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Top of 6 drugs for increase in a potentiality

We present to yours the TOP of the medicamentous means exerting the stimulating impact on a potentiality, i.e. on ability of the man to commission of sexual intercourse. At once it is necessary to tell that not always disturbances of erectile function can be eliminated with reception of this or that drug. The reasons of decrease in a potentiality there can be a set, from banal overfatigue before tumoral process in a small basin therefore if the man faces similar problems too often, he should address the urologist and to undergo inspection, and only then, by means of the doctor, to select treatment.

Топ 6 препаратов для повышения потенции

Viagra (sildenafit)

Emergence of Viagra became in due time a sensation as it was the first drug having ability to provide high-quality sexual intercourse without influencing at the same time neither a libido, nor excitement, having become the first drug such. In other words, Viagra does only what is necessary for carrying out sexual intercourse, and does it well. The effect is reached due to active inflow of blood to cavernous bodies of a penis that leads to a qualitative erection, and there is it only at achievement of excitement and keeps only until natural excitement lasts. After sexual intercourse effect of drug comes to an end, the penis comes to a quiet state.

For achievement of effect it is enough to take one pill for an hour before sexual intercourse, the effect remains within 4 hours.

It is interesting that drug was developed as means for treatment of cardiovascular diseases, and emergence of an erection was considered as side effect in the beginning. At all the advantages Viagra has also contraindications: diseases of kidneys and a hypertension, its reception against the background of reception anti-hypertensive (reducing arterial pressure) means is especially undesirable.

Sialis (tadalafit)

Drug is the Viagra analog with other active agent in structure, and too provides a qualitative erection in the presence of natural excitement.

Feature of drug is speed of achievement of effect – only in 15 minutes after reception of a tablet, and also duration of action which remains within 36 hours, and sometimes longer.

Sometimes, that Sialis begins to act only in one and a half-two hours after reception. Such postponed action occurs at small percent of men, it is connected with specific features of an organism. If at the first use of Sialis it turned out that he acts on you quite so, the means further given needs to be accepted taking into account this nuance.

Levitra (vardenafit)

One more drug of action, similar to Viagra. The effect after reception of a tablet occurs in 20-25 minutes and keeps for 4-5 hours. As well as for the previous drugs, a necessary condition of achievement of an erection is sexual excitement.

Unlike the previous drugs whose action was found accidentally in the form of side effects, this means was initially developed for treatment of erectile dysfunction therefore undesirable effects were reduced – so, it has no negative effect neither on kidneys, nor on a liver, nor on cardiovascular system. Those people on whom Viagra for any reason has no desirable effect could solve problems with a potentiality by means of Levitra.

Feature of drug is that it can be accepted, taking alcohol (in moderate quantity) and food with the increased content of fat, but it must be kept in mind that in the latter case action can come a little later. It is an important point for many people, quite often the appointment begins with a romantic dinner.

Zidena (udenafit)

Means with the same principle of action. After reception of a tablet the effect occurs in 30 minutes and remains for days (24 hours) in order that there was an erection, it is necessary to reach sexual excitement. This drug, as well as Levitra, has the minimum quantity of possible side effects, and as well as Levitr, we will combine with a feast.

Prilidzhi (дапоксетин)

Effect of this medicine differs from previous, it belongs to means-prolongatoram of sexual intercourse and is recommended to those men who have the low duration of sexual intercourse. Time of achievement of an ejaculation at its reception is extended by 3-4 times, and the man keeps an opportunity to control process of its approach. Drug is accepted in 1-3 hours prior to sexual intercourse, action remains from 4 to 6 hours. It is not necessary to think what the more a pill will be taken, the more there will be duration of sexual intercourse, the overdose is useless in this respect, but leads to the mass of undesirable effects – a headache, sleeplessness, nausea and even diarrhea. Drug in the recommended dose is transferred well.

In the presence of problems at the same time and with achievement of an erection, and with a premature ejaculation, it is possible to combine Prilidzhi's reception with Viagra.


Yohimbine – aphrodisiac, the alkaloid emitted from the tree bark to a yokhimba growing in Africa, also it contains in some other exotic plants. The sexual strength of the African men was included into a saying ("unbridled passion" - we say about the rough sexual relations), researchers claim that partly in it a tree extract merit to a yokhimba, means, popular with Africans.

Yohimbine perfectly from the previous drugs works. It renders effect on a libido, i.e. strengthens sexual desire and excitement. This drug is optimum for those men in whom problems with an erection are caused by increased fatigue and a stress, but is suitable also for treatment of erectile dysfunction of other origin.

Means is well transferred as has a natural origin. Its side effects are increase in the general tone of an organism and activation of a lipometabolism that can hardly be considered undesirable. However yohimbine can sometimes lead to slight increase of arterial pressure therefore people with a hypertension should take it with caution. Drug is contraindicated in the presence of diseases of a liver and kidneys, is not recommended at advanced age.

Yohimbine the hydrochloride is released in tablets on 5 mg, accept them, unlike the previous drugs, not just before sexual intercourse, and a course: on 1-2 tablets 1-3 times a day for 3-4 weeks (the exact dose is selected the doctor individually). The effect is observed usually in 1-2 weeks after the beginning of reception.

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