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5 reasons to address the andrologist

According to doctors, more than a half of men of 25-50 years suffer from frustration of the urinogenital sphere, but the minority sees a doctor from them. And in vain – even the insignificant discomfort in the field of generative organs can serve as a symptom of an illness fraught with grave consequences for health. So – after 40 years – it is easy for most widespread disease of the sexual sphere of men to pass the first symptoms of prostatitis (weight in the bottom of a stomach, decrease in a libido), having written off for overfatigue and fatigue. Let's consider five main symptoms at which detection the man is recommended to visit the andrologist in order to avoid undesirable effects.

В каких случаях следует обратиться к андрологу?

Discomfort in the field of generative organs

Any discomfort in the field of generative organs – burning, an itch, pain, gripes, emergence of heat-spots, sores, puffinesses, and also allocations from an urethra – can be a symptom of an infectious disease, sexually transmitted. Such illnesses as gonorrhea, clamidiosis, a contagious mollusk are, etc. dangerous not by disease which can take place almost asymptomatically, and its complications. So, "harmless" mycoplasmosis, clamidiosis, ureaplasmosis in the started cases can lead to inflammatory diseases of the sexual sphere – to an epididymite, an orchitis, prostatitis that, in turn, can become the reason of male infertility. If to speak about effects of such disease as syphilis to which primary sign (the ordinary-looking, not giving an inconvenience rash) often do not attach due significance then they are more dangerous and also hearts, a blindness, mental disorders and even death can threaten with diseases of vessels.

Frustration of an urination

Morbidity at bladder emptying, incomplete and its any emptying (dysuria), and also an unpleasant smell of urine at men – good motives to address the doctor-urologist as they often serve as symptoms of heavy illnesses of the sexual sphere. One of them is the urethritis – an inflammation of the uric channel as a result of infection of fabrics of a prepuce (balanitis). Pain at a balanitis and an urethritis, its following stage, as a rule, acute, sharp is also followed by frequent desires in a toilet. At long ignoring of an illness inflammatory process can pass to other bodies, having become the cystitis reason (a bladder inflammation), a colliculitis (an inflammation of a seminal hillock), prostatitis (a prostate inflammation) and other diseases.

Prostatitis and adenoma (benign hyperplasia) of a prostate have similar symptoms. Gland which increased in sizes puts pressure upon the uric channel, causing an urination delay, frequent desires, and in the subsequent the broken sinking and an incontience of urine.

Frustration of an urination can also accompany a vesiculitis (an inflammation of seed bubbles), an edema of a cover of a small egg and other illnesses. Problems with an erection, infertility, a tumor – possible effects of diseases which the timely address to the doctor will allow to prevent.

Decrease in sexual desire

Loss of interest in the sexual relations can be a consequence of many chronic diseases of an organism including a reproductive system. Decrease in a libido is most characteristic of prostatitis and an urethritis that is connected with injury of the peripheral receptors which are in iron and a back part of an urethra.

Sexual frustration often turn out to be consequence of hormonal disturbances in an organism (a hypothyroidism, a hypophysis tumor, etc.), obesity, reception of some medicines, and also psychological problems. To establish the valid reason of pathology and to warn her possible effects only the medical research will allow.

Erectile dysfunction

Weak potentiality or absence that – an occasion to go for appointment though, statistically, only 16% of men address the specialist with similar disturbance. Chronic disturbance of a potentiality – is frequent a consequence of illnesses of cardiovascular system, endocrine failures including urological pathologies: diseases of a bladder, prostate, a renal failure which in the absence of due treatment can lead to effects, pernicious for health.

If disturbance has single character, accompanying with itself stresses, fatigue, a sleep debt, and is recovered at rest – there is no reason for concern. For prevention of erectile dysfunction in this case it is recommended to optimize a work-rest schedule, to limit the use of tobacco, spirits, to adjust active lifestyle.

Эректильная дисфункция - один из поводов обратиться к андрологу

Impossibility to conceive the child

Lack of pregnancy at the regular unprotected sexual contacts with the healthy woman within a year and more can serve as consequence as incompatibility of partners (it is observed at 10% of couples), and disturbances from a male reproductive system (more than in half of cases). Genetic disorders, inborn defects of generative organs, diseases (to the varikotsela, an edema of testicles, inguinal hernia, etc.) can be the reasons. Also to impossibility to conceive the child at men can give venereal diseases (syphilis, gonorrhea, etc.) in the started form.

Besides, male infertility can develop at hormonal, immune disturbances, an alcohol abuse, tobacco smoking and even avitaminosis (shortage in an organism of vitamin C and zinc). To define the exact reason of disturbances and in certain cases the doctor will allow to cure infertility, and it is very important that the request for the help was timely.

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