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Water with a lemon: 8 useful properties

Water with a lemon – idle time in preparation drink which supporters of a healthy lifestyle already managed to appreciate. Used in a warm look and on an empty stomach, it is one of the most useful prophylactics allowing to prevent tens of diseases and just to raise an organism tone. Especially effectively to use warm water with lemon juice after a serious illness, during a season of the colds, and also to children, old men and pregnant women which do not have contraindications to its reception. Why? Let's consider 8 main salutary properties of drink.

1. Immunity strengthening

Lemon – fruit which contains a large amount of vitamins (group B, A, P), and also microelements (potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus), carotene, folic acid, pectin, antioxidants and other useful substances. Water dilutes juice of a lemon which not everyone can use inside in pure form, softens its aggressive taste and, dissolving vitamins, promotes their best assimilation. The vitamin C which is contained in a lemon in a large number strengthens protective forces of an organism, increasing its resilience to viruses and infections that is especially valuable in an autumn and winter span. It is important to remember that vitamin C does not collect in cells therefore it is recommended to use water with a lemon in the preventive purposes every day.

Укрепление иммунитета

2. Digestion improvement

Favorable impact on digestive tract – very useful property of water with a lemon. It is considered that on structure drink is close to a gastric juice that allows to use it at such disturbances of digestion as nausea, a meteorism, locks. In the medical purposes it is necessary to drink a glass of water with lemon juice on an empty stomach, without eating after that food of 15-20 more minutes. The method has contraindications: it is not recommended to people to drink water with lemon juice on a hungry stomach because of its influence on mucous, suffering heartburn, gastritis with a hyperoxemia and stomach ulcer.

Улучшение пищеварения

3. Clarification of blood, vessels, arteries

The most important component of lemon juice – ascorbic acid – has property to strengthen walls of vessels, returning them elasticity, and also to clear their surface of cholesteric plaques. For the best clearing effect healers recommend to add to drink honey and a little garlic, whose useful substances adenosine and аллицин promote decrease in coagulability of blood, thereby improving its flowability and reducing pressure in vessels.

Очищение крови, сосудов и артерий

4. Normalization of supertension

The recommended medical dose at a hypertension – the juice of two big lemons diluted with water in day. Means is pertinent at an initial and moderate stage of a disease, it allows to lower indicators of arterial pressure upon 10%. Having begun treatment with lemon water, it is recommended to measure daily arterial pressure by means of a tonometer, and at its decrease (it is possible) to reduce a dose of the used hypotensive drugs in 2-3 weeks or, at high performance of means, in general to refuse them.

Нормализация повышенного давления

5. A conclusion of toxins from an organism

The antioxidant substances which are contained in a lemon stimulate removal of toxins and free radicals from blood, cells of a liver and other bodies. A pleasant bonus for the people suffering from excess weight is property of lemon juice to improve lipidic exchange and, splitting fats, to bring them out of an organism. Lemon water well dulls feeling of hunger and is excellent supportive application at observance of a diet for weight loss.

Вывод токсинов из организма

6. Fight against catarrhal diseases

Property of lemon juice to recover protective forces of an organism successfully is used at treatment of catarrhal diseases. For enrichment of an organism vitamins and decrease in the increased body temperature recommend to prepare hot broths with lemon juice, honey, garlic, mint, a sage, adding juice to water in process of cooling of drink. Means is used on several drinks of 5-6 times a day.

Борьба с простудными болезнями

7. Improvement of a condition of skin

Lemon juice has the clearing and recovering effect on skin of the person, slowing down its aging, reducing quantity of wrinkles, removing acne rash, normalizing a tone and color. The regular use of water with a lemon on a hungry stomach promotes clarification of skin, elimination of inflammatory elements.

Улучшение состояния кожи

8. Raising of mood and operability of an organism

The depression, alarm, baseless scare can be symptoms of deficit of potassium in blood which sometimes can be eliminated with daily reception of lemon water on an empty stomach. Vitamins C and P, contained in drink, well influence an organism, toning up it and increasing working capacity coffee cups are not worse at all. The cheerfulness caused by a glass of warm water with a lemon is more natural than that that coffee, besides, lemon water is caused, unlike the stimulating drinks, does not cause accustoming.

Подъем настроения и работоспособности организма

Whether you know that:

According to opinion of many scientists, vitamin complexes are almost useless for the person.