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It blew a back: how to cure a miositis in house conditions?

Practically each person is familiar with the annoying, pulling, unscrewing pains caused by overcooling of muscles of a back. In certain cases inflammatory process is not limited to discomfort, being followed by emergence of hypostasis, consolidations, temperature increase. At the wrong treatment the acute miositis can lead to a chronic disease or aggravation of other pathologies of a back (vertebral hernia, osteochondrosis) therefore it is important to pay attention to symptoms of an illness in time and to start their elimination.

Продуло спину: способы лечения миозита

Medicamentous help

In most cases the miositis of muscles of a back caused by overcooling can be cured in house conditions, without seeing a doctor. Having diagnosed a disease (the pain which is not passing after rest against the background of sharp difference of temperatures, drafts), it is recommended to observe not less than 3 days a bed rest, trying not to allow repeated overcooling. The bed of the patient has to be rigid.

Scheme of treatment:

  • Excepting area of kidneys, apply on the site of pain the warming ointment (Voltarenum, Finalgon, Kapsikam) or be pounded by semi-spirit or vodka solution then wrap up a back with a warm scarf. Using ointment, it is necessary to be sure that the back was chilled as warming of a bacterial miositis can threaten with development of purulent process;
  • Accept non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (Indometacin, Diclofenac, Revmoksikam) according to the instruction.
  • At severe pains it is possible to use the anesthetizing medicines (Baralgin, Ketorol, Analgin), however it must be kept in mind that the previous group of drugs also has ability to an analgesia, it is undesirable to combine such drugs.

During therapy it is recommended to limit the use of liquid and salt (for the prevention of puffiness). If after 3 days of pain did not decrease, and amplified, it is necessary to stop therapy and to address the specialist for specification of the diagnosis. Back pains at the woman can sometimes speak not about a miositis, and about the aggravated disease of reproductive organs, and the strong discomfort under a left shoulder-blade − to serve as a myocardial infarction harbinger.

Folk remedies

Having excluded possible contraindications on consultation at the doctor, at treatment of overcooling of a back in house conditions it is possible to use folk remedies, many of which do not concede by the efficiency to pharmaceutical drugs. Treat them:

  • Compress from cabbage leaves. The leaf of a white cabbage needs to be greased with honey, to put to the sick site and to fix by bandage. To strengthen effect of warming up, it is possible to add vegetable oil and mustard to honey (or horse-radish) in equal proportions.
  • Compress from boiled potatoes. The hot potatoes mashed in puree cooked "in a uniform" are recommended to be laid out on the sick site covered with 2-3 layers of a cotton cloth. When weight cools down, to remove potatoes, carefully to pound a back cologne or vodka and to wrap up heat. It is better to carry out the procedure for the night.
  • Grinding by fir balm. 100 ml of melted fat (pork or goose) need to be mixed from 100 ml of fir oil and to apply in the form of a compress on skin for 30-60 minutes then to wrap up a back. It is recommended to store balm in the sterilized ware with a dense cover. Before starting the procedure, be convinced of lack of allergic reaction to oil − for this purpose mix 10 drops of any vegetable oil with one drop of fir and apply on the small site of skin. In the absence of irritation signs balm can be used for treatment.

Back pains at the woman can sometimes speak about the aggravated disease of reproductive organs, and the strong discomfort under a left shoulder-blade − to serve as a myocardial infarction harbinger.

To remove stress from muscles, having relaxed them, it is good by means of light massage with essential oils. To get rid of a spasm, it is recommended to grease a sore point with mix of vegetable and aromatic oils (several drops of essential oil on a tablespoon of the usual refined vegetable oil) and to pound carefully the stroking movements, without using force at all. Oils of mint, a lavender, a sage, a juniper have soothing effect, oils of ginger, a lemon, a camomile belong to febrifugal.

What cannot be done if blew a back?

At the acute dorsodynias caused by overcooling it is not recommended:

  • To visit a sauna or to take a hot bath;
  • To do very hot compresses;
  • To apply the warming ointments a thick layer;
  • To do remedial gymnastics, to practice yoga.

Что нельзя делать, если продуло спину?

The procedures directed to excess warming of the site can result in converse effect – formation of hypostasis, strengthening of an inflammation and pain that will aggravate disease. To take a bath before recovery it is not recommended − to warm better a back under a warm shower.

It is desirable to carry out the recovering exercises only after the spasm of muscles is removed by warm compresses, and the nature of pain will be replaced with sharp and deep aching and superficial. And even in this case it is necessary to do gymnastics carefully, stopping classes at once in emergence of discomfort.

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