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7 reasons to do swimming

The state of health of the person depends on many factors. One of the most important is the constant, but not exhausting a physical activity. In the presence of various illnesses specialists often advise patients to do swimming which by right takes the leading place by efficiency of improvement, having at the same time a few contraindications. Today we will talk about the main directions of therapeutic impact of swimming on a human body.

1. Complex training of all groups of muscles

Occupations in the pool can replace with success trainings on the most various exercise machines. When the person floats, practically all groups of muscles work for him, and each of them experiences optimum strain. Too intense occupations can lead to excessive development of muscles of a shoulder girdle that is sometimes noticeable at professional swimmers, but for the people doing swimming only with the medical or recreational purposes it is irrelevant. On the contrary, as a rule, harmonious formation of a body and as result – a fine figure turns out to be consequence of regular visit of the pool.

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2. Prevention of diseases of a musculoskeletal system

At immersion in water the body of the person becomes easier. In such state muscle work and sheaves becomes simpler, the movements in the affected joints become less painful. When swimming load of a backbone decreases, small muscles of a back relax. As a result of people can actively move even in the presence of a serious illness of a musculoskeletal system (hernias of intervertebral disks, arthroses, arthritises, osteochondroses, etc.). For some patients of occupation in the pool are the only opportunity to receive necessary motive loadings. Swimming is recommended also to the patients who are in the rehabilitation period after injuries and also the children and teenagers suffering from various forms of scoliosis.

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3. The sparing cardioloading

Regular trainings by swimming are shown to patients with stenocardia, an arterial hypertension, atherosclerotic changes of vessels and other pathologies of cardiovascular system. At the floating person the correct load of a cardiac muscle is created: not without reason such trainings recommend to the patients who underwent heart operations.

Besides, occupations in the pool well influence the blood circulatory system in general: they strengthen and optimize a blood stream, weaken walls of vessels. It, in particular, helps to improve significantly a condition of the people having a varicosity: they receive the necessary sparing loadings without increase in venous pressure in the lower extremities.

Щадящая кардионагрузка

4. Useful exercises for respiratory system

For the people having pathologies of the respiratory device, swimming is vital. It represents the combination of soft massage to respiratory gymnastics which is well influencing a condition of patients with chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, etc. Lungs of the floating person work with the raised loading that strengthens their ventilation and increases working volume, and also promotes removal of causative organisms. Also the condition of pectoral muscles improves: they become more elastic and mobile.

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5. Tempering of an organism

As well as all hydrotherapeutic procedures, swimming is a fine way of a hardening. Regularly subjecting an organism to differences of temperatures, the person strengthens the immunity. It is established that people who visit the pool are much less subject to seasonal infections.

Закалка организма

6. Fight against excess weight

Specialists claim that fight against extra kilos only by means of diets is not too effective. For successful weight loss it is necessary not only to limit itself in food, but also to provide to an organism an opportunity to quickly spend the received calories. Being fully aware of importance of receiving regular exercise stresses, many fat men, nevertheless, are not too torn to visit gyms. Most often this results from the fact that occupations on exercise machines, necessary for real weight reduction, happen very tiresome and (in any case, at the first stage) bring not everyone positive emotions.

Swimming, opposite – extremely pleasant occupation. At a high expenditure of energy, it does not cause strong fatigue and does not bring to painful feelings in the tired-out muscles. Let's not forget also that the person having excess weight at sports activities by all means subjects the musculoskeletal system to injury-causing overloads. During swimming risk to injure joints or a backbone it is almost reduced to zero.

Борьба с лишним весом

7. Weakening of influence of stresses

For the modern citizen the condition of a nerve and emotional strain is rather a rule, than an exception. Constant stresses destroy a nervous system, undermine immunity, reduce working capacity. Hydrotherapeutic procedures are recognized means of fight against this disaster.

Certainly, it is possible to relax after intense day and under a shower, but swimming in the pool has the features. Scientists established that the movements of the floating person promote optimization of work of a nervous system, namely counterbalance processes of braking and excitement in nerve fibrils. In practice it means that at fatigue, slackness and drowsiness swimming invigorates, and at a hyperexcitability – stabilizes and calms. Besides, motive loading promotes improvement of a dream, strengthens production of endorphines and oxygenates a brain cell that promotes raising of mood.

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The complex of occupations in the pool can include not only swimming, but also such types of sports recreational exercises as hydroshaping, hydroaerobics, etc. Usually medical and recreational trainings are held by experienced specialists who watch a condition of patients and help them to pick up optimum loadings. Despite it, the person having chronic illnesses before the occupations swimming should consult with the attending physician as even such useful occupation has a number of restrictions and contraindications.

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Blood of the person "runs" on vessels under huge pressure and at disturbance of their integrity is capable to shoot of distance to 10 meters.