of a smuza are low-calorie, nutritious and useful to a stomach. The advantage of a smuza is that the cocktail made beforehand is stored in the refrigerator in any container and can be used without the aid of a spoon.


7. Dried fruits

When the organism demands something sweet, instead of candies and cookies it is more useful to have a bite for health dried fruits. For saturation it is enough to use no more than 100 g of mix of dried fruit (dried apricots, raisin, prunes) which 1-2 handfuls are capable not only to satisfy hunger, but also to load an organism with the physical and intellectual energy so necessary for fruitful work. Thanks to the concentrated dose of vitamins dried fruits will strengthen protection of an organism and will help the person to overcome differences of mood and a depression successfully.


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