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7 techniques of the sparing exercise stress

Physical activity is necessary for normal functioning of a human body. At a lack of the movement joints cease to function, muscles atrophy, cardiovascular activity is broken and the metabolism worsens. The modern city rhythm of life does not provide the person with an adequate exercise stress, additional - sport is necessary. Tedious tasks the huge number of the people having these or those chronic pathologies at which the sport is not recommended exists sport not all to liking, but also. But the hypodynamia strengthens problems with health how to be in this case?

There is a solution: the sparing techniques of an exercise stress. They are developed so that, without overloading, without overstraining and without injuring an organism, to provide it with sufficient activity. Their general property – a minimum, and sometimes and total absence of contraindications.

1. Yoga

The classical follower of yoga with indignation will notice that the yoga is not gymnastics at all, and first of all philosophical system, and its main objective – impact on spirit, but not on a body. It is difficult to argue with it, as well as with the fact that for maintenance of health philosophical aspects of yoga are not obligatory to studying at all. As the system of exercises it perfectly works also without them. At regular practice of the yogi very favorably affects an organism: recovers joints and supports in a muscle tone, well influences cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, endocrine system, allows to adjust digestion, saves from chronic fatigue and persistent pains. The majority of the sparing techniques of physical activity, anyway, include yoga elements.

The yoga is very variable therefore there are no contraindications to it.


2. Swimming

Only those who are not able do not like to swim. It gives pleasure to all rest, both process, and bright "muscular joy" after was succeeded to swim for a while well. Also the fact that swimming very well for an organism is well-known: all groups of muscles are loaded evenly, joints at the same time are not overstrained, respiratory and cardiovascular system work with raised, but adequate loading which trains them and supports in an optimum operating mode. Swimming is favorable for a backbone, it is one of the most effective methods of treatment of scoliosis. Setting different rate of swimming it is possible to vary loading – from easy before establishment of sports records.

It has no contraindications if to float tiresomely, it is necessary just to reduce speed.


3. Water aerobics

The water aerobics allows to take all advantage of classical aerobics without its shortcomings to which excessive load of joints belongs first of all. This system flexible, exercises can be combined so that to study more than one sites, sparing others, or to evenly distribute loading. With overfatigue the situation as well as with swimming is here – if it is heavy, it is necessary just to reduce speed. Has no contraindications.


4. Kallanetika

Somebody Kellan Pinkni so liked to travel that spent eleven years on travel. On return home eleven years of adventures have an effect – at Kellan knees and a back began to hurt desperately. For the active mobile woman it was a real handful, doctors made a helpless gesture and suggested to be operated, however, without guaranteeing result, and then she developed the system of exercises which allowed it to be recovered completely within several months.

Kallanetika is based on yoga, the complex includes 29 exercises. For achievement of result three times a week on an hour recommend to beginners occupations and after there are explicit changes to the best, it is enough of two weekly. If hour occupation is burdensome, it is possible to break it on 3 20 minutes. It is possible to be engaged, visiting group trainings, and it is possible also at home independently.

Kallanetika well influences joints and a backbone, tightens muscles, activates metabolism, promoting disposal of excess weight, is efficient means against osteochondrosis. However has also contraindications: diseases of cardiovascular system and bronchial asthma.


5. Pilates

This technique was developed by the specialist-reabilitologom Joseph Hubert Pilates, perfectly proved as a medical exercise stress, and now has millions of followers worldwide. The system involves one of the basic yogichesky principles: the correct breath is an important part of an exercise stress, and the same as the yogi, consists of a series of static exercises.

Pilates provides the uniform and sparing load of a body, well influences both the bone and muscular and joint device, and one and all bodies and systems. Feature of Pilates is stabilization of functions of a nervous system – regular trainings reduce a stress and increase resistance to stress, help to cope with sleeplessness, train in the correct relaxation.

The complex has no contraindications, even those people to whom any other sports and fitness are contraindicated can be engaged in Pilates.


6. Бодифлекс

The creator of a bodifleks Greer Childers made a revolution in fitness, having shown that for maintenance of excellent physical shape wearisome hours-long trainings are not necessary, the gym is not necessary, and there is enough only 15-20 minutes of simple and easy exercises provided that are engaged in them every day. As well as Pilates, бодифлекс considers breath – exercises are based on the special respiratory equipment in a combination to a static load on certain groups of muscles. Practicing бодифлекс according to recommendations of the creator, it is impossible to overtire, but it is possible to receive the tightened body, to get rid of backbone and joints pains, to improve a psychoemotional state and to lift vitality.

бодифлекс has no contraindications.


7. Stretching

Stretching is a series of exercises on extension of muscles and the copular device. During the trainings improves lympho-and blood circulation, and regular trainings by stretching allow to kill onychalgias and to back, to improve work of joints and a backbone, to support a muscle tone, to tighten a body and to make it flexible. Stretching can be used as addition to the main exercise stress, and can as an independent complex.

Exercises can be combined in various options, to use a full complex or only its part – loading is selected individually. Stretching has no contraindications, but it is important to follow two rules: the first – during the training should not be pain, the second – an extension should be increased slowly and gradually.


The excessive exercise stress is also harmful to an organism, as well as a hypodynamia, she wears out it and leads to emergence of various frustration. Classes in the sparing techniques will hardly provide the Olympic records, but will help to recover and support joints, will eliminate chronic onychalgias and to back, will return to a figure symmetry and smartness, will lift vitality and, finally, will make the person healthier, and his life is more active also than nasyshchenny.

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