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10 useful tips for those who begin to run

Run − one of the most available and effective ways to revitalize the organism. Knowing about its extraordinary advantage, each of us at least once tried to make jogs, but only the few made these occupations regular. In spite of the fact that in jogging (easy jogging), apparently, there is nothing difficult, the beginning runners often make mistakes which lead to complete cessation of trainings. Let's consider 10 useful tips for beginners who will allow them to make regular jogs a pleasant part of the life.

1. Consult with the doctor

That the first attempt of jogging did not become the reason of an exacerbation of chronic diseases, in the presence of problems with health it is better to get permission to occupations run at the doctor. Jogging is undesirable at diseases of cardiovascular, respiratory system, problems with a backbone, joints, and also organs of sight (glaucoma, the progressing short-sightedness). The specialist familiar with the course of diseases of the runner, or completely will resolve (will prohibit) jogs, or will recommend the sparing program of trainings − for example, to replace run with bystry walking.

Консультация врача

2. Correctly pick up footwear

Muscle pain, bruises, sprains, premature fatigue can seriously reduce a heat of the beginning athlete and the cause is − the wrong footwear. Special sneakers with the shock-absorbing sole softening load of joints are preferable to recreational jog. It is more reasonable to choose footwear with the top made of cloth allowing skin to breathe during a long distance. For decrease in probability of getting injured professional runners recommend to observe the correct technology of run, landing not on a heel, and on a sock and as soon as possible tearing off a leg from the earth.

Правильный выбор обуви

3. Do not forget about warm-up

The training without warm-up − is a serious stress for an organism, and especially for cardiovascular system. Sharp increase in loading for an unprepared cardiac muscle is fraught with wear of body whereas during charging pulse rises gradually, and the organism copes with the subsequent marathon more successfully.

Except internals, jog without warm-up strikes blow and a nervous system: being in a dozing state, the person has the most severe stress that affects also its health, and mood. Being irritated, the beginning runner loses still already weak motivation to trainings.

For warm-up it is enough to make several swing movements by extremities, to rotate the head, a trunk, and also to walk at bystry speed, having made several deep breaths through a nose and a mouth. Such set of exercises will save the athlete from a dorsodynia, muscles, joints and will awaken interest in occupations.

Обязательная разминка

4. Do not try to run every day

Excessive eagerness to occupations − a widespread mistake of the beginning runner which causes danger prematurely to be tired, "to fuse", having exhausted reserved both physical, and moral forces. For an unprepared organism daily occupations are a severe stress: both its systems, and the mentality which is urged on by will power work very hard. To the beginner in run as to nobody else, it is worth remembering that rest is not less important, than a training. Jogs 3-4 times a week will provide to an organism time for recovery and will allow to achieve the result several times surpassing effect of occupations with a great effort.

Не пытайтесь бегать каждый день

5. Begin with slow run

Gradualness − the most important principle of development of jogging in which not speed, but the distance size is important. If at once to take high speed, forces will quickly run low together with desire to be engaged. The advantage of slow run is more notable: during an easy marathon endurance of cordial system increases, work of lungs improves, metabolism accelerates. It is important to choose for itself the comfortable speed of run − for beginners it should not exceed 6-8 km/h.

You drop into a walk at once as soon as you feel the increased oxygen requirement, dizziness, pains in heart, without exceeding pulse rate of 110-130 beats per minute. If the body is relaxed, and breath is free, your speed is optimum.

Начните с медленного бега

6. Change speed

The organism easily adapts to uniform run, arranging the exchange processes under a usual rhythm of the movement and minimizing energy costs. Moving the most part of a distance with a comfortable speed, arrange for the metabolism shake-ups in the form of bystry run. Well such technique proved: 1-2 minutes − slow speed, further 2 minutes − moderate, 1 minute − bystry. Repeat the cycle not less than 2-3 times during jog. Periodic change of speed is most useful to weight loss: it helps to bring muscles into a tone and to quickly burn excess fat.

Меняйте темп

7. Increase a distance gradually

The more often the runner feels discomfort (severe short wind, prickings in a side, a heartache) during jog, the probability that one fine day instead of a training he will stay at home is higher. The distance not in power − is the excessive loading fraught with the increased fatigue, onychalgias, wear of an organism instead of its improvement. Begin with small distances (less than a kilometer) and every day increase a training for 3-5 minutes, slowing down, increasing rate of run.

Увеличивайте дистанцию постепенно

8. Do not run on a full stomach

The big breakfast before a training is fraught with heavy feeling, discomfort in a stomach that slows down the speed of run and reduces efficiency of occupations. Nevertheless, it is necessary to eat before jog. Specialists recommend to make full meal in 1,5-2 hours prior to a training − or easy having a snack in the form of tea with sandwich, handfuls of dried fruits, fresh fruit just before occupation. A small amount of carbohydrates will not interfere with weight loss, but will give strength successfully to complete a distance.

Не бегайте на полный желудок

9. Do not train during a heat

Problem of circulatory system at high temperature of air − to provide rush of blood to skin for stimulation of sweating and cooling of a body. During jog the blood necessary for heat-exchanging processes is spent for moving muscles. Besides, run already in itself increases body temperature. Trainings during a heat often become the reason of heatstroke as a result of which the runner can faint. It is recommended to begin occupations in autumn and spring season, or at the beginning of summer when air temperature is comfortable.

Не тренируйтесь в жару

10. Be not engaged in run when there is no wish or it nezdorovitsya

From occupation, pleasant and useful to health, run should not turn into violence over an organism. If at the first trainings the small corporal and mental discomfort is normal, then a week of jogging later it is necessary to learn to listen to the body. You do not come for jog if are sick, exhausted, you suffer from a chronic sleep debt − before have a rest or correct the most optimum schedule of occupations for your day regimen.

Не занимайтесь бегом, когда не хочется или нездоровится

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