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Person barometer: how to live with meteodependence?

The person, as well as all other beings living on our planet feels weather changing. It is the normal meteosensitivity which is not causing to healthy people of special troubles. Meteodependence, on the contrary, is the morbid condition which is characterized by an exacerbation of chronic illnesses at change of air temperature, differences of atmospheric pressure, wind strengthening, magnetic storms and other "surprises" on which the nature is so generous.

Как погода влияет на метеозависимых людей?

The people suffering from meteodependence have to know how to correct the state at such moments to avoid serious deterioration in health.

Influence of vagaries of the weather on health

Meteodependence is most often observed at the people having diseases of cardiovascular and nervous systems, failures of arterial pressure, diseases of a respiratory organs, pathologies of a musculoskeletal system and allergic reactions. As a rule, the aggravation of symptoms of such patients is connected with the following factors:

  • Increase in atmospheric pressure in cold season - followed by reduction of air humidity and increase in concentration in it harmful impurity. Most of all hypertensive persons, asthmatics and allergic persons suffer. At patients the quantity of leukocytes in blood decreases that leads to decrease in immunity, there are symptoms caused by a vasospasm (a headache, nausea, dizziness, vision disorders, a heartache);
  • Decrease in atmospheric pressure at high humidity and strengthening of wind - patients with pathologies of a respiratory organs, cores and hypotensives painfully react. The most common symptoms are the general decrease in a tone, weakness, a zatrudnennost of breath, migraine, increase in viscosity of blood and risk of development of thromboses, numbness of extremities, hypostases, joint pains;
  • The heat, especially at the increased air humidity - leads to trouble breathing and deterioration in blood circulation. In blood the content of salts which are strenuously removed from an organism with then goes down. It negatively influences a muscle tone and cardiac performance. Such weather is transferred most worse by cores, the elderly people, patients having dysfunctions of a thyroid gland or obesity;
  • Magnetic storms - strongly influence a condition of the people having pathologies of a nervous system, coronary heart disease, stenocardia. At the moments of strengthening of solar activity the quantity of heart attacks and strokes increases. Some researchers claim that those days when magnetic storms storm, the number of premature births increases.

About a third of men and nearly a half of women suffers from meteodependence. Besides, some people, without having any serious pathologies, nevertheless, too strongly react to vagaries of the weather. It is so-called "psychological meteodependence". It is observed at 20% of the patients seeing doctors with complaints to drowsiness and the general breakdown (preferential late fall). Such state is not considered a disease, but nevertheless demands small correction.

How to reduce the harm done by meteodependence

Dependence of health on weather cannot be eliminated and weather is not subject to us. But it is possible to learn to live with meteodependence, in process of forces minimizing its unpleasant effects. There are rules of conduct suitable practically for all patients whose state worsens at change of meteoconditions from time to time. At adverse weather it is necessary:

  • Not to forget about reception of usual drugs. To hold near at hand the means of the emergency help recommended by the doctor (in particular it concerns cores);
  • Not to refuse walks in the fresh air;
  • Not to overeat. To eliminate greasy and spicy food, carbonated and alcoholic beverages from a diet. To give preference to easy vegetable and fish dishes, porridges and fresh fruit;
  • It is strict to observe a sleep pattern and wakefulnesses. If necessary to use soft calming a plant origin.

Метеозависимость: как уменьшить вред ее воздействия

For the meteodependent person it is very important to keep composure. Quite often the health at vagaries of the weather worsens just because the person waits and is afraid of it. At reasonable approach to a problem, having got acquainted with a weather forecast, it is possible to be prepared for probable complications and to worry unsuccessful days quietly and rather without serious consequences.

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