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Swimming in figures and facts

Быстрая потеря калорий
Bystry loss of calories
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Stay in water forces our body to spend calories actively. Swimming spends about 500 kilocalories per hour. Just keeping on a water surface within an hour, you will spend 200-300 kilocalories that is commensurable with the caloric content of a big breakfast.
Комфортная температура воды
Comfortable water temperature
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Optimum water temperature for stay of the person in it – 25-30 °C. The water temperature of 22-25 °C is usually maintained in the pools which are used for occupations water aerobics that promotes more active power consumption. And water which temperature exceeds 30 °C is suitable only for the weakening bathtubs.
Плавание полезно для роста
Swimming is useful for growth
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Swimming is especially useful for children since promotes increase (by 20 times) developments of a growth hormone – a somatropin. If you want that your kid grew up, send him to swimming.
Польза для сердца и сосудов
Advantage for heart and vessels
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Statistically, among professional swimmers is twice less than hypertensive persons, than among representatives of other sports. Regular trainings by swimming, reduce the arterial pressure and heart rate.
Польза для ума
Advantage for mind
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The Australian scientists conducted a research in which 180 children aged from 3 up to 5 years participated. Results showed that children who with early age did swimming were much cleverer and is more bright than the peers.
Вода - стихия человека
Water - elements of the person
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In mother's womb formation of the person happens in water. The baby can be trained in swimming from third week of life and at such age he has unique ability to float. And here after the third month of life this ability is lost.
Польза для мышц и суставов
Advantage for muscles and joints
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The group of researchers of the Spanish university Extremadura and Portuguese university of Evora for eight months watched 33 women suffering from fibromyalgia. It became clear that at those participants of the project who swam on 1 hour three times a week, throughout all term of carrying out a research, the joint pain and muscles decreased in comparison with those who did not visit the pool.
Плавание - самый популярный спорт в России
Swimming - the most popular sport in Russia
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According to opinion polls swimming is the most popular sport in Russia. So, regularly visit the pool of 16% of women and 12% of men. In addition to comprehensive advantage for an organism, swimming as sport, does not demand purchase of expensive sports equipment that, undoubtedly, makes it available practically to everyone.
Лучшее время для плавания
The best time for swimming
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Optimum hours for occupation swimming – morning from 7 to 9 o'clock and evening from 18 to 20 o'clock. In the morning the human body is most weakened and susceptible to exercise stresses, and the training will spend a maximum of calories in the evening.
Плавание – спорт для всех!
Swimming – sport for all!
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It is known that in water the body weight of the person decreases by 10 times. Swimming perfectly is suitable for those people to whom strength sports are contraindicated. Swimming is also useful at pregnancy, excess weight, problems with joints, a back and cardiovascular system.
Плавание повышает уровень гемоглобина
Swimming increases hemoglobin level
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Water is so useful to a human body what rather just to stand one minute in water with a temperature of 20 °C to increase hemoglobin level in blood.
Брасс - для похудения
Breast stroke - for weight loss
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The most useful style of swimming – a breast stroke. Only half an hour of active swimming by this equipment allow to get rid of 360 kilocalories and involve up to 70% of all muscles.
Кроль - для тонкой талии
Crawl - for a slender waist
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If you want to have a slender waist, then learn to swim a crawl. This style helps to make a waist of more harmonious quickly.

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