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7 folk remedies helping to get rid of herpes on lips

Herpes simplex of the first type (the infectious disease which is shown periodic bubble rashes on lips is called) – one of the most widespread illnesses. Statistically, only 5% of inhabitants of our planet are unreceptive to its activator, and the reasons of this feature are still not found out. Other people are virus carriers.

Эффективные народные средства от герпеса на губах

The causative agent of herpes belongs to so-called conditionally pathogenic microflora. It means that the most part of time it is in a human body, without causing the owner any troubles. Problems begin when protective forces of an organism weaken. Overcooling or an overheat, long stay to the sun, a stress, overfatigue and other factors weakening protective forces of an organism can be an incitement to development of an illness. As a result the virus becomes more active, and the carrier has disease symptoms. One of the most widespread and unpleasant – vesiculation and the becoming wet sores on lips. It not only annoying cosmetic defect: rashes itch, prevent to eat food. Sometimes this process is followed by a headache, the catarral phenomena and temperature increase.

At an exacerbation of herpes doctors appoint local antiviral drugs. Completely it is impossible to save an organism from a virus, but at the correct approach of a rash and other painful symptoms pass. There is also a number of the folk remedies promoting the fastest healing of herpetic ulcerations around lips. We will tell about them in this article.

1. Low-fat milk

The method consists in drawing fat-free (to 1,5%) milk on bubbles and sores on lips. Liquid has to dry on skin itself, it is impossible to wash away the milk remains. Repeating the procedure every 2-3 hour, it is possible to achieve disappearance of rashes within a day.

2. Glycyrrhiza root

The root of a glycyrrhiza (liquorice) needs to be ground in powder and to mix with boiled water to a kasheobrazny state. To apply mix on the struck area for the night and to allow to dry up, and to wash away the remains in the morning.

3. Hydrogen peroxide

Herpetic bubbles can be reduced, moistening affected places each 2-3 hours with hydrogen peroxide solution. Means is very effective: rashes pass within one and a half-two days. Conveniently and the fact that peroxide is colourless does not leave marks on skin and has no smell.

4. Garlic

This method should using in that case, when there is no need in the nearest future to leave the house. It is enough to put once to rashes the garlic passed through a press or crushed on a small grater that bubbles began to disappear.

5. Mint oil

Essential oil of mint is on sale in each drugstore today. It is one of the best means of fight against herpetic rashes. They need to grease the struck places three times a day. Mint oil can use also in crowded places: its pleasant and invigorating aroma will prevent nobody.

Мятное масло - одно из средств от герпеса на губах

6. Aloe juice

Juice of a popular houseplant perfectly helps at herpetic rashes. The way of treatment is very simple: it is even possible not to wring out juice, and just to put a cut of a leaf of an aloe to affected places. To strengthen action of means, several hours in the refrigerator recommend to take the cut-off leaf before the use.

It is considered that the most expressed medical effect is provided by leaves of the plants which reached three-year age.

7. Ice

Sharp cooling of the sites of skin affected with herpes helps to suspend development of symptoms of herpes. At the emergence of puffiness and an unpleasant pricking foretelling vesiculation it is necessary to put ice pieces to lips. Unfortunately, means is effective only at the very beginning of rashes: already appeared bubbles and sores when cooling skin do not disappear.

All described means are effective, but different people are sensitive to them differently therefore everyone can choose for itself(himself) what affects it better. It is worth reminding that it is not about full disposal of herpes, and about decrease in sharpness of the most unpleasant and persuasive symptoms of its aggravation.

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