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Diapers for adults: councils for the choice and use

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Diapers for adults – individual one-time means of hygiene which in some situations is irreplaceable and from such situations any person is not insured. Though nobody perceives need of their use with enthusiasm, however without such means already problematic situation could be heavier.

Показания к применению подгузников для взрослых

Diapers are applied to adults in the following situations:

  1. The serious illness or injuries forcing the person to observe motionless situation (a stroke, spine injuries, etc.);
  2. The postoperative period when the high bed rest is recommended;
  3. Mental diseases at which the person is not able to service himself and to control departure of natural needs (for example, a neurosis tarda);
  4. Advanced age and the related muscular weakness owing to which release of urine and a calla is not possible to control;
  5. The diseases of bodies of a small pelvis leading to an incontience of urine or a calla. At the same time the person can keep mobile and even active lifestyle;
  6. Some types of professional activity at which the person it is long it is deprived of an opportunity to descend in a toilet.

Types of diapers for adults

The choice of diapers depends on the purpose of their use.

Diapers with flypapers and shorts.
Diapers for adults are issued two types: in the form of actually diapers which are fixed flypapers and in the form of the absorbing shorts.

Shorts are convenient to the people leading a mobile life. To put on them another motionless, and also to remove from it, it is very problematic therefore their use assumes that the person can service himself. It is worth giving preference in all other cases to diapers on flypapers.

Circle of waists/hips of the patient.
The size of a diaper is determined, measuring the patient's waists/hips. According to this indicator diapers for adults are issued in the following sizes:

  1. Very small (size 0) – from 40 to 55 cm;
  2. Small (size 1) – 55-75 cm;
  3. Averages (size 2) – 75-100 cm;
  4. Big (size 3) – 100-130 cm;
  5. Very big (size 4) – over 130 cm.

Here it is necessary to make the explanation. Quite often patients or people who are looking after them believe that the more it is capable to absorb a diaper, the more liquid, according to those it is better. Therefore they choose a diaper 1-2 sizes bigger, than it is required. Actually it is incorrect. Absorbency of a diaper does not depend on the size, it is separate parameter.

Liquid absorption level diaper.
On ability to absorb liquid these means of hygiene happen the following types:

  1. Usual level of absorbency;
  2. Raised;
  3. High;
  4. Very high (to 4000 ml).

The choice depends on how often it will turn out to change a diaper and what level of release of liquid is supposed. For example, if at the person is only so-called dribble and the most part he is capable to inform a toilet, then it is necessary to choose a diaper of usual level of absorption of liquid, or even urological laying. When it is about the patient, lying under droppers, it is necessary to stop, of course, the choice on diapers with the increased absorbency. If instead to take just a diaper of bigger than it is necessary the size, then it will proceed that is fraught with irritation of skin.

Material of an enveloping layer of a diaper.
Also material of an enveloping layer of a diaper is important – it can be "breathing", i.e. freely passing air, and "not breathing", air-tight. Here everything is simple – all advantages at the "breathing" material, except one – the price. Air-permeable diapers are more expensive, but skin in them is not put at risk of emergence of an intertrigo. It is possible to save without prejudice to health when the diaper changes often or put on for a short time.

One more important moment for people who are forced to resort to diapers, but lead a mobile life: air-tight fabric of an enveloping layer of a diaper quite loudly rustles when walking that creates discomfort. Therefore even the "breathing" diapers, especially are recommended to active people for short term when they spend time outdoors.

As it is correct to choose a diaper for the adult

So, choosing a diaper, be guided by the listed above factors, main of which – the size of waists/hips.

The size of waists/hips is defined as follows: the centimetric tape measures a stomach circle in a navel or is a little lower – the most convex place (the largest volume of a stomach) is chosen. It is better to do it after the person ate since the stomach circle in this case increases by 2-3 cm. If there is no such opportunity, then just to the figure received on an empty stomach 2-3 cm increase. Afterwards it will allow the person to feel in a diaper comfortable and on an empty stomach, and in a full state.

Как правильно выбрать подгузник для взрослого человека

Such addition as the indicator of fullness of a diaper which changes color when replacement is required is important for the lying patients and those who do not service themselves independently.

Even if to approach the choice of a diaper for adults responsibly, it is not always possible to find from the first the necessary option therefore getting such means for the first time, it makes sense to take 2-3 small packagings of the diapers suitable on key parameters, different manufacturing firms and serially trying them, to choose that will approach in the best way.

Article is written with assistance of online store – diapers, shorts and laying for adults!

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