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We are treated by a dogrose: 7 remedies and their use

Dogrose – one of the most widespread adornment and medicinal plants growing practically in all territory of our country. To most of Russians it is a beautiful bush it is known, first of all, as a source of fruits, extremely vitamin-rich. However curative properties of a dogrose are not limited to it at all. About how still it is possible to use a plant in the medical purposes, we will tell today.

Полезные свойства шиповника

Broth and infusion of roots

Except vitamins and microelements, the root of a dogrose contains a large amount of tannins. It can be applied as soft diuretic and cholagogue means and also as a natural antiseptic agent.

For preparation of broth of roots of 50 g of well crushed raw materials fill in 300 ml of hot water and boil on slow fire of 10-15 minutes. Then liquid is filtered, and capacity with it is maintained within 7-8 hours in the dark place, previously having wrapped up. Such tea is considered very effective remedy from cholelithic and urolithic diseases, it is applied and at treatment of anorexia. It is necessary to drink broth three times a day on 50 ml in 20 minutes prior to meal.

Infusion of roots of a dogrose is prepared from a tablespoon of raw materials and 400 ml of boiled water. Mix is boiled within 15 minutes, insisted two hours, filtered and accepted on a half of a glass before food 3-4 times a day. Means helps at diseases of a liver and kidneys, cystitis, feverish states, arterial hypertension, heart troubles, and also the disturbances of digestion which are followed by diarrhea. Besides, compresses and bathtubs with infusion of a root of a dogrose kill pain and reduce inflammatory processes at gout, rheumatism, radiculitis and muscle pains.

Broth of branches

Very young escapes of a dogrose can be included in vegetable salads as a vitamin supplement. Bark of lignified branches is used in traditional medicine as vomitive.

Broths of stalks and branches of a plant facilitate a condition of patients with malaria, remove heat and other unpleasant symptoms at cold, reduce discomfort at menstrual pains, raise hemoglobin level at an anemia.

Spirit tincture of fruits

Tincture of hips possesses a fortifying, bactericidal, immunopromoting effect, improves composition of blood. It is recommended to accept at anemia, hemopoiesis disturbances, pathologies of digestive tract and urinogenital system, internal and outside bleedings, changes and wounds, infectious diseases and any illnesses which proceed it is long, weakening an organism.

For preparation of drug take 5 tablespoons of fruits, 400 ml of vodka and 600 ml of boiled water. Raw materials are made small, mixed with liquid in a glass container which then is maintained densely closed in the dark, cool place within 3-4 weeks. The filtered infusion can be stored in the refrigerator. It is necessary to accept means before food 2-3 times a day till 30-40 of drops. The course of treatment makes one and a half-two months.

It is possible to prepare also infusion of berries of a dogrose for 70% alcohol. In this case fruits do not crush, and steam out several minutes in boiled water. Then raw materials are mixed with alcohol (one glass of berries on 250 ml) and 5-7 tablespoons of granulated sugar, added in liter of boiled water and maintained within a month in the cool place, periodically shaking up. The dosage and the mode of reception are usually selected individually.

Water infusion of petals

The petals of flowers of a dogrose having wonderful aroma were since ancient times used for preparation of widely known perfumery cosmetic – pink water. It perfectly tones up the skin especially sensitive or inclined to an inflammation. Pink water is very useful to the growing old skin having deficiency of moisture and nutrients.

For infusion preparation 2 tablespoons of raw materials fill in with a glass of boiled water and maintain within half an hour, having densely wrapped up. The filtered solution it is possible to store some time in the refrigerator, using as required for face care, or to freeze it in molds for ice. Daily wiping by ice cubes of the person, neck and area of a decollete successfully replaces washing. Not less useful cosmetic are the cubes made of infusion of petals of a dogrose in mineral water.

Pink water has one more curative property: compresses with it perfectly remove hypostases on a face, and reduce fatigue of eyes after day of work, long work at the computer or readings.

Teas from leaves, flowers and fruits

Vitamin tea can be prepared from mix of leaves, fruits and flowers of a dogrose, and also from each of ingredients separately. The most popular is tea from berries of "a wild rose". They are steamed out in abrupt boiled water or insisted in a thermos. The pleasant, refreshing drink, vitamin-rich and microelements turns out. It is useful at anemia, breakdown, avitaminosis. Doctors advise daily to use tea from a dogrose to the patients who recently had serious infectious diseases, inflammatory processes and injuries.

Vitamin tea from hips is extremely useful to children. It can gradually begin to be given to kids at the age of 3-4 months.

Препараты шиповника: показания к применению

Dogrose oil

Oil of a dogrose is produced from seeds and flowers of a plant. It can be made in house conditions, but process is rather labor-consuming. Most of people use pharmaceutical drug.

Oil of a dogrose is accepted inside at diseases of kidneys, a liver and digestive tract, anemia, pulmonary tuberculosis, an anemia and many other illnesses. It possesses the expressed antiseptic and wound healing action. Outwardly drug is used for treatment of damages of skin and mucous membranes, trophic ulcers, decubituses.

In cosmetology drug is used for rejuvenation and regeneration of skin, normalization of work of sweat and sebaceous glands, elimination of pink eels (in mix with aloe juice), by complexion improvements.

Dogrose syrup

Popular dosage form which is appointed at the general breakdown, anemia, avitaminosis, and also in the recovery period after a serious illness. Water extract of hips, ascorbic acid and sugar are a part of drug.

At desire syrup of a dogrose can be prepared independently. For this purpose it is enough to wring out from berries juice (or to make saturated water infusion), to boil it with sugar, having added citric acid as preservative and to pour in in advance prepared (sterilized) banks. After packing and full cooling the product is stored in the refrigerator and used for preparation of vitamin drinks.

As well as many other vegetable drugs, means made of a dogrose have contraindications. You should not accept them at hypotonia, the increased coagulability of blood, and also tendency to allergic reactions. The syrups containing sugar are not recommended to diabetics, and spirit tinctures – to pregnant women, the feeding mothers and children.

All drugs of a dogrose are extremely effective, however it must be kept in mind – in the presence of a serious chronic illness their use should be coordinated with the attending physician.

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