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Mastopathy: antioxidants on guards of female health

80% of women at least once to lives complained of discomfortable feelings to breasts, consolidations and nagrubaniye. These are mastopathy symptoms.

Мастопатия: причины и симптомы

The mastopathy is characterized by change of a ratio between ferruterous and connective tissue tissues of mammary glands. It can lead to formation of cysts (a cystous mastopathy), gland consolidation (a fibrous mastopathy), or a combination of these processes (a fibrous and cystous mastopathy).

This disease is most widespread among women of childbearing age – from 25 to 45 years, but in recent years the mastopathy very much "rejuvenated" – even more often this diagnosis is heard by absolutely young girls.

At a mastopathy the breast can increase, in tissues of mammary glands cysts and small knots of the different sizes and forms with indistinct contours are formed. The disease can remain a long time unnoticed, but over time it is shown by the aching dull ache in a breast, the pulling feeling which amplifies before periods. At every tenth patient axillary lymph nodes increase. In the started forms of pain give to a shoulder, a shovel or a hand. Then any touch to a breast causes pain.

Though the fibrous and cystous mastopathy is the high-quality phenomenon, in certain cases it can be the intermediate stage in formation of a malignant tumor. Therefore to trifle of a mastopathy and you should not ignore symptoms of this disease at all.

The woman can diagnose a disease. It is necessary to probe periodically a breast fingers. If there are consolidations similar to a pea, cherry or plum, it is necessary to see immediately a doctor and to undergo ultrasonography and mammography. Timely diagnosis and competent prevention of a mastopathy give the chance to warn a disease or to cure it at early stages.

Why the mastopathy develops? Reasons and provocative factors

The mastopathy arises because of a hormonal imbalance in an organism (excess of estrogen and prolactin). Among the reasons is a mastopathy and the disturbances provoking a hormonal imbalance it is possible to allocate:

  • Chronic stress.
  • Endocrine diseases.
  • Addictions (smoking, alcohol abuse).
  • Inflammatory diseases of bodies of a small pelvis which condition is inseparably linked with a condition of mammary glands.
  • Heredity. The probability of emergence of a mastopathy increases at the women having the blood relatives suffering from pathologies of mammary glands.

Speaking about the mastopathy reasons, many researchers note the leading role of free radicals in development of both fibrocystic educations, and breast cancer.

The increased number of free radicals is formed as a result of many listed above factors: inflammatory processes, smoking, improper feeding, hormonal disturbances, the contaminated air, inhalation of automobile exhausts, contact with chemicals and pesticides, influence of electromagnetic radiations, etc.

What are free radicals dangerous by? Free radicals are overactive molecules. At collision with usual substances of which cells of internals consist (proteins, lipids, amino acids, etc.) free radicals destroy them, turning into the same free radicals. And this process accrues as avalanche. Eventually damages at each cell become much, it cannot perform the usual functions and as a result of it work of all body is broken. In particular, surplus of free radicals causes regeneration of tissue of mammary glands in fibrous fabric.

Чем опасны свободные радикалы?

In an organism of each person there is own system of protection against free radicals – it is called antioxidant. Antioxidants are connections which enter interaction with free radicals and neutralize them, turning into low-active molecules. Thus, antioxidants protect cells from destruction. However at influence of adverse factors the number of free radicals can increase excessively, and the organism is not able to cope with them independently. And then it is necessary to help it, accepting antioxidants.

Than to treat a fibrous and cystous mastopathy?

What means from a mastopathy will be appointed, depends on a type of a mastopathy and many other factors. Each case demands individual approach and the scheme of treatment. To the woman can appoint a rate of hormonal drugs, physical therapy, vitamins, at a mastopathy surgical intervention can be sometimes shown.

Чем лечить фиброзно-кистозную мастопатию?

Hormonal therapy is not the optimal solution of a problem as side effects of long reception of hormonal drugs from a mastopathy can cause more serious problems, than a hormonal imbalance.

Often appoint non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs from a mastopathy. They are applied to removal of pain and means for improvement of blood circulation with the purpose to reduce local hypostasis of a mammary gland.

Depending on psychological state demulcents from a mastopathy can be recommended.

The Internet also dazzles with councils how will get rid of consolidations in a breast, applying folk remedies from a mastopathy. However efficiency of folk remedies from a mastopathy is not proved by official medicine yet.

Many doctors recommend to begin treatment with correction of a diet. According to some information, the increased risk of development of a mastopathy is connected with the use of methylxanthines - caffeine, theophylline, theobromine (contain in coffee, tea, cocoa, kofeinsoderzhashchy drinks). It is recommended to limit as much as possible consumption of products with methylxanthines. Besides, at a mastopathy it is recommended to eat the products rich with cellulose, to drink not less than 1,5-2 liters of liquid and to completely exclude alcohol.

Antioxidants at a mastopathy

As it was already mentioned above, the mastopathy is connected with excess education in an organism of free radicals. Therefore in addition include antioxidants in complex therapy of a mastopathy. At a mastopathy they help to neutralize destructive action of free radicals on cells of mammary glands.

  6 powerful natural antioxidants are a part of the antioxidant Sinergin complex: vitamins C (ascorbic acid) and E (tocopherol), carotinoids lycopene and beta carotene (provitamin A), Rutinum and coenzyme Q10 (убихинон).

Синергин - антиоксидант, применяемый при лечении мастопатии

All these antioxidants resist to aggressive free radicals, stopping chain reaction of destruction of cells. Also antioxidants are capable to split the damaged sites of molecules, replacing old elements new. Most effectively antioxidants at a mastopathy prove at combined use.

Besides, each of  the Sinergina components performs certain functions in a female body.

Antioxidant tocopherol (vitamin E) at a mastopathy helps to normalize hormonal balance, leveling a ratio between progesterone and estrogen. He takes part in work of immune system.

A special role in prevention of a mastopathy is played a carotinoid by lycopene. It protects cells of mammary glands from damage by free radicals, reduces inflammatory processes.

One more powerful antioxidant from group of carotinoids - beta carotene (provitamin A). Beta carotene is the natural regulator of estrogen. He prevents growth of epithelial fabric and a stroma of a mammary gland and leads to reduction of such manifestations of a mastopathy as a nagrubaniye of glands and morbidity. Beta carotene prevents obstruction of intercellular channels of mammary glands, eliminating, thus, premises for development of cysts. Also beta carotene improves immunity, increases resistance to stress of an organism, reduces risk of development of inflammatory diseases.

Состав препарата Синергин и свойства его компонентов

Rutinum (or vitamin P) improves a condition of blood vessels, normalizes the arterial pressure and a cordial rhythm. Also Rutinum promotes microcirculation improvement, preventing congestive processes and reducing risk of development of fibrous and cystous educations.

Unique lipophilic antioxidant coenzyme Q10 (убихинон) is necessary for cells for formation of energy. Deficit of coenzyme Q10 is connected with the increased risk of development of a fibrous and cystous mastopathy and other diseases of mammary glands. Also Q10 strengthens immunity, promotes delay of processes of aging, is effective at an asthenic syndrome and a syndrome of chronic fatigue.

Vitamin C strengthens immunity, constrains growth of tissues of mammary glands, reduces risk of development of malignancies.

Sinergin affects one of the reasons of development of a mastopathy – surplus of free radicals, thereby preventing its development. Preventive reception of Sinergin promotes improvement of microcirculation in vessels of mammary glands, immunity strengthening, decrease in risk of development of a mastopathy and other changes caused by free radicals.

Sinergin is combined with other drugs from a mastopathy.

Drug dosage – 2 capsules a day within one month.

Besides, do not forget that prevention of a mastopathy – first of all depends on the woman. Try to exclude factors which provoke development of a mastopathy. Talk to mother, aunts, the grandmother and other relatives, find out whether they had mastopathy symptoms to define genetic predisposition to this disease.  Female residents of the cities have to take into account that automobile exhausts, sources of electromagnetic radiations, the contaminated air cause the increased education of free radicals and increase risk of a mastopathy therefore reception of antioxidants is included in this case into obligatory measures of prevention. Try to carry out at least once to half a year self-inspection of chest glands in time to reveal consolidations and other signs of a mastopathy.

Инфографика - Что каждая женщина должна знать о мастопатии

Whether you know that:

According to researches, the women drinking several glasses of beer or wine in a week have the increased risk to develop breast cancer.